Hip-Hop and Horses

– [Baldenna Tha King] Houston rap to me is the backbone of hip-hop, but the music that I make is different. ♪ Trailride in my city ♪ There’s no one in my lane
that’s doing what I’m doing. I’m Baldenna Tha King,
and I make trail ride rap. ♪ “Trailride in My City,”
by Baldenna Tha King ♪ (country music) Trail riding is basically our culture, is basically what we love to do. It’s really a lifestyle. If you not here to witness it, then you wouldn’t understand it. Back in the day, the people
before my grandfather, they used to saddle up
they mule, they donkey, backpacking through the
woods and they made a trail. Well we don’t have woods no more. So we ride up and down the streets, two by two, in a line,
representing trail riding. Riding trucks, playing mud, ride horses, get on the party wagon. We probably be four hours,
probably be five hours. The numbers vary into the thousands. We have our own community. We have our own little world. You know, you got your blues
and you got your zydeco. That’s a Cajun-style of music
that come from Louisiana that’s played by a band, an accordion, a rubboard, lead guitar,
some people use keyboards. Growing up as a young kid, I was always on a horse, trail riding. So what I did was, I interpret
all that into my music. ♪ He wasn’t born in this country life ♪ ♪ I knew he wasn’t raised right ♪ ♪ Got a taste of this country girl ♪ ♪ My homie went ray rights ♪ Well when I started rapping, there was really no rap
allowed on trail ride. I came in and I wanted to change that. Trying to break the
barrier for young people to enjoy trail ride
because I was a youngster out there on the trail ride. If you had a hobby such as trail riding, it’ll pull you away from the street. I know because it’s a lot
of people that trail ride that used to sell drugs,
that used to, you know, do a lot of stuff that wasn’t right. Now they come to trail riding,
and they love my music. ♪ I’m hard pressed up for money ♪ ♪ Trailride in my city ♪ ♪ We party in the club ♪ ♪ Trailride in my city ♪ ♪ It ain’t nothing but love ♪ The music that I make is just
for the culture I represent just for the trail riders,
just for the zydeco artists, just for everything that we do country. I really feel like I had
something to do with it, the changing of the face of trail riding. (hip hop beat)

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