Hockey Players try Red Bull Crashed Ice Track for the first time WITHOUT Practice!

It won’t matter because the ice that’s kind of soft it’s even like no sharpening your Sunday They’ve never been wrong or like matter. Yeah Yes can I’m gonna do behind you sweat get you Jersey and get a shot of it, you know Well, I’ll just wait here yo how you feeling we got a lot of lottery oh, yeah I lost a garden really he’s got it. He’s got it Oh man, we’re like no you get our trainer followers just great idea but deeper. Oh Wait, I was gonna say guys get back on get back on. I’ll put it off someone guys sit Can you sit down look we’ve got to get a picture of this real quick? Excuse me. Could you please help us that you mean to interrupt? Could you please help us to the picture quickly? Sure before we get like towed off. Thank you Take a knee On this course actually all of you the big one Let yourself fall no need to jump off running get their flat stance. Let yourself fall off them if they have a little lip What’s to love you going on the 3-way and a three-year-old it was last? Jump before that lifter what not? Long stretch goes down down and the last – oh Yeah, holy cow, oh just know that when you jump off His speed is your friend Well, you don’t want to like stop right before it let’s do the wave harder if you slow down Like This this is a hard job You’ve seen this like obviously wanted out last one down How much each other on that one, okay, so the only one you dis recording I would stop and look Around that corner at the bottom Just go up to it looking at it then skate backwards a little bit and go off cuz that one you can literally just fall Off and it’s like right there These other ones you have to have speed to catch the landing So I wouldn’t think too much more anything just go down to have fun. You’re gonna fall like It doesn’t matter Just be cognizant. You don’t want a full cage on like keep those hands in front Like if you’re gonna fall keep that, you know It’s very rare If I think more like very rare I’ve ever like even base plan and ever and you just don’t fall like that But you guys just keep that in mind That turn night so, you know, you spend your whole life playing ice hockey get used to it You get up to a high level and you come out here You think it’s a natural habitat and you get the jumps and drops and your human instinct just tells you don’t do it Okay, hey man, like you got to try something once in your life right If you get a chance to do one of these things or even just come to a field to see it’s likely an ice rink Or this track you got to try and do it. It’s all about the experience and like as a hockey person This was like playing for the first time again that same thrill. It was amazing it’s absolutely terrifying going down that track like the in the videos the drops don’t look that bad and when you go up to the edge, it’s just like It’s scary to go down like it It’s peer pressure to get us to go down. That’s the only way to go. It was absolutely terrifying Wow, yeah, yeah. Yeah Jesus I came and again drawn Get soaking wet. Yeah, this is gonna go So don’t slow down over these, right He makes it look so easy like he got to the top of the vert ramp that’s insane Oh slide off, nope Oh go for it man We’re going yeah, I’ll go next This brutal right do ya think so. Oh, yeah, I’m drenched man The camera is absolutely terrifying. Yeah it is it is we good. I’m like, I’m terrible Yeah, I couldn’t get to go down it but then I went down that and it fell okay Even ago you have to just skate. They said like you just don’t stop So the question is what is it like going down a crushed ice track for the very first time one word terrifying Okay We thought that we would get on it. Like we all can skate. We all can play hockey We thought we just get on it and sail down a couple of us would fall But you get to the the edge of a drop and your body just freezes and says no that’s that’s what happened to us There’s more than six feet of just ice and a drop It’s the most scary thing that I’ve ever done in my skates But it’s been so much fun if you ever get the chance to come out here and see the sport better if you ever get a chance to do trials or Tryout please make sure that you do because this thing is sick and aside from that So much respect and admiration for the players that play the sport because it is so hard Those divots you want to land on that. You don’t want to learn fully in the ramp All those little marks then you want to clip the top You just have to go in your car the sucks and hit the boards Hummus Okay In those videos Watch your head dude, you can’t be Try to go out there, but she’s got it Ready who’s under 25 go Dine me got another day guys. We’re having to go now. He’d be gonna shut down or go Oh My god Christmas Christmas Oh There it is got that you got that Easy Sure wore me down. I’ll go The easiest way to do this Flip around hop down. You got it. Just go for it Brutal

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