Hog Hunting on Horseback

Hog Hunting on Horseback

Okay, so as you just saw there, a pretty decent
size boar came out, ran across the plantation behind so the dog has let him go. But they’ve still got some pigs at bay in
there. We’re gonna tie the horses up, and go in there
and see what they’ve got. Okay so. Sir. Lee, that was a relaxing ride up until the
point where all hell broke loose. Yeah. We’ve got quite a decent size and there’s
plenty of Russian in that one that went right. Right. Decent tusks, nice and big across the shoulders,
nice big ridge across the top of its back. Them dogs may be running him now. I think they are. Yeah. I think they are, because there’s still a
couple of dogs on him when we saw him break but then we heard all the commotion in here. See that ones got a little Russian in him. Look at the stripes on the side of it. Yeah I can see the stripes on the side of
it. When we got over here and we heard that squealing
I thought that aint gonna be a big one, down there all that noise. Nah Nah. There were several in there though. Yeah so hopefully the dogs are still on one,
we can go find it and get another. Yeah. You’ve got some good dogs their Lee. They’re pretty good dogs, I’ve been raising
them for about fifteen, sixteen years! Same blood line. So what it looks like happened is that the
pig got in the water here, and obviously they can swim a lot faster than dogs, the dogs
are still in the water there. He’s gone in through and out the other side. So Lee, that was quite an exciting day. Very good plenty of action. My saddle is a little sore; I think I’m a
little bit saddle rusty. I’d like to thank you very much for taking
us out here. You bet, I’ve really enjoyed it. This is the sort of hunting you do all the
time? Yes Sir. You’ve got some great dogs and great to see
the family involved as well. Right, Thank ya; I’ve really enjoyed it myself. Cool. We got the little one, not the big one we
were looking for, but he’s still out there right? Right, he’s still out there plusking on. If you’re hunting you don’t always get what
your after. We know that man, but really appreciate you
taking us out. You bet! I’ve really enjoyed it. I’d love to come out with you again.

49 thoughts on “Hog Hunting on Horseback

  1. Have to say, I'm a big fan but I have really hated these hunts where you let dogs catch, bite and maim a pig until you can get close to it and stab it.
    A horrible and inhumane death for the animals, no respect for the quarry.
    It just seems hugely unethical and will draw terrible negativity to hunting

  2. I'm sorry, but this is how people hunt elsewhere in the world. I understand you might not like it but it's how it has been done for thousands of years. If you go over to the US, Australia, New Zealand or any country in the South Pacific & try to tell them what they are doing is wrong, they'll think you're nuts! Everyone believes in their own way of hunting & that everyone else is wrong. It's not for me to judge, rather experience how it's done elsewhere and let our viewers decide for themselves

  3. Great show, lots of hog action.
    Keep them coming.
    I'm going to miss watching for three weeks off to Europe in a few hours
    But lots of shows to catch up when back home.
    All the best to you guys.

  4. Id love to get on a quality quarterhouse and hunt the hell out of the day
    Great to see the dogs working they bloody look like there loving it bless them

  5. I do understand that you're exploring other cultures. And although I'm not very keen on this method of hunting, I appreciate that it's tradition for may countries. It just makes the tradition of hunting morals you showed us in Hungary seem a long way away.

    Our opinions may differ on this subject, but I'll always be a fan and subscriber, keep up the great work.

  6. Lovely horses, great hunting, great video and showed some promising skill Ian :P………………. Not quite A.P McCoy yet, but promising ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

  7. great vid Ian…. Took the new battery out this evening only had a spare hour but its better than nothing, spotted a few rabbits but didnt get a shot off ๐Ÿ™ put it down to having my father in law there lol. The new battery is great makes the unit so much easier to manouvere

  8. Sprry if I have offended you, your traditions and methods of hunting have my full respect.
    I never said anything about not needing to kill them, culling is hugely necessary for many species, pigs undoubtedly fall into this category.
    I think putting this kind of pest control, where death isn't instant,on a hunting channel is just bait for anti-hunters.
    it's similar to having to constantly snare rabbits here in the UK, but I wouldn't call that 'hunting'.

  9. Seems like a very professional team Lee Pough is running. Lots of diversity in terms of the breeds he uses in his pack of Bay Dogs. Glad to see he's using the APBT as his catch breed, love to watch them work, such gameness and tenacity. The horses were definitely a nice touch and allowed for some excellent footage that would have been impossible to capture on foot. Overall, I would compare this teams style to the team in the TV show American Hoggers, without the scripted Drama (thank God).

  10. Ian – You remind me of Bobby Trippe when your out hunting with the good old boys! ๐Ÿ™‚

    How come their not dressed in real tree?

  11. Great video, really enjoying the redneck road trip. Love the channel and all the great work you've been doing. Just one question, why do you tie the hog up instead of killing it with a knife like you've done in previous shows!!! Thanks for another great show and i hope there are many more to come!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Dan uses a variety of up and coming artists for our music. We've got some great stuff to ues. We hope to hunt in Canada later this year, but we've yet to finalise our plans. Will keep you posted! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Thanks very much for your feedback! Lee and his family are great guys and have an incredible set up. Not only do you get great footage from the horses, but you can also cover a lot of ground very quickly which makes for exciting hunting.

  14. You'll just have to skip past it. We're filming and publishing daily videos from a camper van on the road at the moment so some things are a bit too much for us to change right now.

  15. Thanks Russell! Sometimes they do, sometimes they will take the hog and sell it. They tie it first then decide what to do with it afterwards.

  16. I love these videos, and this one too, very medieval europe style way of hunting pigs ๐Ÿ˜€ Just wondering though, what was the point in tying up the pig while he was still alive?

  17. Mauivavi, you are correct, on second review of the video many of them seem to be a cur-type variety (possibly blackmouth cur).

  18. Good point, did not think about that at all. Kind of forgot that we aren't the only ones hunting these animals.

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