[Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] like you’ve lit abroad [Music] are you gonna film some clips yeah okay I’m down okay okay what are you doing such a cute little kid I made it all the way to the other side of Japan to come visit taka in his hometown in Hokkaido I’m gonna be here for the weekend we have my friend Ken flying in right now we probably need to go back to the airport right now to pick him up we had different flights because he had worked we’re gonna spend the weekend here and I’m gonna try to film just film as much as I can and I want to show like taki his hometown like where he grew up this is one of the spots he grew up skating from his hometown right here two-six let you go off the side right here so it’s pretty fun going back to his roots [Music] for me [Music] [Music] no mistake while we go check it out look at this guy your tag is hanging fresh good I’m sorry for your loss I don’t know about your cock should i cop tell me why I’m at a thrift store and the one piece I like is I 150 bucks this must be thrift and that’s been a crazy amount but I might have to call wreath outfit 1 to 10 1 to 10 tank oh really 10 oh my god wow this is a pretty popular brand so it makes sense that it’s this much I’m gonna find you a nice button-up shirt this is you right here talk funny yeah that’s good piece let’s see it oh it’s small it looks nice yeah I like it but small what are you doing I heard them do so dome how’d you miss the tree I was looking then I just missed my train and I spent $250 on the taxi yeah what all right it was a star kidding [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] he loves me again Oh Dickens looks so good [Music] that quality dude look I don’t sushi [Applause] [Music] almost like five bucks for this [Music] [Applause] business hockey is local skatepark [Music] he grew up skating here but they have low community like their little family and all these kids here like him and his brothers and they even have like a skate school back at their private indoor skate park for those of you who don’t know Takia is from hokkaido he’s not from tokyo if he’s back in his town right now and this local skate park he has is two hours away from his home it’s crazy because that’s common here we met up today and they have like this little skate family [Music] all those kids you saw they come here every weekend to skate [Music] yeah thank you yeah good job no you good dog not me it’s very small the community but it’s like very strong at the same time so that’s super cool to see and for this video I wanted to capture it and I hope you guys can see that through the footage [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] everyone is so supportive those kids are very talented and I can tell why their parents are here watching them supporting them do you have any idea why this family get together every weekend what because today like really believe in luck as well because you know Tyga’s father Tucson Tapia and Utah draw in Japan everyone like saying if you escape with Tigers father yeah their case is gonna be really good skating like you yeah oh it’s crazy yeah talking dad is a good guy super supportive [Applause] push push push Hey [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] are we not gonna talk about them good I am at chopsticks now [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]


  1. I am brazilian and I like to see you walking inspire me to continue on skateboard, thank you very much for giving me motivation to continue walking.

  2. This video is so damn wholesome. Like seeing things like everyone getting along, happy and just enjoying their time is what keeps me skating everyday – from dusk til dawn. It keeps my head up, keeps my body active and allows me to just express who I am. I teared up out of nowhere because how good it felt watching this and enjoying every second.

    Love your work, your message and the whole Erased family – Thank You Luis Mora.

  3. Wow this might actually inspire me to buy a skateboard and do tricks and also what type or paint did you use to customize the grip

  4. Luis is a youtuber were every video he makes, is like christmas. Well made and it really touches you. Good job.

  5. Because of your videos i started skating and your videos are still motivating me to skate more and more. Thx Luis

  6. I'm pretty new to skateboarding and just messed up my hands real bad at the park, it kinda ruined my day but I came home and watched this video and it really just made me smile and forget my hand ever got hurt. thanks so much I love this.

  7. Luis I would pay thousands to support you. I literally want everything you put out and your YT parts and edits are always amazing. I adore how to bring the feeling of home and motivation to people living thousands of miles away. Keep up the good work man and I'll cop guaranteed when I get a steady income going! Thank you for helping me find something I love doing that gives me strength. (Skateboarding).

  8. Every video gives me such a quality time while watching! Even if I realise all the time I wasted my whole youth -.-

  9. Takuya's little brother is the cutest little rascal I have ever seen, he needs to be protected.

  10. I'm in love with this video!!
    That good vibes, and the way you show your world to us, people who watches u, is like we're know each other, u know?

  11. Hey, im 16 my name is Akos. I always wanted to skate but im a lil bitch and i got my hands on a skateboeard but i cant even keep my balance. Any good tips?

  12. I used to love skateboarding. Unfortunately as I get older my body is not so healthy to do tricks anymore. Seeing skateboarding and Japan in the same video is getting me super hyped for my first trip to Japan! Thanks for the awesome videos!

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