Honest Scooby Doo | Robot Chicken | adult swim

Honest Scooby Doo | Robot Chicken | adult swim

Woman: What happens when
four best friends write each other letters
about how they really feel? The letters have been delivered. “We’re best friends,
and I love you.” Aw! “But I have to tell you
that you’re weak. I mean, I’ve heard
of damsels in distress, but you make Princess Peach
look like Ronda Rousey”? What?
Okay, who wrote this? Can’t wait for that letter. [ Chuckles heartily ] “For the love of God,
get some [bleep] contacts.” That’s all they wrote? “I think you two have
a serious addiction problem.” Like, oh, boy, Scoob. They’re sayin’ we gotta stop
eatin’ Scooby Snacks! They rrha’?! [ Chuckles ] What do you mean
I don’t have a letter? Man: Um, the show is only
aboutfourbest friends. [ Chuckles nervously ]
You’re kidding, right? I didn’t make the cut?
Did the dog make the cut? Woman: Each friend has one week
to improve themselves. I can’t believe they called me
a damsel in distress. [ Train whistle approaching ] Wait a minute… [ Chuckling ]
This isnotmy yoga class. -Give us the mic!
-Give me my letter! Like, dude, we can do it,
old pal. Just one week.
With nuh– with no — With no [bleep]
Scooby Snacks, man! Like, I’m freakin’ out! [Bleep]
No! Woman: It’s been a week since
the gang received their letters. Let’s see if they fixed
their flaws. Like, man, I will sell
you a body part for one Scooby Snack! I’d rrhuck your rrhick!
[ Sobs ] Guys…
I got Lasik! -Rra’?!
-They’re still healing. [ Door bursts open ] [ Grunts ] Enough sittin’ around,
shit for brains! Let’s do this!!
[ Grunts ] Ow! Hmm… If the owner died a decade ago,
why start haunting now? Oh, I’m sorry.
Were you talking to me? The fifth wheel?
Because — Let’s get
this son of a bitch! -Hey!
-Who’s your mother?! -Ow!
-Yeah! Get over here! -[ Glass shatters ]
-[ Grunting ] Now let’s see who
the “ghost” really is. [ Grunting ] [ All gasping ] Butler. Called it.

100 thoughts on “Honest Scooby Doo | Robot Chicken | adult swim

  1. Ok. Shaggy said "zoinks", Velma said "Jinkies", Daphne said "Jeepers", and Scooby said "ruh-roh". What did Fred say?

  2. Dear Fred: You are gay. Lose the stupid neckkerchief help out once in a while. And that van just screams to the cops that there's weed in it. DUMBASS

  3. by definition strong woman nonsense is never honest. a good smack to the side of the head and back to the kitchen she goes

  4. Velma went with Lasic because if she just got contacts like the letter suggested, she’d just end up dropping those all the time

  5. Happy 50th Birthday, Scooby-Doo.
    Also, it’s awesome how Seth Green actually got the live action film actors to voice their respected characters! Matthew, Linda, Sarah and Freddie. After all, Seth DID star in Scooby Doo 2.
    I want to hear this uncensored. Fucking awesome! 😂😂

  6. That's unfair to Fred. Scooby and Shaggy practically count as just one friend anyways

    Unless the flaw is the need to be the star of the show despite the stars being Scooby and Shaggy

    Also damn Velma, you shouldn't be out yet, your eyes are CLEARLY still healing

  7. I have to say, the one good thing about the live action scooby-doo movies is that they made Daphne a little badass…while Velma was the weak one..okay, nope. Nevermind, no positives, they just switched the roles….and daphne was still whiney.

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