Hong Kong 2018! Christia goes to Longines!

Hong Kong 2018! Christia goes to Longines!

I’m not logging I’m just taking a
picture we are honored wait to be Longy are you
running away from me okay so where are we right now and all he has to do is
walk from there to there oh now look at these two
look at those two writers fangirls you might as well line up with the rest of
them inside for the Baby Bop oh my goodness you guys where’s my mask
it’s in my bag oh no oh no it’s in the bag whoa you guys this is actually not for
the long jeans it’s for for kpop a Serb k-pop group that I have
no idea intense game camera face camera face dog go surprise
face surprise amaze can you guys smell that
you guys smell the horses can you guys smell the horses can you
smell and Sam can you smell the whole plane I can okay let’s go shop first we’re gonna
shop and then we’re gonna go inside no we’re gonna see what we want to buy and
then we’re gonna go inside oh my gosh you guys
look how all these fences are that’s how high those are horses John
ridiculous one day one day in my dreams we are gonna jump like that taking you home okay sorry okay you guys this is
ridiculous I have to repeat this whole thing because my mic wasn’t turned on oh
my god anyway I am at the Lycia ball space and
I kept leave after because I am with the artist ting
she’s one of the artists she’s one of the three artists that created a bunch
of products for this for this event or for this organization that would all
proceeds when you buy them all pussies actually go to women in the horse
industry inch in China eight yes so how long have you been doing this on how
long have you been an artist all right and you started as an artist oh really
so you just started with them as artists poor I was liking that builders and then
so I like to draw that’s really cool so
it’s actually really cool you guys that even in the horse industry there’s so
many avenues that you can take and so many careers that you can take 2 actions
support the horse industry it’s not just a fancy schmancy sport but they’re
actually into it because the whole passion of horses is a whole another
level it’s good to have a passion you guys I mean her passion is drawing
were you ever passionate about horses before
I think because of blush of oh yes they’re getting okay so she did start she was an artist
before but she stumbled upon the Shiva let’s flesh of all which is Morris which
means force and French this is actually amazing so we you have to pretend like
it was the first time because my mic was turned off is the representative of this
forest for the French horse industry in China it’s the first time we come to
Hong Kong masters we set up this booth the Shyvana space
we made our design you might be like this to create this different design
objects inspire an image of the shovel okay so if they wanted to buy products
they can go to your website and all proceeds go to supporting the women in
the horse industry right so check it out on the social media Facebook linking in
the Instagram and our website so we’ll I’ll link it below you guys I guess just
check out check out the art check out check out the products be inspired just
be aware of everyone else’s passion it’s pretty awesome
so it’s militia ball Hong Kong it’s in the link okay you guys it’s a video so he knows here because it’s Italian I can prove
you that means the one who make both you see look at these hands show their hands
that you have show your calamari you see Big Ed because since he was 10 years old
he started to make Wow it takes that long to be amazed 50 years experience
whoa so you you didn’t think of doing anything else just no justice that is
your life it shows it’s amazing it’s beautiful aren’t these your old stories
but aren’t these food specifically writing these or you some people use it
for fashion sometimes profession but if it’s profession you have to use
different oh my goodness you the Stars sorry
like this one is more soft because then I guess they want to they want that keep
so it’s a different must be more comfortable to do people buy this more
the writers do they buy this more massager for show jumping jumping more
than dressage oh really yeah and also we have Paula booth that
is say more stuff you can see that is a different different material that’s polo
it’s tougher and obviously as fashionable so what’s what’s the range
of your boots range in term of price yeah yeah that is our bestseller that is
from 400 or equivalent to one dollar create with laces the same to the same style
the only difference is that without laces to place of course the fans here
is 650 to 850 and they black gold you guys check this
out who designed it so I think so obviously in the long jeans you meet so
many people who have different passions and who are good at what they do and one
of those people that Fernando was able to hook me up with is the minstrel of
all of these boots how awesome is that thank you so much and we’re she’s pretty
cool they live in the Philippines what a small world this is a ridiculously small
world so awesome it’s so glad I came here okay let’s hopefully when you guys
see them look at their faces look at their faces Fernando so friendly say hi
to them when they’re in the middle and there Amanda Lori

100 thoughts on “Hong Kong 2018! Christia goes to Longines!

  1. Kita ko yung konting part ng event nyo last saturday! sayang di ko nadala si Kassie ko! Kaloka may pag story telling..

  2. Wow! Pumunta ka lang madam talaga sa HK just to attend this event? Yan yung chasing your dreams!

  3. Why do you need the mask? May infection spreading po ba sa HK? First time watching a vlog. ang entertaining pala panoorin. Para kang nagtatravel. πŸ™‚

  4. I really in love with HK, I've been here twice already and never gets old. Masigawin nga lang mga tao but good!

  5. How do you manage to travel the world and do your work? I can't even manage to go out at night after work!

  6. show jumping lng naman ituuu, ryt?? di naman racing?? wawa naman kc sila sa ganun… huhuhuhu

  7. well, kpop is big talaga around the world. but i definitely would have gone to the longines with you instead. haha

  8. Hayst…. Kelan kaya ko makakapunta ng HongKong? I hope you could create a vlog touring the country or the HongKong Disneyland! Hahahaha

  9. These Chinese speakers are more fluent in english compared to mine Hahaha! lol Also, I hope you had a part where you showed what the shoe maker is doing. I'm curios din how a master shoe maker does their shoes and kung bakit sobrang mahal nila. hahaha Still love this vlog though πŸ™‚

  10. Just a question why do you need a special kind of shoes when riding a horse? Is this to guard your feet from injuries or something?

  11. I love that Hashtag We Ride the World! So catchy! Sayang sana meron ding part na tumatalon yung mga horse or you shoud ride a horse while vlogging and letting it jump! πŸ˜€

  12. I hope you had a tour vlog on HK like eating street foods like what you did in Ilo-Ilo! That would be something πŸ™‚

  13. "women in the horse industry" – lol that sounds so wrong, but I know what you mean πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  14. you don't wanna be late to Longines…. they will punish you for mere seconds πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

  15. I would have given my left arm if I could have been with you on that trip! geez!!! 😱 😱 😱

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