Hong Kong Hikes: Buffalo Hills

Hong Kong Hikes: Buffalo Hills

We are attempting to go to the Buffalo Hills, again, after failing last time, spectacularly. So what happened was, we went around the graveyard for a bit. And then we came back down. So let’s hope we have better luck this time. So we have to go pass this really long, concrete walk way. to the end of the village, then we’ll see the sign. I’ll show you that. So you walk to the second bridge, there is another bridge up front, it’s not that one. It’s the one with the pavillion. and the sign. So we are in the mountain grave area, it’s a little awkward. You tell that the stairs are well maintained. And now we’re just breezing pass it. This is a small pavilion, and then we carry on. Again, if you are lost, look for the ribbon thing. We are just getting bash by vegetation. Much like last time. Did you just see it? It hit my face. We’ve been about an hour and a bit into the hike, and we still haven’t got to the first mountain. Quick pit stop, because we are even on top of the Water Buffalo hill yet. We’re already dead. We’re almost there. We’re going to the photo spot! Just took some photos there, and now we are going back down. So that was West Buffalo Hill, with the West Buffalo Rock City. Direct translation, no kidding. So we got to go down to the place that we started. Kind of like a circular route. It was very slippery and I slipped once. Not a good thing. After a bunch of stairs, we’ve reached a cooler area. Shaded by the trees! We are nearly there, so fingers crossed that within half an hour, we’ll be there. We just came down from this, and now we are thinking it’s this way. We’ll ask somebody, so bare with us. So it is this side, and we are going. We just came down from there, that’s the sign. And we are going back down through this really lovely paved road. I think we are meant to go up from here. but Wing couldn’t find it and she got really frustrated. But it’s fine, I mean, it’s a loop. So that was the hike to the West Buffalo and Water Buffalo Hills. I hope you enjoyed it. If you like it, give it a thumbs up. And if you want more hiking video of Hong Kong, subscribe. I don’t even know what this mountain is called, but they have an astrological pillar. Astro-Astrological? We’ve made it to the first hill, it’s Shek A Jai. So correction, that’s Shek A Shan, this isn’t. (wind noises)

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  1. Hey – sorry for the late reply! We took a bus from Ma On Shan which usually isn't what you want! So it's best to check on google map which bus would take you to the Wong Lai Tau station

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