Horse Boots – Cavallo Simple Boots

Horse Boots – Cavallo Simple Boots

Speaker: Tom Seay Announcer: Next on the product spotlight,
Tom shows us the Simple Boot by Cavallo Horse and Rider. Tested on some of our more rugged trail riding
locations. Tom: Hi, I’m Tom Seay. On this segment of product spotlight, we have
tested and want to demonstrate a new boot, the Simple Boot by Cavallo Horse and Rider. The Simple Boot provides excellent all-terrain
hoof protection for the barefoot horse. They’re lightweight, durable, and best of
all, they’re easy to put on. One person can easily slip the boot over the
horse’s hoof, close the flaps over the tongue, and fasten the nylon straps through the metal
D-rings. It’s that quick and simple and you’re
ready to ride. The Simple Boot’s durable construction keeps
it securely on the hoof as riders walk, trot, or lope their horses. My friends, Kristine and Kaitlyn Blanc, who
you’ve seen on many of our shows, ride their horses barefoot. They have been able to ride some of the toughest
terrain on their location shoots because they have hoof protection for their horses. Kaitlyn: We’ve gone through all kinds of
different terrain with these boots and they have never come off and they haven’t done
any damage to our horse’s hoofs at all. Tom: Whether walking, running, or playing
in the water, the Cavallo’s Simple Boot stayed on. Kristine: We have fun riding through the water
with our horses and it was tough to find a boot that would stay on when we would play
in the river with our horses and these boots stayed on through everything. Tom: If you shoe your horses, the Simple Boot
is excellent to carry on the saddle as a spare tire for lost shoes or added traction on wet
pavement. Use them for multi-disciplines like showing
and jumping. The out sole is designed to absorb shock so
your horse’s legs don’t need to. More information and simple measuring instructions
for the Simple Boot can be found on their website. Cavallo, the simplest hoof boots in the world
are available in the original Simple model and also Sport. Give your horse comfort today, call Cavallo
at 1-877-818-0037. [End of Audio]

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  1. I'm hoping to get these in a couple of weeks for my haffie mare who is footsore on rough ground and am super excited! They look great. This video was a big help in deciding what hoof boot to get. Thanks.

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