HORSE CAMP REVIEW!! Our weekend at Wilderness Pursuit Horseback Adventures!

HORSE CAMP REVIEW!!  Our weekend at Wilderness Pursuit Horseback Adventures!

Hi guys, Welcome back to Bee You Neek! I’m Little B. And today we are going to be
talking about Wilderness Pursuit Horse Camp in Neilsville, Wisconsin. And that was like the best place ever because
we got to spend the night in a cabin and we got to ride horses for two hours. So, the first thing we did when we parked
was we walked around and we saw horses and then we ran to the cabins. And the cabins were amazing. It had a little table and a little seating
area and then one bunk and the other and then there’s a big upstairs that I slept in. And it was awesome. The first thing that I thought was it was
very cozy and rustic. And I heard that the horses peek their heads
into the cabins in the summer. I was hoping that they would barge down the
wall and look at me and then I would ride them away. And I slept forever. Like the only way I would wake up is if my
mom said Do you want to play with the horses? Then I was like…horses? And at lunch they had amazing food. And it was like a real outdoor picnic. And I loved it because the food was homemade
and then she just brought it to the campsite. And I loved the food. And at dinner…DINNER! They had steaks and they were on this little
grill type thing that like you put over the fire so they were fire made. And that was awesome. And they were super big, like… I better set down my slime! They were like from here to here and like
this big. And I loved the horses so much. My horse loved to rub his head on wood. I don’t know why. I don’t care why. I just love the horses. And the horses were very beautiful and they
were Arabians and they were very exotic. So my horse’s name was Godsmack, and not to
be confused with Gobsmack, Godsmack. And they called him Smackers and Brielle’s
was Pete and Pete was white and Gobsmack, Godsmack, he was like brown and black. And they were super sweet. And they taught us how to groom them. Like they gave us brushes and stuff. And they got the horses saddled and they put
on the reins and then once we got on I loved it because we had to wear boots but the boots
were very comfortable and we did have to go through mud and stuff but that was awesome
as well. So we set off into the forest and like there
were swamps and stuff and we were on the side of the road but I have ridden a horse before
so like I knew how to turn him and stuff. The horses loved to eat sticks. Don’t know why. And once, mine stopped and I didn’t know why
and then like I kept kicking him and he wouldn’t move and then, like he was peeing, and horses
don’t move when they pee so then once he was done, he started running and you aren’t supposed
to run downhill so I was super scared and I was pulling at him and he would not stop
and then I finally pulled really hard and he stopped. It was very scary. And I was OK. Trotting hurt a little bit because you kept
bouncing and your butt was banging against the saddle. But it was fun. It was fun because you could see all of the
other going… Now moving on to the staff. They were awesome. So, there was Brianna, Lynette, Maddie, and
Bianca, which I didn’t get to meet Bianca but she has the same name as me so I wish
I did. And they were all so nice. Lynette was super nice. Brianna was super nice. Maddie was super nice. And Lynette made all the food at home and
they would bring it and I loved how they just take care of us and it’s like they are our
family. Family camping trip! Woo! And everyone was super nice and one girl was
crying when she was leaving because she didn’t want to. And I really didn’t want to leave but we got
to stay longer because our car broke down! It was like the best trip ever. We’re going to go to South Carolina next so
we might vlog there. In conclusion, I want to go back again and
I feel like I’ll meet lots of you there. And if I do, then don’t be afraid to say hi
and leave a comment if you want to go. So yeah, bye guys!

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