Horse Care and Riding Lessons

Horse Care and Riding Lessons

Carter: There you go.
dog barking Devin: Very good.
Hi Everybody, I’m not a Farm Girl. You can see Lesleigh and Carter in the back.
They’re brushing up their horses. Carter’s brushing.
lesleigh is taking the saddle off her horse. And cooling them down.
They’re not actually “their” horses. This is where we come every Thursday night,
and they have riding lessons, and horse care lessons.
Because both of them want to get a horse, and I thought that it would be important before
they do… They are saving their money right now, so
it could be a while… but before they do, they need to know how
to take care of them and ride them. So this is where we spend our Thursday evenings.
Carter: Hi! This is my horse that I’m currently riding. She’s pretty sweet.
But today she didn’t want to put her halter on.
But we got it on her anyway. With some grain.
huh? And so now I’m just brushing her down. We
brush them down first, then we saddle up. then we rode some by ourselves, around the
yard here, and now we’re just kind of brushing them down.
laughs. Lesleigh: Hi! I’m Lesleigh. And this is my
horse, Tess. Me: She’s yours?
Lesleigh: Well, not exactly. I ride her at lessons.
As you can see, she is very stubborn. and a lot of times
Me: So I guess she’s a good match for you, then.
Lesleigh: Laughs. I guess. A lot of times she won’t take the bit very
well but we get along ok. Carter: This is Prince, and that is something
with an M. Me: Major.
Carter: Major. Then that is Freckles, that’s Al, and that
is Tess, and that one What’s the oldest one’s name? That one over there?
Sydney: Missy. Me: And which one do you like best?
Carter: Who do you think? Me: Lady?
Carter: Yes.

One thought on “Horse Care and Riding Lessons

  1. Now, this is MY territory. ;PI guess they don't require helmets out there.  All lesson barns around here require helmets on minors.  Personally, I think it's the individual's choice.  I do where one on the trail (it comes in handy when going under low hanging branches), but I have ridden my girl without one. 
    You are doing the right thing, getting the girls lessons BEFORE they get horses.  Let them get a taste for the work involved before you make the commitment.  I could tell you some real horror stories!  Good job Mom.

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