Horse Care & Buying Tips : How to Buy a Horse

Horse Care & Buying Tips : How to Buy a Horse

When you buy a horse it’s important that you
have clear ideas as to what your goals and hopes are for the horse. It’s also important
that you have a trainer to consult with and to help you of going through the process of
buying a horse. Once you have your goals set you can start to research what kind of horse
is best for those goals, especially in consideration with what discipline you’re planning to do.
Once you actually go to see the horse you want to look for a number of things. First
of all temperament. If I was coming to look at this horse and I saw it standing on the
cross ties, I’d want to know if it was going to stand here quietly, if it was going to
be friendly to work around. And then I would want to see that person that owns it ride.
And if it went well then I might want to get on it as well. If the horses temperament and
general ride ability was to my liking I’d also want to make sure that the conformation
looked like it was sound and going to be sturdy. You want to look at the way that the horse
is put together. Is their neck comparable to their size of their back and the size of
the haunches? So you should really set it into thirds and feel like that way your horse
will be balanced. Also depending on what discipline you’re doing, the way that their neck comes
out of their withers. Is it set high or is it set low, depending on what discipline you
want to do those things can matter. And I’d also want to take a look at their feet. I’d
want to know are their feet sturdy? Are they built well, are they too small for the horses
body? And those are the things that if you’re not well educated your trainer can help you
to know. The last important thing is that when you’re buying a horse you have it vet
checked. You want to make sure the horse is sound and healthy before you make your final

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  1. this video gave me some more things to look for when i go visit the horse i'm considering buying on the 10th 🙂

  2. so cute hes licking your hand and lush colour ,whats your horses name??? anyway your good at jumping on your horse. I go to lessens and im on trotting but i know how to canter and jump all because of you thank you

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