Horse Care & Buying Tips : How to Canter on Horseback

Horse Care & Buying Tips : How to Canter on Horseback

Cantering on horseback should only be done
once the rider’s comfortable with posting and sitting the trot and is easily in control
of the horse. To pick up the canter, you’re going to use your outside leg. You’re going
to shift it back behind the girth. You’re going to make sure your horse stays bent a
little bit to the inside, and you can support with your inside leg at the girth. The easiest
way is to start by going to a sitting trot. Once you’re…you’ve established a good sitting
trot, you can ask for the canter. And you just want to sit and let the horse’s rhythm
rock your seat back and forth.

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  1. haha, my first very first canter was when i was with my awesome trainer and she told me to ride brugjo (not how you spell it lol idk how) and he was very excited to let me ride him and the very first step he took was a canter! it was amazing now i know to just let my horse show me and tell me something knew with his/her body πŸ™‚

  2. @soccerlovingchik10 How does it affect you, anyway? There's no reason to be aggressive about it. Maybe I made a mistake, but it's OK now. OK?

  3. it looks like fun.I did it on accident once.but know that I actually try,its alot harder,lol plus I got a very bouncy horse,but where I take lessons we switch between 5 different horses,may be I'll have more luck next sunday.

  4. well my problem isnt cantering my horse canters on voice command, i just cant seem to stay on the horse… i fell of yesterday and i have deep bruising in my lower back and i can feel it up to my neck πŸ™ ridders worst enemy: gravity

  5. @Mausicoco321 The canter is a three-beat gait with a very short period of suspension; the gallop is a much faster four-beat gait where the horse is 'floating' for a good portion of each stride, with no feet on the ground.

  6. @AbbieLovesMurphy

    When your body has become accustomed to the movement pattern of a canter so stop automatically bubbly. You have to totally relax the body and sit a little, very little leaning back in the saddle. In the beginning you can keep a hand in the saddle and, like "push" to "down" in the saddle. πŸ™‚ Hope that helps!

  7. @TheLuckcharm101
    Have you tried going from walk to canter? Ask the horse propely for canter ( inside leg at the girth, outside slightly behind and "Hug" the horse)
    You can also hold yourself "down" in the saddle, pushing, with one hand while asking for canter if your doing the transition from trot. Good luck!
    It will get easier after a while!

  8. @AbbieLovesMurphy sit in your seat if you have a neck strap brest starp martingale etc; you can hold on to thos well that was the way i was taught or you can hold on to the saddle (english) you just go with the horse because theres not much movement when cantering its just you sitting down going with the horse i had the same issues and i was everywhere and close to falling off! hope it helped if not ask your instructor or someone but
    good luck if i helped. πŸ™‚

  9. I cantered for the first time yesterday and i was so scary. I felt like I was going to fall off and the instructer told me to kick the hhorse and I galloped!

  10. Your horse should still know how to pick up the lead you want it to. Some classes ask for a counter-canter and if your horse doesn't do it, your mark will go way down. If you always rely on a bend then you wont be able to.

  11. @IRunWithThePack wow from when i made that comment 3 months ago i have gotten so far im jumping like 2'3 and i could go higher i just havent tried yet

  12. K,my problem isn't making the horse canter,My problem is staying in the seat while cantering (I always fly up)….how do I solve this,could you make a video on that.

  13. Can someone help me ! When I try to go into canter I kick but pull myself out of the saddle so I end up doin rising but when I'm in canter I fly out of the saddle and look like an idiot since I'm in the top group and hav been riding for 3 years!!! HELP!:)

  14. @dregca wen u canter to avoid falling off try findin that bak and forth rythum and grip woth ur calves but u shud ask someone who u no to help u I'm sure I'll get it goodluk πŸ™‚

  15. @horselover18424 Maybe you should work on your balance and do little excercises like riding with no stirrups, transitions, firgure eights, circle etc. then you could gradually increas the times you canter. Hope that helps xxx

  16. @1112Georgia i know now, it was just a matter of relaxing and trusting both myself and the horse, now I can jump 2'6 i can go higher but havent tried, i can gallop and do ALOT more than before but thanks for the tip!

  17. how do you make it look so easy and how can ya keep the horse in the circle i have enough trouble staying on let alone steer my horse

  18. Ok, I'm fine with getting the canter, and i can stay on easy peasy, but it always feels sort of akward. I'm starting to think i'm doing it incorrecly :p Should I be sitting down in the saddle or leaning forward?

  19. I'm reading some of the comments and i don't get how you people could fall off when cantering :p lol but keep trying anways! πŸ™‚

  20. @FabulousFoxyRoxy its to get your horse on the right leg πŸ™‚
    the bend will force the horse on to the correct leg
    (but does not always work ! XD )

  21. @HorseRiderJenna i suppose it doesnt matter how many times you squeeze… i think it depends on your horse because every horse is different :)x

  22. @HerroPooh I know I'm not really a professional so giving advice may not be my place, if it is really painful to ride english then you could try Paso finos. They don't canter or trot, but instead have a 4 beat lateral gait so they are very smooth. I have a few videos of them on my page if you want to check them out. My equitation and horsemanship class show a perfect horse for anybody to ride he is calm and quite and can still compete in the show ring very well.

  23. I've only cantered three or four times. I can stay on but i do feel i get thrown out of the saddle and struggle to keep balance. Any tips? or does it just come with practise? πŸ™‚

  24. Justsmilemakeup21- it comes with practice(: well I find it does :LL what I do, is just really push down when the horse goes down if you get what I mean? Or, I was taught to imagine that there is Β£1million pounds under you, and you have to sit on it to keep it from flying away(: if you sit in the saddle perfectly, the money is yours(: hope this helped you xxx

  25. Ahaha, I was just told to keep my elbows tucked in, I get someone to video me so I can see what I need to improve on(: it helps alot and you can just see how far you've come ^_^ x x

  26. @cupcake5309 i had a horse that is usually lay take off at a full gallop a few weeks ago and after a while he mini bucked and i was hanging on his neck like a kola! and when i fell all i see it two pairs of hooves off the ground turning away from me i thought i was gonna pee myself!

  27. @D0UI3LEA i know how to canter nowwwww haha but learning was terrible! this honestly did help even when i didnt know how to canter

  28. my problem isn't getting the horse to canter, I am very comfortable with both the walk and trot but its almost like i am scared i will fall of when i try to canter.

  29. @0Walsy0 She makes it look soo easy! I'm having the same issues. I'm ok with the movement for a little bit but then I get the feeling like I'm falling off & tense up & end up back at a trot… :-/

  30. @0Walsy0 so you know how its like a rocking motion? well everytime the horse goes down, your body wants to bounce up and fly out of the saddle, so squeeze every other beat. if you tense up the horse is gonna tense its back up and go back to a trot. sorry if this doesn't make sense, this is just what my teacher told me to do.

  31. My instructor put me on a horse that it should technically be harder to canter on, & I got the hang of it… πŸ™‚ He's got a slower canter so it's easier to feel the movement.

  32. every horse is trained different so putting ur heals behind the horses girth is not always going to work. With my horse, he would back up. Same thing with the sitting trot. U dont have to be sitting to start to canter. It all depends on the training on the horse. That is why people shouldnt be like, "You should do this and that." Some horses arent trained the way the instuctor is showing them. I get where they're coming from though!

  33. i go to riding school and last time i have been my coatch asked me to learn canter but i was tooo afraid si iasked him to learn to canter next time. im going this saturday and im soo afraid!any tips anyone?

    P.S. im sorry if i misspelled anything…

  34. yesterday i wet riding with my pony (jaffacake) and she started cantering off with me and i had to do a dismount quickly. i banged my head on the floor and nearly went to hospital but im ok now.

  35. thank you for showing the aids into canter on the corner ive always been a bit confused as to how far back the leg should go when asking. πŸ™‚

  36. I had a bad accident jumping because i was on an ex-race horse and he gets excited and leaps over and i fell and couldnt ride for the rest of summer. It diminished my confidence completely and i havent done any more jumping since last summer, because im scared as hell. Im only 13 and im already scared. HELP! anyone got any advice?

  37. When the horse begins to canter you have to return your legs on the right position or you keep them the one back and the other forward? :p (please somebody answer…)

  38. I had this problem! I asked my instructor about it and while she was watched me canter, she pointed out that i would lean back, and pull too hard on the reins. When you're behind a horse's motion and pulling on a horses mouth, they usually just go more foreword, but if you lean forward, stay with the horse's motion, tighten your abdomen, and put small pressure on the reins, they slow down a lot better. This probably doesn't apply to you at all(I lean too far back when I ride), but it might help.

  39. Depends so much of the horse πŸ˜€ I have ridden many lazy and difficult horses, that you need to kick forward in almost every step of the canter, or they just go trotting or walking how ever they please. (almost all were just test ridings on different stables, no hate!) But yes, if you have a gentle and well behaving horse, it really does feel like flying!

  40. I feel that, when you ride, You don't need a certain time or whatever to ride, you need patience. And, you don't need a riding instructor, you do it out of your own daring mind. That way, you can take it as slow as you want, and discover how to ride by yourself and be proud of that. Thats how i discovered how to ride πŸ™‚ And yes, i still have a long way to go, but im trying. Every jump i fail, i turn around and do it again. Everytime i fall off, i get straight back on and continue smiling :)xx

  41. wow look so easy but when i do it it feels like te horse is jumping and when i try to set i start to trot and my legs keep moving back and forth!!!!!!!!!!! i cant help it :'( !!!! but iam still a beginner and my trainer says that i not eady to do a canter :s !!!….. btw i love ur videos :*

  42. Hi, just started learning the canter but I feel like I am going to fall of all the time. Last time I nearly did but managed to grab myself back up. Please give me some advice. Asap please xxxxxxxxx

  43. Amy Marshall I think you should grab mane and get a good grib in your stirrups. Also, lean forward to get balance. Hope that helped!

  44. My riding instructor (sorry my english) says that when we are going to canter we have to lean backwards and do the thins with the legs. But i wonder if we have to lean backwards?? :))

  45. I started doing horseriding again and im at the end of stage 2 for riding and stage 1 for ground work and i need to be able to canter to get to stage 3 also i need help being confident around a horse

  46. Usually yes, to hold on incase the horse is spooking or you know, going faster than a trot. Just to hold on!

  47. I tried cantering for the first time a couple days ago. It was amazing but it was hard to sit deep in the saddle. Plus my heels kept creeping up :/ Hopefully I will get better with time.

  48. leaning backwards slows down a horse if hes too forward, or some riders tend to lean forward when in canter just because its easier to balance sometimes so your instructor might be saying lean back (and if you were leaning forward') it would strighten up your position

  49. Hmm where they teach me they always to kick the horse at the sides. (Not literally kick ahaha) Just with the sides of your foot to make it trot or canter. I'm so confused! Sometimes the horses don't even try.

  50. Someone mind helping me? I've been riding for a few months now and I'm taking lessons. At the barn I keep my horse at, does not support riding lessons, So I've been taking them at another barn, with another horse. I've learned how to walk, jog, trot, and how to post while the horse is trotting. Anyhow, I'm going to a horse camp in the summer, and I'm taking my horse with me. I've been praticing on her, but she will not seem to canter.. She can canter just fine and gallop, she's in perfect condition, not hurt or lame legs. I've tried using spurs, a crop, and I've tried kicking harder and yelling "canter" but she wont seem to do it, any tips? Thanks!

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