Horse Care & Buying Tips : How to Choose a Thoroughbred Horse

Horse Care & Buying Tips : How to Choose a Thoroughbred Horse

When choosing a thoroughbred horse, you want
to keep in mind what your goals are. Thoroughbreds are often a little bit hot and quick, and
so if you want to do something that having a quick, hot horse is good for, then you can
choose just about any. If you want a horse that’s a little bit quieter, you’re going
to have to be a little more careful about choosing. So when you arrive at the place
that you’re looking at the horse, observe how it acts on the cross ties. Is it easy
to work around? Is it patient? If it is, then these are good signs that your horse is going
to be quiet. Then, watch the person that owns the horse ride. It’s always important to have
the person that owns the horse ride first before you get on, just so you make sure the
horse is at your level of riding and you’re not going to be put in a dangerous situation.
Whenever you’re buying a horse, it’s important that you have someone with you that has good
knowledge about confirmation and general riding. When you look at a horse and you consider
their confirmation, you want to make sure that their body is proportional — that you
can divide them into thirds — their neck, their middle, and their haunches. You also
want to make sure that they have clean lines through their legs and that their feet look
healthy and proportional to their legs. Some horses have feet that are too small for their
bodies, and these are going to be more likely to go lame. The last step, whenever you buy
a horse, is to make sure that you get a vet to check them and make sure they’re healthy
and sound.

15 thoughts on “Horse Care & Buying Tips : How to Choose a Thoroughbred Horse

  1. @LaRanaTJ Ha – You obviously dont know that much about thoroughbreds, do you? That's like saying if you have a 6ft6'' man , that they can still run the same speed if they had size 3 feet (uk size). Hoof confirmation is very important – so i think you're the one that needs to be gagged here.

  2. @wolffan123 AMPLIFY 2x daily works wonders! I also swear by keeping haynets in the stalls while they're in. Continue to refill the haynet as needed (and prefferably with a flake or two of alphalfa). This slows down their eating, eliminates waste, and I've always seen the skinny ones fill out within a few weeks. I prefer the nylon haynets with the smaller holes too. Good luck!

  3. thanku it help i mean alot because my mum and dad are going to be buying a horse and i hope its a thoroughbred or welsh cob

  4. I have a thoroughbred mare…my first horse. Love her and the breed, truly beautiful! She is the calmest one i have ever seen, so well behaved

  5. Thoroughbreds have a bad reputation for being hot headed but my horse is a tb but never raced and he is my first horse and he is as calm and respectful as any other horse!

  6. My first horse was a 7 yr old 16.2hh thoroughbred not ridden for 2 yrs, and he was the best horse ive ever met or owned! Better than a frequently ridden 14 year old connemara pony! And a frequently ridden beginners QH.

  7. I own a retired race horse thoroughbred XDD i love him! he is a bit quick tempered and goofy but ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS <3 thoroughbreds are my fave breed 🙂

  8. I own a Thoroughbred and a Quarter Horse, both geldings. The TB is much more calm than my QH, stop saying TB's must be hot and quick, it all depends on the individual horse.

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