Horse Care : How to Build a Round Pen

Horse Care : How to Build a Round Pen

Round pens are a great way to start young
horses. They’re very useful for teaching a horse how to lunge because a horse is completely
confined, can’t get away from you. If you’re starting a young horse, it’s nice to be able
to work in a small area where you have more control over what your horse is doing. And
just a nice thing to have on any farm. And constructing this round pen… It’s really
just put together with a series of pens that keep each section together, very easy to construct,
comes in just a large stack. And then as for the footing, it’s important to have a nice
footing in the round pen. This is a nice rubber sand combination. And to keep the footing
kind of confined into the space, you’ll notice along the side, there’s just a simple piece
of wood going all the way around the bottom, and this helps to keep the sand from going
out and leaving the round area.

10 thoughts on “Horse Care : How to Build a Round Pen

  1. I know for all the horses I do we have a 50 foot round pen with the first rail a wee it over a foot of the ground a wee bit over six foot tall.

  2. not useful at all. I know it is important to have, I know footing is important and I know there are metal poles. HOW TO INSTALL ONE???

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