Horse Care : How to Tack a Horse

Horse Care : How to Tack a Horse

To tack your horse, we’ll begin by making
sure your horse is groomed. Assuming that it is, we’ll begin with the saddle pad. And
we’re going to put the saddle pad right up to where her hair starts to grow on her withers.
And the place that the girth goes is at right behind her shoulder. And then we’ll take the
and it’s also going to sit right up on her wither and I’m going to pull the saddle pad
up into the gullet of the saddle. And then we’ll take the girth and attach it just first on the lower holes
and I’ll attach them on the other side as well. I like to make sure that it goes through
these girth rings here, just keeps the saddle pad in place with the saddle. And now we’ll
put the bridle on.
To begin with, we’re going to put the reigns over her head. We’re going to take the halter
off. Right away, my hand replaces the halter. So my hands take the bridle in the one hand.
With my left hand I help the bit into her mouth using my thumb in the corner of her
mouth to make her open… one ear at a time. Then I’ll attach the nose band, which goes
under the cheek pieces and should be fairly tight. You want to make sure that after you’ve
attached it, you put the leather into its keepers so it stays neat. This bridle is a
flash nose band so it’s going to go underneath the bit here and it should never be tighter
than the nose band, but it should be firm. And the last thing is going to be the throat
latch which is the loosest of all three. I should be able to fit about a fist between
her and the throat latch. And then we’re ready to go.

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  1. heyy why dont you mind your own damn business. no horse is perfect and i doubt yours is. if you even have your own horse. she obviously knows her horse is acting up. if you knew anything about horses you would know that mares act up. read a book and learn the facts before you judge. k hun ?

  2. her mare is obviously in heat. look at her tail in all the other videos. UP !! I've owned horses all my life. Trust me honey, i know what im doing. Just because you own 200 bryers doesn't mean you know anything. peace hun πŸ™‚

  3. oh dear. what are you like 12 ? based on your videos i would guess yeah. and her tail is up because shes in heat you dumb bitch. so dont act like you know everything about horses because you obviously dont know know anything. I'm honestly not afraid of you. i was raised in baltimore. do not step to me.

  4. I heard some horror stories about horses strangling themselves in tie stalls. And to the idiot who thinks every horse who has its tail up is in heat – 1 word. Arabians. {start sarcasm}Yep. cos those stallyuns must be in heat what with their tail UP like that!{end sarcasm}

  5. If you're 12, is it too late to get a first horse and learn things like tacking it, and grooming it? I know how to mount and ride a horse, but I have never had one before… I realise that I need A LOT of room for a horse, not like a tiny backyard. We are thinking about moving to a rural area.

    And if it's not too late to get a first horse (or pony), do you suggest going to things such as horse camp rather than watching videos, just so I can be sure of what I'm doing?


  6. It is never to late to get a horse! I am thirteen and still don't have a horse yet! πŸ˜€

    Your probably already know this, and I don't want to sound like a 'know it all', but getting the horse and finding a stable isn't all what owning a horse is about. You need to consider veterinary expenses. They have to get their teeth done, their feet done every six weeks. They have to be dewormed, and depending on the horse you get some need diff suppelements and richer hay, which does cost more. Next reply>

  7. I would suggest going to a camp and doing everything you can to be around horses, because that is what it will be like when you get your own.

    Good luck! πŸ˜€

  8. 12 too late?! Most people begin riding when they're your parents' age:) What a wonderful time to start, Spottedleaf! yes, camps are a great way to learn and get confidence doing so.

  9. Maybe good to take the bridle section over again. The horse was scaring beginner viewers, to be sure. Too much fidgeting and movement to be able to see what you were trying to show. Great concept, though.

  10. Sorry but I feel your horses need to learn ground manners & respect. That young grey needs a good firm one punch on the nose to earn a bit of respect not to bite .
    Try spending more time on your ground work to gain a more respectful horse when tacking up.

  11. If this is the same horse that you have used in your other videos, I'm not sure why she is acting this way. Perhaps your horse is just fidgety or uncomfortable, which a lot are. But she does seem agitated.

  12. i seen u were trying to make her stop pawing at 0:46 because i seen ur hand what u do is SLAP the SHIT out of her because if u let her do that now then shes going to think that she can keep doing it and i dont care if ur on cam or not u still need to correct ur horse

  13. ever think that you should mind your own buisness? I know when people do that to me its annoying and they should keep their comments to themselves. Take a hint.

  14. I went horse riding today, and i havent been for ages so i forgot how to tack up. we helped in the stables today me and my sister, and my horse is really cheeky, thanks for putting this vid on πŸ™‚

  15. @Cylindermatch thats how you teach them that its NEVER okay to bite you. If you don't give them a whack, they won't listen to you. And she didn't hit it hard, its a fricken 1500lb animal, it you just 'tap' it, it wont even feel it!

  16. @countrygirl999999 well i wouldn't go to the extreme of slapping the shit out of her πŸ˜› but ya, she needs to do more than shedid

  17. love your horse… she only hit the horse becasue he was hitting the hoof on the ground people you guys are making such a big deal about hitting the horse OMG. great job saddling

  18. i agree ttht u hv to show a horse tht u meen bisuiness and tht they shudnt do anything wrong like with my horse ho gets extremly marish and very moody so if she kicks me i slap her not very hard but just to tell her hus boss but seriously tht horse i just taking the mick and tht girl just thinks shees so special lol xxx

  19. @b0z123 First, learn how to spell. The horse is disciplined, Just because its pawing it doesn't mean its not good. Pawing is when they are bored or want to roll like TheStormrider98 said. Some horses can be grumpy! Its a part of life!. Did you see the horse biting? NO! Did you see the horse bucking? NO! Did you see the horse rear? NO! Get your facts right before making remarks!

  20. happy horse I like when he looks up at min. 1.10 if i was that horse i wont be pulling so she can do everyting she wants to me

  21. I don't see why they wouldn't use a better horse for this video, unless this is their best horse, then they are in trouble…

  22. Lady – 'And then we're ready to go!'
    Yh good luck with that one, that horse looks like the biggest pain in the ass!! When I had my first horse it did this all the time, scraping the floor with its hooves and tossing its head like its got half a brain missing! In the end I bought another horse with more manners cause no matter how much i loved it, there was noteaching it better.

  23. If you hit a horse when he tries to bite or kick it's okay, to a certain degree. If a horse is doing something dangerous then you should do anything you can to protect yourself so you can both be safer. Some people are cruel though, or uneducated, and don't recognize when you should hit for a bite and when not to.. the answer to every horse question is "It Depends" :3

  24. @sanderson31741 totally agree!(; they wouldnt get away with it doing it to the leader of the herd, and the horses should see us as the leader!(: x

  25. @sanderson31741 thats Negative reinforcement , positive reinforcement works just as well. I knew a horse that was hit when it did things wrong, such as biting or rearing, and he turned from calm and gentle, to insane whenever his owners went near him. more people should try positive reinforcement!

  26. You would not believe how mutch your horse looks like mine! it would be weird if yours was a Percheron, cos tht is what mine is

  27. Rather than the horse not wanting to be tacked up its most likely probably just excited and ready to go, this happens a lot with my horse. Its pretty normal that a horse can get excited after all πŸ™‚ and hitting a horse is right as long as its to teach it not to bite, or kick, but hitting should never be used to abuse the horse.

  28. First I didn't see her hit the horse but you need to correct there bad behaveyour thathorse was not standing still a sharp no would have corrected the horses attatude if it didn't you need to keep on with the no and make him back up. And give you some space.

  29. It's pommel, ur not an expert, if u want to see tack up videos and grooming etc check out my videos in a few days when I have them up, I'm an expert and u no little about horses

  30. I don't think that she should tolerate the horses's behavior while tacking up. She also should not remove the halter before getting the bridle partway on with a mare like this.

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