Horse Care & Riding : How to Bridle a Horse

Horse Care & Riding : How to Bridle a Horse

Putting a bridle on takes some practice, as
there are a few different straps, that you have to understand how to attach, and it can
be kind of a big task, just maneuvering, and keeping the horse under control, so we’ll
begin by putting the rein over the horse’s head, before we untie her. That way, if necessary,
we have something to hold her by, so undo the cross ties, and then take the halter off.
Right away, my hands replace the halter, so that I have some control over her head. I’ll
bring the bridle up into my right hand, still holding her head. Now, I’m going to bring
the bit up. Put my thumb into the corner of her mouth, where there are no teeth. This
encourages her to open her mouth, at the same time lifting my right hand. Bring the bridle
up over each ear, and then I’m going to attach the nose band. The nose band should be quite
snug, and then the flash nose band, which not all bridles have, and this one should
not be tighter than the nose band, but should still be snug, and then the last piece, is
going to be the throat latch, and the throat latch is the loosest of them. It’s important
not to make it too tight, usually about a fist, here, as you want to make sure that
you don’t end up cutting off circulation there, on their throat, and then I’ll just make sure
I tuck in all the ends into their keepers, to keep things neat.

51 thoughts on “Horse Care & Riding : How to Bridle a Horse

  1. well done, but you forgot to sort out the foelock and poll-mane!!! D:Beautiful horse, she is very calm and patient!

  2. not to be mean or anything GymnastO1794, cant u actually say something nice instead of puting yourself up, its puting a bridle on your horse, no 1 cares how fast or efficiently u can do it, pretty sure its not gona make much of a difference..

  3. a lead change is when the horses changes its lead or the leg it was cantering with to the oppostie leg. just type in lead changeo n youtube and im sure you will find it

  4. I used to ride and jump an OTTB and he was wonderful with grooming/tacking up. An "old pro". I know they're not all like that but you make a good point with your comment.

  5. why they explaining english with an american vid? wouldnt it make more sense if she was english and described the equipment correctly? we call it a head collar NOT a "halter"

  6. How old was your horse that didn't use a bit? did you use a bosal or a hackamore?
    im curious too learn anything i can so I ask a lot of questions πŸ™‚
    my bridle doesn't have a nose band at all but it has the throat latch and the band in front of the ears πŸ™‚

  7. i think head collars is a cool name πŸ˜› its different, I like it. I wish I could live in england for a little while πŸ™‚ get a change of scenery

  8. she doesn't make it look complicated, she was just trying to kind of slow the process down to show beginners. πŸ™‚

  9. the bittless bridle is much different than a bosal or a hackamore. it doesnt put pressure on the nose such as a hackamore and is much less painful! =P

  10. not really it can work for any horse my horse took to it right away it is actualy very painless and gives you plenty control

  11. @SarafinaImelza the flash is also used just to keep there mouth closed so it looks better when your riding. I ride my horse with one for that reason, not because he bites.

  12. I disagree with a flash noseband. If a horse is opening his mouth to escape the bit, then either a different bit might solve the problem or the rider's hands are too heavy. Treat the cause, not the symptom.

  13. over there toung it would be extremly uncomfortable if it was under and very dangerous for the horse and its a bit. if u want to no anything elsee abt horses just ask me ive lived with them all my life. goodluck with ur lesson xxx

  14. a flash is for more control in generally fast horses although it can be extremly dangerouse if it does not fit as it can stop breathing its not the ansswwer to a NAUGHTY HORSE! its cruel and can be very painful onsome horses always get advice before u use one as ive known one thts cut ito a horses muzzle and been very uncomfortable.

  15. I used to go horse back riding till I was 8 (no I don't mean lessons, just riding withough helmets or seat belts, etc.) but I live in a city area in los angeles and ough new to college and never have time to even look for a place I can ride a horse. I just love it! I still know how to ride 'em.

  16. @iloveriding100 you obviously dont know anything about horse back riding
    1) theres a 1/10 chance a trained horse to be gentle to buck when your just putting the tack on

    2)she wasnt scrapeing it the horse was moving his mouth and even if she did its not like hes teeth will fall out there teeth are alot tuff or strong is what im going to say.

    3) and not every horse is going to like you its not like there all going to be fine and who know the horse might hate her but she can comtrol her

  17. @Cowpups it should be more comfortable for u and the horse to walk and lead on the left side….. and you are supposed to walk and lead your horse on the left side ….. no matter what peope say it is way more comfortable for your horse…. it also keeps you in control and not your horse……

  18. Question : can you still keep the horse tied? Cause of certain reasons it would make it a lot easier for me. not in crossties but just tied to a rail or something

  19. los frenos los mandan a hacer o los compran asi como ya los venden??? es que me han dicho q de preferencia se mandan a acer a conforme el caballo q lo va a utilizar… por ejemplo un potro no es asi de trankilo bueno cuando ya empieza la etapa de muchacho jaja..

  20. I struggle sometimes because i never really got to tack up my own horse and when the horse fidgets about i find it hard to put it on properly and i don't get to practice much, any tips? x

  21. hahahahah mine neither when he sees the bridle he just puts his head straight to the ground and refuses to move it! lol

  22. It's also a good idea to lift the nose band up when you are putting the bit into the mouth, just keeps it out of the way.

  23. Your horse: Oh, yeah. I'm totally chill!!
    My horse: I will fucking kill you if you put this rope on my face. Saddle my ass up and I'll roll over, crushing it. If you crop me, lord so help me I'll—–
    Well, you get the difference.

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