Horse Care & Riding : How to Canter Your Horse

Horse Care & Riding : How to Canter Your Horse

Once you’re comfortable blocking and trotting
your horse, it’s time to move on to cantering. The most basic way to begin the canter, is
to start with a sitting trot. From the sitting trot, we’re going to bring the outside leg
back. The outside leg is the leg near the rail, in this case, my right leg. My inside
leg will stay at the girth, and I’ll just keep her bending to the inside, like normal,
so right leg back, and canter. At the canter, you want to let your seat be loose, and following
the horse’s movement. Then, to come back to the trot, I’m just going to lightly apply
my Rein Aid, and then if you need to, you can use your voice, and walk.

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  1. I know this might sound stupid but , when ever i canter my feet fall out of the sturrups. How can i prevent this? or is it that I am too short?

  2. @quarterhorseSiri you need to keep your heels down at all times in the stirrups…this helps alot πŸ™‚
    You can try practicing standing up in the saddle, while keeping your feet heels down in the stirrups and do it many times as you can until youre used to it πŸ˜‰ it will improve trust me cuz i had the same problem when i first started out riding…Hoped this helped πŸ™‚

  3. @MizzMickieJames Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am actually going to ride today and will try it out! thatnks so much for your help and i will tell u if it helps!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS!:D

  4. do you mind if i use some of your videos for a little videoo?! i can send the video link to you afterwards?

  5. @HorsesRLifee Glad to here it happens to other people!!!! I will definatly try that next time I ride my horse:D thankds for the help!! really thanks you alot!!!!!!!

  6. I fell off a horse when barely cantering. Now I gotten scared a little to canter. I'm trying to gain my confidence back. So if anyone has any tips I'd really appreciate it.

  7. i am learning to ride….cantering can take time, just be patient and feel the rhythm of the horse πŸ˜€ xx……………………..and never give up xx

  8. i am currently taking lessons and every time that i'm cantering i bounce up and down in the saddle, eventhough i squeeze with my calfs… please, anyone, give me some tips on how to prevent bouncing up and down in the saddle πŸ™‚

  9. Hello everyone, can someone please tell me why i cant keep my heels down when i canter? My trainer tells me that i need to keep the leg pressure on the horse that i ride (becuase he tends to slow down into a trot if I dont keep the leg pressure on in the canter position). I found it really hard to push my heels down while i squeeze my calves. So my feet (especially my left foot) is falling in an out of the stirrup. Thank you

  10. @LDloveshorses You don't want to be gripping with your legs. Let your seat follow the horse's movement and basically go with the flow. Being tense will just make it bouncier.

  11. @LDloveshorses you gotta bounce up an down in a pattern so don't go as fast as the horse makes you bounce just go up and down not to fast but not to slow.

  12. Can anyone help me? Whenever I ask my mare to canter, she throws her head in the air before cantering normally. Why does she do it? Thanks.

  13. Hi, I've been riding for about 7 or 8 months (1hr lesson on saturdays) and I finally have a video up of my riding, I was wondering if anyone would like to comment and tell me if I'm doing things wrong and how to fix them. It would be really helpful ^-^ Just check out the ONLY horse video on my channel, it's named 'Cantering' Thanks again!

  14. It really depends on the horse:) At first its only easy when you get a smooth hore to rode.. then quite quickly you get used to it and sit into your saddle because your more relaxed.

  15. Great vid! BUT I wish people put more emphasis on voice control when dealing with beginners, telling a beginner to squeeze with the out side leg means kick because the horse wont listen to you tohersiwe. Telling them to sit and say canter will result in a canter no matter where their legs are, teaching them the horse doesn't need to be kicked all the time

  16. Remember to keep your heels down!!!!! Biggest mistake people make! When you're cantering in an english saddle ALWAYS keep your heels down, and hold on with your calf an inner thigh. You also squeese with both legs, but have the outside leg back! And if that's still not working lift your inside rein UP and tighten the outside rein!(:

  17. You all who have got any problems with canter. You nee to hold your legs as in trott but you need to drag your outer leg by the side ofthe horse and keep your inside leg as ussual.
    You need to catch the rhytm of the horses movement or nothing will happen. Dont worry if you cant do it quikly, someimes it's hard to understand the horse, also some horses have really hard movement so even if you will feel him you could fly in the saddle. Try to feel the horses movement and repeat them wih your hip

  18. To those who are afraid of falling of only one sugestion: dont be afraid! If youre afraid than your muscles are a bot squeezed and horse feeles it and when you give him a command and think like "GOD! I DONT WANT TO FALL! PLEASE!" horse wil NOT understand what you want, and depends on a horse he can do WHATEVER he thinks youre ascing him to do. Some horses may get scared of it and run VERY VERY FAST, and then you can fall out.
    If youre still afraid or your horse is really agressive, keep your to

  19. Wow, this video actually helped me to MAKE my horse canter! Haha, i used to kicked with both legs in the wrong place and this video has taught me not to (:

  20. @CuteRobyn10 Jumping isn't too bad. small jumps are super easier just wait till you work you way up to 2'3". Then you really need balance or you will fall.(i would know from falling off a huger horse due to no balance). But if you master the canter and have good balance jumping will get easier.

  21. @CuteRobyn10 We dont have any riding schools anywhere near us but a neighbor has been letting me feed and pet his horses.

  22. what's the difference between a sitting and a posting trot? why would u want to do a sitting trot anyways? posting trot would be alot easier for your horse, wouldn't it? sorry, I'm new at horses.

  23. hey cute robyn10 i am going to free wind farms to ride i am still thinking about it go there where do you live maybe go

  24. And I was on Zero ( one of my three horses ) :33 we had fun bad news is tht she went for a jump and got thrown off Komei ( her pony ) and landed in mud :p HA tht gave me a laugh

  25. I am 18 and just started riding a few months ago and i am terrified to canter. Does anyone have any tips for this?

  26. I started riding on my own without leader on saturday and I started to do a rising trot and my horse went into a canter !!

  27. @FallenAngel4126 Don`t panic too much, the horse will feel you are tense, if you just relax you`ll be fine. Also having a calm, slow horse with smooth paces and a fenced arena will also help because if you are scared if the horse running off, there`s nowhere for it to go.Try to keep a good position, bum in the saddle, don`t hang onto the mouth.
    Don`t worry too much.The canter is heaps smoother than the trot, so if you are good at that you will have no problems at all! Good luck! πŸ˜€

  28. @0532425 I actually cantered with a Appaloosa TWH cross mare this past week and it was amazing. She is gaited so I didn't even really feel the transition from "trot" to canter.

  29. You mean shorten up the reins? Yeah, you just do it slightly so that when your on your horse and your body is moving you don't feel loose one moment and tight the next.

  30. I'm still new to riding , lol , I've worked with horses for ages but never really ridden , hopefully I'll get better πŸ˜€

  31. To all those people that came here coz theyre worried about starting to canter: usually the instructor will help you to get into canter, and the actual cantering comes naturally!( It did for me anyways):) hope I helped!

  32. That horse is Amazing, Listens so well and is beautiful. I think you are a wonderful rider and very nice to your horse.

  33. I was starting to get used to it and I was cantering a horse and she tripped and did a front flip. i was lucky and flew off and she barely missed landing on me

  34. This helped me so much I haven't ridden in over 3 years and I'm starting again soon so I need to have an assessment lesson and I'm freaking out!

  35. i canter allot!!!!!! but there is 1 thing i have got trouble with is my horse going to fast how do i fix that???

  36. when i canter i start to lose my control a little bit like the erson who commented below me so i am currently working on that but i think i panic a little bit and i might be a bit stiff im not sure but ill work on it xxx thanks

  37. when i cantering i am huging the horse instaed of riding it , and i cant do it properly and my trainer said that its to hard for me so was only doin trot for 3 months now, any advice to help me on my riding

  38. I did!! I've been cantering for about 3 months now and I actually cantered bareback on a Belgian mare last night πŸ™‚

  39. thanks for this video becuase my friend who used to ride is always telling me to do all these weird things when cantering like perching out of the saddle and stuff , so this video really helps

  40. Thank you this really helped as I have cantered several times but it always looked unneat and like I was being jerked around!!

  41. But how do you get the horse to know what to do? Like.. How did you get it to automatically canter and walk and trot and stuff?? Someone PLEASE help!!

  42. She didn't really do it automatically. You just squeeze with the outside leg to go faster into the canter and squeeze with both legs to get to the trot and so on. And to slow down into the walk or trot you just give a little pull on the reins and since the bit is in there mouth they feel it and slow down. (: Hope I answered your question πŸ˜€

  43. Awh thank You!(: You helped a lot<3 I am gonna subscribe to you since you took your time out to make a comment for me!<3

  44. So I learned to canter on my lease horse and she has a very jumpy "hoppy" canter. I find myself leaning forward more then other people to try to keep from flopping around on her back. Can any body tell me if this is wrong? I'm not like in jumping position but still…..

  45. Never lean forward. It encourages the faster, forward movement of the horse. If you lease, you have an instructor, surely. Ask her/him how to sit your mare's canter. Lean back, and enjoy the ride. You'll get used to the movement. Grips with your legs!

  46. I am afraid of cantering… Last time i did it i almost fell off…What is the right position for beginners when your in a canter?

  47. Try moving into a slow canter from a walk. Your walk and canter seat should be alike. The main differences are that at a canter you want shorter reins and to be frward more, and that a walk is a 4 beat pace, where as a canter is a 3 beat pace. Just count '1.2'3,1,2,3' if you need to πŸ™‚ Also, you can trot up to a jump up to 40cm/15in, because a jump is pretty much a canter stride πŸ™‚ only bigger πŸ˜›

  48. Have you tried cantering on the lunge without stirrups? If you ride like that, you can perfect your seat, then put stirrups on. Also, for your arms, try putting your hands upside down, so your palms face the sky. If you do that, and watch where your going, then your hands should naturally move themselves into the correct position and at the same time keep your elbows in πŸ˜€

  49. When you are at the sitting trot, try to make it a little slower. You want the sitting trot to be considerably slower so you don't bounce in the tack. Also, when making the downward transition from the canter to sitting trot, you want to make the transition more noticeable. By this I mean that the horse should be listening to your aids and not just speed trotting like it did here. Maybe practice some excercises to get your horse soft to the bit πŸ™‚

  50. I remember watching this being so scared of cantering. Now look at me? I'm barrel racing jumping training horses and living life girls don't be Afraid to canter trust me it's relaxing you'll love it

  51. What about if your horse has a terrible trot that you have one of the most difficult times sitting it (beginner kid riding Arab) any tips

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