Horse Care & Riding : How to Care for a Horse in a Stable

Horse Care & Riding : How to Care for a Horse in a Stable

When caring for a horse in a stable, it’s
important to make sure that their stalls stay clean and dry. We do this by making sure that
they are cleaned, mucked out, at least once daily and that fresh saw dust is put in. We
also like to keep rubber mats which help to make the cleaning process easier and provide
some support for the horse. It’s also an option to have a stall guard so that your horse is
able to stick it’s head out and the ventilation is improved. We also want to make sure, just
like with any care of the horse, that there’s fresh water and food available through out
the course of the day. Hay and grain are usually fed when a horse is stabled.

13 thoughts on “Horse Care & Riding : How to Care for a Horse in a Stable

  1. so if you keep the horse in a stall do you have to have a pasture for during the day too?
    becaus ive been wanting a gorse for a while and dont really know if i need a pastyre and a stable or just a pasture?

  2. @Uknow10189 they can't go under it andthe space is too small for them to run and jump it, and they wouldn't be so aggressive as to charge at it and break it or something so yes, it does keep it in.

  3. My friend Uses Hay For her Horse's Stable. There are many good options for bedding. Saw Dust is one of them! Also That Rope Isnt the only thing across there, the stables that ill ride at in the summer have those rope but there are also door that slide over that. Because the horse that jump tend to get out.

  4. @Nala5106
    Taking on a horse with a tight budget usually isn't the best idea. Vet costs can vary a lot, but in my case, yearly shots, which are pretty much the minimum you need done, is between $120-$160. There there's farrier costs which can be ~$60-$200 every 6 weeks or so. Feed can also be variable, depending on where you live, like there's a drought which makes hay limited and expensive. I'd recommend you try maybe leasing a horse first, and learn about costs that way.

  5. i need advise. my dad is going to get me something that can be around 300-500 dollars. i really want a horse but i can't have one. should i buy tack with the money, or have lessons? any advise is welcome

  6. Putting your horse out to pasture is much healthier for you horse, it allows them to forage and graze most hours of the day like they would in the wild and prevents them from becoming bored and developing bad behavioral problems. Your horses mood and attitude will be much better and they will be healthier.

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