Horse Care & Riding : How to Feed a Horse Carrots

Horse Care & Riding : How to Feed a Horse Carrots

When feeding a horse carrots, you first want
to make sure that you have permission from the owner to feed the horse because some horses
aren’t as friendly or gentle when receiving treats. We’ll start by feeding the horse from
our hand. And the most important thing is to make sure that you hold your hand flat.
If your hand is curled, the horse could easily mistake your fingers as the carrot or just
in the effort of getting the carrot, nip your finger tips. So I’ll hold my hand flat. I’ll
let her take it. Very nice. The other option if you’re not confident feeding the horse
from your hand, is to use its feed tub and simply drop the carrots in to the tub. And
this is the safest, easiest way to feed your horse.

32 thoughts on “Horse Care & Riding : How to Feed a Horse Carrots

  1. It might not be hard but it very important to do this properly. I think it is excellent that some has taken the time to discuss this. They are lots of people particularly children and those unexperienced with horses that would not know to hold their hand flat and this could lead to serious injury.

  2. Well, the truly funny part is. You all that are complaining about how its not hard to feed a horse a carrot have clicked on this video. So you where intrested somewhat in how to feed a horse. I personally clicked on the video to see what she had to say. Yes it might be simply knowlege how to feed a horse but like many have said, younger kids might not know to flatten their hand or the horse might mistake it for the treat. Think before speaking please.

  3. Er no stop saying that this vid is pointless and everyone knows how to feed a horse a carrot.
    Personally I think people are saying this (especially horse lovers) because they want to feel more like a horse expert if you know what I mean.
    When I was 5 I didn't know and the horse bit my finger and nearly broke my bone in my finger not joaking.
    So mainley I'm pretty sure this was for children.

  4. i agree this is a realyy good video coz my grandma when she was young she didint know how to feed the horse so she have it to him whit his fingers straight and the horse bit the apple and peeled all the skin of my grandmas hand it was awfull no joke

  5. shes just saying general info. three yrs ago wen i was 11 i didnt listen 2 my mom when she was trying to explain how to feed my new horse. i was so xited i fed the horse 1 carrot and broke my ring and pinkie. no joke

  6. what the hell feeding horses treats from your hand is not bad at all and does not teach the to bite you people are stuuuuupid

  7. wow you are the first person i have ever heard say that and never in my life have i seen horse develop a biting problem simply because you fed him a treat from your hand. yeah and thats why its important not to give your horse treats ALL the time…… doi da doi!! stuuupid

  8. wow u super careful freak you must not know much bout horses if you think that people can't feed horses treats from their hand!!! what your saying is so BS!!!!!!

  9. lets hope Snooky from the Jersey Shore never feeds a horse. He might eat her whole thinking she was an oversized carrot.

  10. that was a really good idea – it might have been better if you added that about if there young horses that if you give them treats from the hand when you bring them in for a groom or something and they see your hand it resembls to food – this dosnt apply to all horses i know that but i was just giving an idearrr:)

  11. @horseloveremily123 ye but udont godissin ppl like that i bet to,morrow alotta pplzgonna goto ur vids n make comments likethat coz i sure will!

  12. i need advise. my dad is going to get me something that can be around 300-500 dollars. i really want a horse but i can't have one. should i buy tack with the money, or have lessons? any advise is welcome

  13. @Footphobics01 lessons. if you can't have a horse, then there is no point buying tack, especially if you are an inexperienced rider or the horse riding already has tack…..

  14. I love giving horses carrots.
    Yesterday I had a riding lesson and my teacher had some carrots so
    she gave them to me to give to Eny ( the pony I rode)
    because he did so well. He's about 32!

  15. Excellent little video. My grandson is doing his e test for the pony club and this is a question in the test. Thankyou for posting this excellent guide and by the way you are really cute 😉

  16. thanks for this video, i'm just about to feed the horses with my son… i'm shocked to see the amount of negative comments saying stuff along the lines of 'why do you need to do a video on how to feed horses' … well, I wasn't completely sure how to, saying as i have never done it before so I was happy to find this. People who go trolling around youtube leaving negative comments are the saddest and most pathetic people around, just imagine being friends with these people!

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