Horse Care & Riding : How to Feed a Stabled Horse

Horse Care & Riding : How to Feed a Stabled Horse

There’s three basic things that we need to
do in order to keep our horses fed when stabled. The first is to make sure that they have water,
and you want to make sure you check that at least a couple of times throughout the day.
And it should be fresh and clean. Next we want to make sure that our horse is supplied
with constant access to forage, in this case hay. You also want to feed your horse grain, and
what kind of grain will depend on the type of work and the type of horse that you have.
Most of horses eat two meals a day of grain, some eat up to four meals a day. It’s important
that if your horse is as difficult keeper and needs a lot of grain, that you split the
grain into small portions, as it’s better for their digestive systems.

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  1. i need advise. my dad is going to get me something that can be around 300-500 dollars. i really want a horse but i can't have one. should i buy tack with the money, or have lessons? any advise is welcome

  2. @Footphobics01 If you cant have a horse why you you need tack?? I would go for lessons!! NOT trying to sound rude for the first one, I'm just asking. 🙂

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