Horse Care & Riding : How to Fit an English Saddle to Your Horse

Horse Care & Riding : How to Fit an English Saddle to Your Horse

When putting the saddle on, you begin by putting
your basic pad first. The saddle pads should come right up onto their whithers with the
slot for the girth just behind their forearm. Then we’ll place the back pad just on top
making sure that the seam of the pads match right along with her spine. Next we’re ready
for the saddle. We’re just going to carefully and softly place this on top and attach the
saddle pads by putting the billet just through the little loops. This just keeps everything
secure. When using a girth that has elastic on one end and just leather on the other,
you begin by putting the leather side. We’re going to tuck it through the saddle pad, attach
it to the right and furtherest left billets and then go around to the other side and do
the same on this side. And for now we’re going to keep it loose. And now we’re going back
on the other side and tighten it up. It doesn’t have to be super tight now, just tight enough
to keep it secure. You’ll check it again before you get on.

20 thoughts on “Horse Care & Riding : How to Fit an English Saddle to Your Horse

  1. nice, I was givin an english saddle, and I couldn't figure out how to adjust it for it to fit a smaller horse, (I just need a new girth seems like) think I'll stick to westren, after I try it on my barrel horse.

  2. You are so lucky xosupercutie123 you get to have a horse when you're 11 or 12 I have been wanting a horse since i was 5 and i'm 12 it sucks though because ill never get a horse unless we move houses because our family doesnt live on a farm or have any paddocks cause we live in the city so if i did get one where would i put it by the way xosupercutie123 how old r u now?

  3. This is NOT a saddle fitting. Her pad and saddle are too far forward and the girth DOES NOT sit just behind the elbow, it should sit further back. This saddle will hurt the horse.

  4. this is the right way to saddle the horse in english she just could of changed it up all of u guyses ideas but really thats the right way

  5. this video is how to tack up a horse not how to fit a saddle but the one titled how to saddle a horse is actually how to fit a horse if you were looking for that video.

  6. fail. how is this fitting a saddle. this is like tacking up for beginners, which one would hope they are in lessons learning stuff like this.

  7. You should never fit a saddle with a numnah on, fitting a saddle should be done without any pad underneath!! This person obviously does not know what on earth she is doing!!!!

  8. do you need to use a backpad, plz answer cause i am buying my own tack and i'm wondering if i need to buy a backpad

  9. @TheFelixShow01 It depends how sensitive your horses back is i know my 2 morabs only need a saddle pad and saddle

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