Horse Care & Riding : How to Give a Horse a Shot

Horse Care & Riding : How to Give a Horse a Shot

Shots for your horse, are usually going to
be given by your vet. If you do end up giving your horse a shot, it will probably be an
intramuscular shot. The two places on horses, that we give intramuscular shots, are the
most meaty parts. There’s a triangle here on the neck, and in the meaty part of their
hindquarters. Here, we won’t actually give this horse a shot. If we were, we would take
the cap off, find a nice meaty area, insert the needle, and then draw back to make sure
that there wasn’t any blood, before actually pushing the medicine in, and then even as
we push the medicine in, we’d check again, and make sure there wasn’t any blood, as we
went along. If your horse is not comfortable getting shots, it’s a good idea to have someone
to help you, and hold them. Also, after receiving shots, horses can react in different ways.
You want to check the shot site, and make sure that it doesn’t swell, or get irritated.

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  1. I have given my horse inter muscular shots for strangles. I don't know where you live, but here you can get them at any farm supply store.

  2. Had a vet administer a shoot in the neck,now the neck is swelling. What should I do for the swelling.?

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