Horse Care & Riding : How to Jump Your Horse

Horse Care & Riding : How to Jump Your Horse

To begin jumping, it’s important that you
have a strong two point position. To do this, to get a strong two point position, you want
to practice it first at a halt, then the walk, trot and canter. Making sure that your heels
are down, and that you have a nice short rein and that your hands are up along the neck
so that you follow the horse’s movement over the jump. To begin with, we’re simply going
to trot a jump. If you new to jumping, it’s a good idea to get in to your two point a
few feet away from the jump so that you’re ready. And even though we trot in to the jump,
you want to make sure that you canter your horse away from the jump. This encourages
them to learn to look for the next jump. Next we’ll canter the jump.

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  1. @horseriderhannah You are right, you don't. But to set you and your horse up on a track for hunter/jumpers, you probably should. At least half the time maybe?

  2. @GothicHorse13 it depends how high the jump is….. and besides apparently the horse was ok wiht it the horse jumping was great and so i dont really like exspertvillage because there not exsperts but shes better than all the rest of the exspirtvillage horse riders

  3. Is it just me or is the canter DEAD SLOW i mean im a kid (not allowed to tell age) and I can walk, trot, canter and gallop and soon i will be jumping! I cant sit around all day and watch videos and rubbish posture DEAD SLOW canters and weird jiggy – jumps! SO THERE! THUMBS UP IF U AGREE!

  4. @horseriderhannah i agree posture is horrible but it is best to canter away from a jump so the horse knows to carry on, as if you were doing a course, otherwise it can be hard to get impulsion for the next jump. think of the 5 points of jumping : approach, take off, suspense, landing and get away .

  5. @palomino674 it is best to canter away from a jump so the horse knows to carry on, as if you were doing a course, otherwise it can be hard to get impulsion for the next jump. think of the 5 points of jumping : approach, take off, suspense, landing and get away .

  6. @palomino674 it is best to canter away from a jump so the horse knows to carry on, as if you were doing a course, otherwise it can be hard to get impulsion for the next jump. think of the 5 points of jumping : approach, take off, suspense, landing and get away .

  7. @lemurfan123 The speed of the canter doesn't necessarily matter. It's the power behind the canter that determines how well the horse will jump. A nice collected canter will jump more efficiently as the horse is engaging its hind quarters. If you let the horse go fast without collection, the jump will most likely end up messy. πŸ™‚

  8. @lemurfan123 Yeah well…. I was "cantering" on a pony at my stable and the speed was a gallop but the stride (rythm) was a canter. πŸ˜€

  9. Your 2 Point is horrible. I hope you know all you're doing is standing up in the saddle and leaning forward a bit. That's NOT a 2 Point.
    Also, like ginita105 said, beginners are not supposed to be jumping verticals. They either jump crossrails for groundpoles. Only an intermediate jumper are expirianced enough to jump LOW verticals.

  10. I just started jumping a while ago and I need some help. What is a proper time to get into the two-point? My leg keeps sliding back when I get into my two point and what can I do to fix that. Also, my bum keeps hitting the saddle so am I coming down to soon? Any other tips would be appreciated! Thanks!

  11. I used to love jumping, and I would always go over the jump. But now for some reason i keep chickening out and the horse always refuses because i get too scared. I dont know why im all of a sudden scared, is there any way to get my confidence back up? Ive "accidently" jumped over some poles, He just thought that the pole was a jump and jumped it like it was 2 or 3 feet! I was fine! I always get really scared just before, can anyone help me?

  12. @KayleighJesterDylan your right but if your actually going over a jump and your not ready, its more comfortable for the horse for you to be in a two point before than to be left behind over the jump πŸ™‚

  13. I really need to learn how to 2 point. πŸ˜› Like when im jumping i have my arms and hands like under me Dx & im just horrible Dx Help! xP

  14. @JSWIZZL3 as you go over the jump the horse needs space to stretch his neck out so he can throw his bodyweight forward. also, if you have your hands in you lap over the jump you can become unbalanced and the sudden movement will throw you and therefore your horse out of rhythm potentially causing a knocked down fence or even a fall x
    its when your riding on the flat that you kep you hands still (: x

  15. @SmallShadowOfDoubt yeah like if your nervous to have your first jump you can at least get an idea of what to do, it can be a confidence boost to watch videos and work out what people are doing right and wrong.

  16. @CanadianMusicChick I know you're supposed to move your hands when you jump, I just worded it wrong. I meant that her arms wobble a bit too much. πŸ™‚

  17. hi [= i have been riding for about 12 years now and recently fell of my horse (not for the first time) while jumping. falling hasnt ever scared me before but now i feel worried about jumping again for some reason. can anyone give me any tips please?? thank you x

  18. can any1 gimi more tips in jumpin
    becuse my first eva compnis in two days and im really nervous
    and its a really big comp


  19. @mollymooshine i would recommend just trotting over poles, then a cavelletti at it's lowest height. Your horse will probably just step over it, and you will get the experience and confidence you need. As for your first REAL jump, it's kind of bumpy but i found it helpful to get into two-point a few steps before the jump, as she ^^^ said. Other then that, the first jump is the hardest, but once you get over it, it's a LOT of fun!

  20. @xxBrokeScreamxx i know exactly how you feel! my instructor recommended that I get comfortable with trotting over poles and cavelletti's to get my confidence back, and once I did that, to go over a very small jump on a steady horse or a packer; anything to regain your confidence

  21. @CanadianMusicChick how high should my hands be when I'm jumping a small jump then, say about 18 inches?

  22. @lucyluuuable you could also try carrying a crop. i've found that just holding one in my hand encourages my horse foward

  23. @TheAbbBoo when you're first learning to two- point you should put your hands about half way up your horses neck. If they're right under you, then you're not keeping the correct contact with your horse's mouth

  24. @KayleighJesterDylan that makes a lot of sense, i never thought about that! for me, when i learned how to jump i learned on a packer, so it was more for my benifit then anything else. learning when to go into two point can be hard for new jumpers who don't know how to count strides

  25. When I canter, my butt does not bounce. It's planted. Hers bounced up and down. Is what I'm doing wrong?

  26. Is she pushing on the horses neck with her hands, cause it looks like she is? Beautiful horse by the way πŸ™‚

  27. @BornToLead1000 thats a little harsh… Oh well we're still the best western riders. In what way do we distroy it. I havent riden english since i was 12 because i find it borin gand stuck up looking, but i would like to know the different ways different countries ride.

  28. @BornToLead1000 Every riding diciplen takes years to perfect. not just english. It sounds to me that American has just developed a different style of riding english than europe. I'm sorry that Americas lack of hats upsets you but many people are pro helmet from what i see. I have always been told I have a great seat. My last trainer was trying to get me to do saddleseat because how i sit wasnt working for gaming. The rest of the world dosent ride western like Americans they ride it like english.

  29. Id NEVER EVER jumped and i am a YEAR or something on horse riding!!! An dik got a friend,she is just a month on horse riding and she ALLREADY JUMPD!!!

  30. i am a beginner and im only just learning how to do a 2 point position and im having trouble doing it correctly, i know how to do a few things but soon i am having my 3rd lesson and im cantering for the first time, is their any tips u can give me personally to help me to do it properly, especially with the two point position πŸ™‚

  31. No one ever taught me how to jump lol. One day they just stuck jumps out and were like "Jump it." I still have no idea if my two-point is any good or not πŸ˜›

  32. I do agree with the short rein but sometimes wouldnt it be alittle better with a normal rein so you dont pop the horses mouth when you land. Cause i know letting you reins out after a jump is kinda hard. πŸ™‚

  33. @knowme400 It really depends on the rider and the horse. I know people who do a little jumping (very small) before they even learn to canter or as a way to learn to canter. With the right horse, it's actually a great way to get people used to a horse going into the canter because the movement a horse makes going over a small jump is similar to a horse going into a canter. With the right horse and a confident rider, I see no reason why you can't at least introduce jumping that early.

  34. @happyhorse362 what do you mean tuck her head properly? Do you mean you want a headset? that all comes from relaxation and collection. Never yank your horse's noise in. It's better for your horse to be relaxed through the back than to crank their nose to their chest.

  35. Is it just me or are her irons WAY too long? She can barely get into a steady two point… and you should be in half seat when jumping, never go into two point early because some horses will jump right when you go up into two point…

  36. @happyhorse362 It's easier for the horse if their head are not plastered against their chest when they are moving around. More freedom and balance. How would u like it if someone makde u lose ur balance and forces u to run around?

  37. Wow this helps a lot ! It's funny how you can explain everything so clearly even when Ur about to go over a jump! I try to focus on the jump so much I forget about everything!

  38. Helpful video, but when I jump the lesson horse I ride through a small crossrail, i get thrown forwards and fall forward every time, I watched how you landed a jump, but i'm wondering what position/how to be in a position to land the jump?

  39. just a tip: if you are trotting into a jump, make sure you squeeze the horse right before the jump, so that they dont pause and then launch into the air, without you expecting it. Also, when you are learning to trot, make sure you learn to use your legs rather then your voice, because when I first learned to trot, I learned to use my voice and not really my legs. Using your legs are better because if you are thinking about showing, you can not use your voice to make the noise to aid you.

  40. For the love of god, if it's your first time jumping PLEASE start with a X-rail!!! And some trotting poles! But nothing that big or verticles, it's much harder to judge the middle. I could go on, but just wanted to point that out!

  41. Wow! I love your videos and ur horse is beautiful. He has a great jump!
    However, u should start jumping with a cross- pole before a saright.

  42. im sure this will help i have JUST started jumping and i did 1 2 foot on the first day i was not sure how my position looked but i really think this will help me thank you

  43. God, you're leaning forward for too long after the jump!! Balance as soon as you can after it, and it helps your horse to balance for the next jump!

  44. OMFG!!!!! when ever i was a damn horse riding video there is always those stuck up people that think they no everything and insult them and "correct" them! everyone shut up and enjoy the bloody video!

  45. im working up to jumping right now ( doing poles and stuff ) but my instructor tells me to kick so the horse doesnt refuse. I tend to find it harder to kick when im posting so if anybody can give me advice on how to kick and post at the same time that would be nice

  46. I have the same problem..I don't think you can really, like lightly..maybe, but if I was trying to get the lazy horse I ride into a canter without using a crop, I would have to kick, al ot..and I usually end up loosing the stirrups..

  47. A) There is no real negative effect of 2 pointing before a trotting jump, if you do a lot of 2 pointing work with a horse on poles, the horse will know there is something they have to think about coming up. Though, if you don't have the best balance 2 pointing yet, the early 2 point on the canter might throw you off balance.B) It's her balance, she looks a little taller, she may need that bend.. C) She didn't tell us what height to jump our horses at..I think people would know.

  48. I always kick my horse on the down beat of the posting trot. I rise, fall (kick) rise, fall *kick, rise, fall *kick. You can usually only fit one kick in at a time, but if you do it on each down beat your horse will keep going. I have a lazy haflinger and it works for me! =)

  49. A two point position is when you kind of stand up out off you saddle and lean over the horses neck but don't put you wait on him and you bring your hands in frount of your face

  50. I wouldn't of trotted over that straight if I was a begginger, a trot over a small x would of been better to be able to get used to it. But very good video!

  51. some of the horse shows and fun shows around here will allow you to jump as long as u have a english bridle and the outfit is that gunna take off a score?

  52. My instructor always made us get into two-point before even approaching the jump, so there was no confusion with a cue.

  53. This is my point of view, don't let the horse canter after you have took the jump if you took it at the trot. that will teach your horse bad manners and will make a habit of it, not such a good idea there. :/

  54. I noticed you have a gray horse… I m considering buying a gray horse, but am worried about the risk of Melanoma. Does your horse have Melanoma? Also great jumping!

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