Horse Care & Riding : How to Mount a Horse

Horse Care & Riding : How to Mount a Horse

When mounting it’s important to first check
and make sure your girth is tight. Then we’re going to run down each stirrup. You don’t
have to use a mounting block but I find it that it’s best for your horses back if you
do. We’ll take the mounting block, set it just even with the stirrup and step up holding
on to the reigns. And we’ll shorten up the reigns, left hand on the neck, right hand
at the back of the saddle, bring the left foot up in to the stirrup. Be careful that
you turn your toe in to the girth not in to the horse’s side. And then swing up. Carefully
bring your right leg over the saddle and both feet into the stirrup.

30 thoughts on “Horse Care & Riding : How to Mount a Horse

  1. Thats really helped (:
    I used to have a habit of not having enough spring when i mounted. And it hurt his loins. I have watched this over and over again, so that i know how to mount properly πŸ™‚

    Thank you

  2. You're supposed to put a hand on the waist of the saddle rather than gripping and pulling the cantle…
    And she didnt explain how to check and adjust the girth or how to roll down stirrups. It may seem simple and natural to some but everyone has to learn at some point.

  3. I thought she did a good job[: the horse looked pretty happy to me. He or she just had its ears facing the rider to hear what she was doing.

  4. why do you have the rains over the horses head already! that is sooo dangerous! you need to but the rains over the head right before you get on not when you are getting ready.

  5. um thats not rite she says she doent wont to hurt her horses back by not useing a mounting block but by holdinng the back of the saddle u can strain the horses back u should put the raines in on hand and put your hand in frount of the saddle or lower neck and your other hand on the frount of the saddle..

  6. I was always taught to NEVER turn my toe into the girth, instead, to leave my foo flat against their side.

  7. 2you dont have to use a mountain block but i found out its best for ur horses back if you do" ???WHAT?? never heard that one befor! oh and u didnt chec k ur stirrup lenghts!

  8. @jessicagomez3131 Because in the olden days men used to carry swords. Most men were right handed so the sword was carried on the left side so they could get it out quickly. And they didn't want to stab their horses πŸ™‚

  9. So many opinions! Mounting block? Use it if you want to or need to. If you don't, it won't hurt the horses back. Facing forward or rear when mounting? People say you should face the rear in case the horse kicks at you. Some say forward in case the horse spooks. If either is a concern, maybe the horse should have more ground work or training before a beginner rider gets on. Left or right side? Either is ok if the horse is used to it, unless in shows, from what I hear on here.

  10. @jessicagomez3131 i agree with @hannahjoyquinn, but it's also because just like most people are right handed, many people think most horses are left sided. but, i still believe that, unless you are carrying a sword, you should mount from the right occasionally so your horse is equal on both the left and the right πŸ™‚

  11. @horseluvr987 Don't you still put your weight in the stirrups when getting on from a mounting block? If getting on strains the horses back, wouldn't riding it also strain their back? You still have the same weight on the saddle. If you are getting on from the ground, you should bounce a couple of times so you have upward momentum. We get on from the ground all the time. Haven't seen any problems with their backs. I've never heard that you should use a mounting block so you don't hurt their back

  12. @horseluvr987 How do you pull it down harder? So lets say you weigh xxx lbs on the ground. When you are on the mounting block, don't you still weigh xxx lbs? Please explain how you can put less weight in the stirrup. In my first post I said that if you want to or need to, use a mounting block. I doesn't matter if you do or don't. If you weigh so much that you are going put a strain on the horses back, maybe you should find a bigger, stockier or better built horse to ride. Not trying to be rude.

  13. @horseluvr987 I'm sorry if I offended you or anyone else. It's fine that you use a block. But I don't understand what you mean by "on the MB"? I understand getting on from the ground, your weight is on the side of the horse longer than getting on from a block. But for that little time you are swinging your leg over, It's still the same weight as getting on from the ground. Like I said before, if you want to or need to use a mounting block, that's fine. I'm not saying that you shouldn't use one

  14. @horseluvr987 Oh, duh! *palm to forehead* I thought you were referring to "mares back" or maybe a muscle group. Yeah that can be hard getting on bareback. I'll use whatever is close for that. I've used fences, gates and the truck.

  15. I like mounting from the ground. It helps strengthens my legs everytime I mount. I also like to mount from the ground bareback…its fun doing it on both sides of the horse.

  16. omg this teen or lady is a legend with horses! im watching all of her videos so i get every tip i need x

  17. Hi! I love you videos. I've been working with a spanish breed of horse so all of this that you are doing in your videos is like a foreign language to me so I'm really glad you posted these videos! I really want to get into jumping and all that so your video on how to jump your horse is amazing! I don't even have a horse to jump yet as the paso finos are not good at jumping. I have one quick question for you if you don't mind: what breed of horse is your mare? She is very beautiful

  18. you do NOT hold the back of the saddle when mounting, there is something called thetre in the saddle, its basically it spine. if you hold the back of it, and you mount you rench the tree and eventually it will snap and then you will have to buy a new saddle.

  19. Just a reminder I would NOT hold onto the back of the saddle because there is a tree in the saddle and you can rip the tree

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