Horse Care & Riding : How to Tack Up a Horse

Horse Care & Riding : How to Tack Up a Horse

When tacking up the horse, we’ll begin by
putting the saddle pad on. Then we’ll take the back pad, put that on. Then the saddle
and we’re attaching the girth. Once the saddle’s on, move on to the bridle. And we’re going
to first put the reins over the horse’s head. Take the halter off. Bring the bit up and
in and bring it over the ears. And then we’re going to attach the nose band and this should
be snug and then the flash nose band and the throw latch.

65 thoughts on “Horse Care & Riding : How to Tack Up a Horse

  1. WRONG!!!!! U groom the horse first. Cury,Hard,Meadium,Soft,Face, Then Hoof Pick. Then u tack up. Clean the pad and girth if its dirty. Girth Gets Hooked up on LEFT side.

  2. She made the troat belt (??) of the bridle way too tight. Your fist (with your thumb against the troat of the horse) must fit between it.

  3. They need to explain these things better, and be more specific. Like when they are putting on the bridle explain the parts and how to properly buckle them and how much room to leave. For me, I would understand what I was doing, but for a begginer, this would not explain enough. I am not trying to be rude I'm giving constructive critisism.

  4. billet straps are the straps on the saddle that the girth attaches too.. if you still would like a video i can try and make one the next time i go to my barn!! =)

  5. Not all horses need back pads though. Mine doesn't. My horse just needs a saddle pad and then the saddle.
    But sometimes i put on whats called a saddle cover cause my saddle is old and it gets kind of uncomfortable.
    Awesome video ! =D
    She explains things very well !!

  6. hate flash nose bands-its notlike they help the problem!!!! and i am almost positive that most (80%) of dressage horses put their tounge over the bit!

  7. I don't use cross ties and i have a horse which WILL run if he see's that his headcollar is off, the only time when he won't run is after 3 hours of hacking up steep hills and some galloping when possible. So when putting the bridle on i undo the nose strap of the head collar and slide it down the neck and then put the reins over and on the neck, etc.

  8. can someone do i video describing how to clip everything i mean like more descriptive becuase im getting my first pony in a couple days.

  9. !FOR ALL OF THOSE WHO SAY IT LACKS DETAIL!: There are videos done by the same people (expert village) with more detail on each part of the tacking up; girths, bridles, saddles… etc. This is a simple run-through of it all.

  10. I understand that there are videos that go into more detail but you should explain WHY you are adjusting more than you did…it was very simple and anyone who understands this video really dosent need to learn HOW to tack up a horse.

  11. you didnt really show us how to tack up like explain what side of the girth goes on wich side and to tuck our saddle pad up so it doesnt bother our horse

  12. @haddii2324
    Why would you put on the bridle first? What's the point of cross-ties besides grooming them? It's common sense and less of a convenience to put the saddle on first. Even for tacking up videos on YouTube but the bridle on last.

  13. @haddii2324 no saddle is first because the horse can bolt and gallop away with the bridle on while you put the saddle on when you put the bridle on last the horse has no oppurtunity to run away with the reins in your hand unless its an un trained horse

  14. @haddii2324 yeah saddles are heavy. HUMANS ARE HEAVIER. are you fucking serious? its a 1500 pound animal that cant carry a 10-20 pound saddle? ok check your facts before you run your mouth hun.

  15. you do the girht on the right side ? well its good to do both sides but its general rule in australia to do ev thing from the left like mounting tacking leading ect

  16. @Horseloverkooder Yeah, normally, before you mount up, you tighten it on the left side, but sometimes if it can't go up anymore on the left you do it on the right 🙂

  17. For anyone who doesn't know, the flash (extra noseband) is to keep the horse's mouth shut, as some may find out that if they open their mouths it is much more difficult for the rider to maintain control.

  18. I live in Florida, (Hard place to find a good stable) and we just found a small nice little stable. At that point I was trying so hard to convince me mom and dad (Dad said yes…..Mom sort-of) to buy me a pony. I found THE SWEETEST PONY EVER! 10k to buy, 3k to leaser for 6 months. Anyway now I keep bringing the subject up I even started my own dog walking service, to earn the money. They are thinking of it anything I should do that you guys recommend to convince them?????

  19. @rokgirl86 You should be able to put at least 1 finger in the girth, or just so you can't take it away from the horse's side too much x

  20. @MagnoliaDreaming Haha 🙂 Yeah you can get a bit anxious when you first try it on coz you have no idea how the horse is going to react, but I'm glad she behaved for you 🙂 xx

  21. You did it in a minute and a half (which is way better than my time) but you didn't explain a single thing. Again, great time though.

  22. @elitedosntdie im not trying to be rude here or anything, if your getting a horse you should be able to know how to treat a minor wound. tacking up is very important if you do it incorrectly it could injure your horse very badly. i would advise taking lessons at a good barn for a few years before buying a horse.

  23. @MsDjcoo do u mean the bit?? Or the chinstrap?? Any way no matter what ur talking about,no nothing should hurt them.everything should fit on comfortably!

  24. this helped alot. im going out to a farm today for my job (first day) but have never fully graped how to put on a bridle. THANK YOU!!!!

  25. I learn a lot by watching your videos. I've been a horse-rider for a pretty long time, but I'm Swedish, so I really learn a lot of english words to use while in the stable. Thank you!

  26. This video doesn't really explain HOW to tack up a horse. Sure, it tells us HOW to do it, but not where to properly place the saddle.

  27. My horse does the same it takes some coaxing i guess, i sometimes have to move her head around and then she'll take the bit, just be patient and find what method works best for you.

  28. Also put your girth on the right side first and the leather side, 'Left never goes with leather, and start on your right'.

    Thx for the vid, can you make one on how to help me to get the horses to stop bloating so much?Cause my horse, she always bloats and right before the mounting block i have to tighten Fendi's girth and then once again when im on her, and its such a pain!!

    Also Fendi has a little scar above her hoof the vet said it was nothing but its not healing smotthly.

  29. It did not show you how to put it on it just shows her telling u what the tack are. Plus if you want it to be neat then put the saddle and saddle pad on the withers then slide it back

  30. @ZK818 actually you do have to take the halter off before u put the bridle on that's pretty obvious so idk if u have ever ridden a horse or what but if u saw u could see that she put the reins over the horse and then took off the halter so if her horse were to try and run off she would still have control of him do your research before commenting on someone else's video and saying what they did is wrong…kk

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