Horse Care & Riding : How to Teach Your Horse to Pick Up a Hoof

Horse Care & Riding : How to Teach Your Horse to Pick Up a Hoof

Teaching your horse to pick up its feet is
a really important thing for them to learn and it’s best they learn it from a very early
age. This enables you to easily clean out their hoofs for regular work and daily care
and also it makes it so your fairer can easily maintain your horse’s hoof length. So if your
horse does not know how, it will take some practice and the more often you do it the
better. The first step is to lean against the horse, this just shifts their weight to
the other side making this foot lighter, then we’ll run our hands down the leg, squeeze
and pick up. And if your horse is unfamiliar with this put it back down and do it again
for practice. And to get your horse used to holding there for an extended period of time
practice holding it here and maybe count to ten.Now we’ll move to the back leg. The back
legs can be a little bit harder. Same idea we lean against, run our hands down the leg
and support making sure you support the foot with both hands and then just slowly bring
the leg out to a more comfortable position.

6 thoughts on “Horse Care & Riding : How to Teach Your Horse to Pick Up a Hoof

  1. Lady instead of shifting the wait the hoof to be taken should be placed up front with the weight of the horse on the hind so they are properly balanced.

  2. Wow this is an expert? Where is the discussion regarding what to do if the horse tries to pull its feet away? This is a video regard "How to teach", how about showing us a green horse that hasn't had its hooves touched. Incidentally leaning against your horse is a bad idea, it teaches the horse to place its weight on you while you are holding the hoof.

  3. I am so happy you have Closed captions on this video! I'm having problems with my green broke, recently rescued 8 year old mare. She will put all her weight on to the leg you want to lift up, and when you do have it up-she'll push against you and shove her hoof back down. How do I stop her from doing this?

  4. Yeeeeah, showing us how to TEACH a horse to do something that this horse clearly already knows, is not helpful. My mare won't lift her hind feet at all, and your horse just says "Oh okay, you must want my hind leg now, right?" before you even get there.

  5. My horse is 5 and he has trouble with this even when I sqeez and leen on the horse's shoulder he wouldn't pick up his feet and he tries to kick if I hold it for too long ..any advice?

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