Horse Care & Riding : How to Trot Your Horse

Horse Care & Riding : How to Trot Your Horse

Now that you’re on your horse and you’re comfortable,
we’re going to learn how to trot. To do this we’ll start walking. We’re going to start
by doing what’s called a sitting trot. You’re going to squeeze your legs to encourage them
to move forward and you’re just going to try and let your seat and hips absorb the shock
and then we can move into what’s called a rising or posting trot, in which, you sit
one beat and come up out of the tact for one beat. To come back down to a walk, from a
trot, you will simply apply pressure to both reins and you can sit in your your seat to
help encourage them to come down. You can also use your voice in a low tone like “whoa”. To stop, I’m going to sit, apply pressure
to both reins.

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  1. you might want to mention that at the posting trot you go up when the outside leg moves forward 8D. it took me a while to remember that when i first started so it might be a helpful hint to everyone new! 8D

  2. What you need to do is encourage your horse with your legs. When you sit for one beat nudge your horse and quicken your rising trot. So instead of 1….2….1….2 it would be like if that makes any sense πŸ˜€ I used to have the same problem when I started first, but you have to feel what your horse is like and respond. Try that next time you ride πŸ™‚
    Hope this helps!

  3. In increasing overall balance, a good method is riding bareback or without your stirrups. Or, do a lot of work in a half-seat. It'll help your balance, but also help you sink into your heel. Once you've got a pretty solid base in your halfseat, try walk-trot-walk transitions while you're in it. If you fall back, you still need work. But, my favourite, when you're doing a posting trot, stay up for an extra beat, sit, up for two beats, sit, etc.

  4. Notice she sat back in her seat at 1.24 + said whoa – but kept walkin. If you're new with a horse – you must work on your commands and leads – whoa does not = walk, it means stop. I encourage people to make a full stop on a whoa, cuz if you wanna slow to a walk, you say walk n pull back – thats different. Big difference if you're new with a horse or a new horse – otherwise you're horse will keep goin! Regardless – great vid – definitely recommend it. Thanks!

  5. @dannny2k9 Try Using a western saddle… It helps alot. πŸ™‚ western saddle, For me.. I don't have to push up.. The horse does it for me! πŸ™‚

  6. @Xxhorsegirl mabey cuz im ur cuzen nd ur a big lyer u don't even ride horses cuz ur only 8 or nine years old nd u bounce alot cuz one day i was in ur lesson nd u were otta control

  7. @mybirdyrox you are pretty much right. if you want to turn left, take your left leg behind the girth, and apply pressure. this should make your horse turn his back side out in the opposite direction you want to go, therefore causing him to turn! (and vise versa with the right) well it should work if you have a well trained horse at least! πŸ˜› Good luck

  8. @horselover200098 – Um yeah, that it's! *rolls eyes* Excuse me but pretty sure you've never seen me ride and I have a lot more than one horse each of which perform quite well. I never said anything about her horse just her. Obviously you do not know anything about horsemanship and eq. I give lessons and train horses. I know exactly what I'd tell this girl to work on.

  9. @horses4ever2love – Thanks but no. I am a real rider, trainer, and instructor. This isn't bad riding but she sure doesn't have any room to tell others how to ride.

  10. My coach tells me to kick the horse than applying pressure with my legs…

    Does it matter which way or how you do it?

    I personally think I should try squeezing my legs… Because I always tend to lose my stirrups when I kick the horse forward to trot.

  11. @1GirlHorse1Dream- u know u shouldnt be soo rude your not the only one right even if u think you r. So dont be rude everyone learns diffrent and horse to!!! So be quiet and keep mean comments to your self or i will flag u as innaproprite.. not anyone else just u!!!
    Thanks equestrian98

  12. @ALI1247 When your horse canters, they have one front leg stretching further forward than the other. You can check this by looking down at the top of their shoulder blades and it is quite an obvious action. To get the right lead, ask your horse to canter, and if their inside leg is stretching further forward, you have the correct one, if not, you can trot and try again, or do a flying change (which is quite an advanced move) πŸ™‚ Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  13. @bobbythecar Sit on your Butt, Hold with your Knees and Press Down with your Heels while they are in the Stirrups.

  14. @JustSimplyLove
    when you are posting, continue to squeeze with your legs to maintain the trot and squeeze in rhythm. So when you sit, squeeze

  15. @kikululu Well I wouldnt want to be calling my horse a hoe!Whoa is actually the correct way to say it.Its fine if you may have slipped and say "hoe" but it drives me crazy when people just normally say "Hoe" to tell their horse to stop.I personally think the girl in this video is a great rider,she is a great teacher but as everyone else everyone doesn't always agree with other people.

  16. @kikululu @kikululu Well I wouldnt want to be calling my horse a hoe!Whoa is actually the correct way to say it.Its fine if you may have slipped and say "hoe" but it drives me crazy when people just normally say "Hoe" to tell their horse to stop.I personally think the girl in this video is a great rider,she is a great teacher but as everyone else everyone doesn't always agree with other people.

  17. @countrygirl999999 Uh, it actually depends on the way you train your horse, It's the sound, and the feeling of relaxation that directs them to stop, not the actual word. Usually, I don't even say 'whoa,' I just exhale and sink further into the saddle. if need be, then I say 'whoa,' and if that still doesn't work, a correction with the reins. Ask, then tell, then command.

  18. @Thoroughbred17 Duh,I'm talking about on the ground what if you wanted your horse to stop on the ground you tell them "whoa" what if you lunge the horse and you want them to stop you say "whoa" this isnt a new thing this is the word that has also saved peoples life,there is this video of this lady she was doing barrels but her horse reared up and flipped over backward with her the horse got up and the horse started walking off the ladies foot was caught in the stirrup the horse started…

  19. @countrygirl999999 All right, all right, no need to be rude. I did say it was how the horse was trained. Horses cannot differentiate between subtle differences like 'whoa' and 'ho.' This is also a video about RIDING, not groundwork, and therefore, the energy of a rider to their horse is plainer to see. The relationship between human and horse is a delicate thing, and once it reaches its high, the horse will respond very willingly to very subtle cues.

  20. i have to say… after ALL the clips iv watched about how to trot your the most understandable one! also you say all the important things in one when the others do it bit by bit πŸ™‚ great clip thank you

  21. so when troting it would be like 1, 2, 1, 2, on the beats with the horses front legs??
    i really need to know!!!

  22. @101BreyerCollector

    Personally.. I am very bad at sitting trot… i cant keep in the saddle… but in others, there aint anything to worry about.. I love canter.. but, about your question: i cant really give you straight answer cause you have to feel the horse movement, i have riden 2 horses, One was half smaller and she had short steps, meaning you have to move your waist quicker, and the second one is big one, he has big steps and you can feel them more.
    Any more info, contact experienced.

  23. @cuberkreedz yes thank you, cause isn't it usual that a small horse has a quicker pace anyway? but thank you!

  24. @Msmusicca thanks, yes i road my friends morgan and he is both western amd english, he's awesome but only thing is, is that when you post trot with him, it's hard to define where hes at because his take off he does a little jump/buck thing, but yes i'm working on post trot now, have cones and stops, walks down, and the sit trot, now i just need post trot

  25. okay i have a problem. i love riding and i just started riding this really sensative horse. I ride english, and the horse is menat to be steered with the legs. whenever im in a trot, i tell the horse to go to the outside by pushing in with my inside leg. but whenever i do this the horse speeds p. i pull back a little, but then the horse doesn't listen
    HELP any advice is welcome πŸ™‚

  26. @Footphobics01
    If you press with your outside leg and your horse speeds up don't pull back with your reins, but simply loosen your knees and slow you rising and even the most sensitive of horses will match your new pace! If that doesn't work try getting to know your horse and getting a solid bond he/she will listen to you better if they know you and trust you!:) hope all goes well!

  27. I've only ridden a horse twice, when I was on a holiday. The first time was just a slow walk. The second time, though, was a trot. During the trot, I kind of felt like puking and I thought I was going to fall off. Any advice on how to not do both of that?

  28. Very helpful video and very understanding.I think I'll be more confident trotting at my next horse riding lesson.Thank you !.

  29. lol the position my trainer taught me is a bit different and this is confusing, but I guess you could stay as you feel better .-. lol I'm like *boing boing* on the saddle xD well, hope the second lesson goes better and the horse will actually stop walking and start trotting xD kinda hard to make him do this -.-

  30. No she wasn't, in America at least. In America we rise with the outside leg moving forward. It is different in other countries.

  31. I have never ridden a horse, but that trot that you have to go up and down, is it not anoying? I mean, you have to move constantly up and down… if anyone can tell me, thanks πŸ™‚

  32. I find Posting Trot much easier, all you have to do i stand a little up in your stirupps on every second stride, and make sure your going up when your horses inner leg is going forward:)

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