Horse Care & Riding : How to Wash a Horse

Horse Care & Riding : How to Wash a Horse

After a strenuous ride or just when you want
to get your horse clean, it’s often necessary to wash your horse. To begin with, you always
want to point the water on the ground. Some horses are a little bit afraid of the water.
And then we’re going to begin just on the legs. It’s important to give the horse time
to adjust to the temperature of the water. So begin just on their feet and lower legs.
We’ll do all four. And then we’re just going to slowly work our way up. Up to the chest
and shoulder, along the neck. I won’t just spray this on to her face. If I do her face,
I make it more of a mist and then slowly work your way up. So now we’re start to move our
way across the back, on to their hind quarters and you can wet their tail down. Especially
if you want to really get their tail clean, you want to wet it down first. Once the horse
is completely wet, it’s also important to use a sweat scrapper. If you leave the water
on it will heat up and make the horse hotter not cooler. So you’re going to take the sweat
scrapper and just get all that extra excess water off. And you’re only going to use this
on the main body of the horse, not the legs or the face. And then your done.

32 thoughts on “Horse Care & Riding : How to Wash a Horse

  1. I thought bathing a horse was where they introduced soap??? Or maybe they forgot that part ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜

  2. use shampoo, use tearless baby shampoo and it wont bother the horse and make for a shiny soft coat.

  3. I totally agree!!! You got it right on the button! my mare is ALWAYS pissy and stallions are just too dominant, but then you hop on a gelding and its like heaven! lol

  4. Uh. . . not good to spray horses head . . .if they get water in their ears it throws them off balance. and if it gets in their nostrils it can drown them . . .
    but good vid ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. it helps them cool off a lot faster if you lightly sprinkle the water using the hose onto their chest and legs ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. @XxDavidDesrosiersxX It's okay. she didn't actually spray the horses face. I think she meant towards the face, as you approach the face, no actually spraying the horses face.

  7. I just got my first horse so I've been working him a lot trying to get used to him and he is VERY dirty grooming helps but not much so thanks!!!!!

  8. @XxDavidDesrosiersxX actually you use the sponge damp it and slowly get it more wet the more they get used to it over time soon you can start to spray their face once they are used to water on there face with training anything is possible ive trained my horse to where you can spray all over there face but as she said only on a mist

  9. Yes you can spray your horse's face with a mild mist. The best riders cool their horses down that way. The same method wont work for all horses, some of you will forget that they all have different personalities. Some horses wont like their face being wet in which case you can desensitize them with using a sponge then move on to the mist.You as the rider or owner should know whats best for your horse.

  10. @Pippin76 If your horse is young it's better for their developing muscles, and for any other age it makes it less tense.

  11. "If you leave the water on it will heat up and make your horse hotter", what on earth are you talking about. Have you ever been warmer because your clothes were wet?

  12. You always want to wet them down in this order 1.Legs 2.Cheast/neck 3.haunches 4. low bell (if you see a musle tense up or kind of stick out start over with the legs,because that means there in shock of how hot or cold the water is and last you spray the back. When thy have ahot musles after a ride and you spray the water on there back, that will mke there back sway down and make it harder to ride at a younger age.

  13. Why is everyone pissed at her? She is just doing her job! On every horse video, someone has something to say!

  14. Duh. I'm sure she did the other side after the video as well. It would be a waste to repeat the steps all over again for the other side when she doesn't even have to.

  15. I prefer ezAll – that is the best way to wash them, and they like it. Will keep clean for at least a month, dirt will not stick to them, even when they roll in dirt/mud.

  16. Hoses are not something horses are comfortable with from the get go. Do alot of approach and retreat the first few times you go to bathe and then you will build your horses confidence.

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