Horse Gaits : Cantering in Two-Point Position

Horse Gaits : Cantering in Two-Point Position

Once you’ve become comfortable cantering sitting
you can also practice cantering at a two point. This is a step closer to jumping. So we will
begin the same way we begin a regular canter, by sitting trot. Outside leg comes back and
this time we are going to come up out of the tack, with a little shorter reins so that
my hands can come up her neck so my elbows are just in front of my body and letting the
weight fall down into my heels and still my arms are following her back and forth motion.
And then when I want to come back to the trot, I’ll sit down.

100 thoughts on “Horse Gaits : Cantering in Two-Point Position

  1. people… thats two point.
    you don't have to be completely on the horses neck, or way out of the saddle to be in two point. in half seat, if done correctly… it should appear as if you are sitting down completely, but cantering with ease.

  2. that is NOT two point! i agree, thats a HALF SEAT! i suggest getting ur own riding right before showing people the WRONG things XD

  3. I am just learning the two-point at a trot, so if anyone has any tips or could post a video that wud be nice. My instructor says I dive into the neck too much. When I go over raised cavaletti I get launched so I do two-point, but I keep diving too much. Any tips would be very helpful!!! Thanks!!

  4. @bns54913 two point is what it says. only two points (being your legs) are in contact with the saddle. so as long as her seat is elevated off the saddle it is in fact a 2 point position.

  5. actually when u go over a jump u should b able 2 stay in this position(whether u wanna call it two point or half seat) and b in the correct position over the jump. the only time that would not work out is if the horse is not coming up 2 me you. if u lean forward onto the horses neck, that can make your horse dive over the jump which is both dangerous for the horse and the rider.

  6. do you have a video about trotting in the Two Point?
    i'm starting to get into jumping
    and i have to practice my two point
    i know i'm doing something wrong so do you have a video of the trot two point?

  7. @kakababey some horses are trained outside back :/ not trying to start a fight, just informing you! i have learned both ways and both work, it just depends on what your horse was taught.
    i do agree she is inbetween a half seat and a 2-point but thats fine, as long as its not a seated canter its ok!

  8. There really isn't much different. Half seat your like she is and two point your leaded forward a little more. Your still fallowing the same motion and everything . She did a good job . NO NEED TO BE RUDE !!

  9. 2 point is the position you are in while the horse is in mid air over the jump. what she is demonstrating here, is not a 2 point.

  10. @karliv33 no, a two point is what you use to jump or gallop, a half seat you stand up straight, and you use when your learning to canter or if your horse's canter is unbalanced.

  11. Im just starting to two-point the canter and is this how it is supposed to be? There are different comments on here about whether it is or not.

  12. On time I was 2 pointing troting then the horse I was riding started to canter!!!! (well I guess that's the thoroughbred in em!

  13. @karliv33 close really really close. but half seat you're closer to sitting the canter where as two point your doing your best not to get close think the difference between hunter and jumper classes hunter is more refined and based on appearance of rider and horse as well as their performance. where as jumper is more based soley on how the horse and rider perform ^__^

  14. despite my hate for expert village videos, i actually LIKED this one. finally a good rider and the horse is nice and relaxed.

  15. @harrilurvsponies

    Two point is another name for the jumping position. I was really confused because in england we call it jumping position and not two point :L

  16. @harrilurvsponies

    It's okay :), is it just me, but when people jump in the two point it looks so much more different than what we do?
    Or is it just me? :L

  17. @harrilurvsponies
    Yeah, and when they're actually going over the jump they seem to extend more, but im not that great at my position over jumps :L

  18. I suggest you "riders" get an equitation book and learn the definition of 2 point & 3 point seats. Wofford, Morris and Emerson are good sources. This young lady has a lovely leg and overall good position. Her mount is beautiful, but I can see he is ridden in draw or side reins too much.

  19. To all the arguers:
    Two point is where you're not actually sitting in the saddle at all ie. your 2 legs are the 2 points of contact.
    Half seat is simply a lesser degree of two point where your seat bones are just brushing the saddle but most of your weight is in your legs.
    Really, it is a light seat, half way between sitting (three point) and two point. However, the terms are often used interchangeably.

  20. Isn't that basically all you do when you want to become a hunter rider??? I want to, I love how the butt, lol, comes out of the saddle and the motion looks soo fun! So is that how I learn to ride hunter seat canter ahhhh idk how!!

  21. @BunnyzAreHot You cant say that you've never seen me ride im the best rider in my grade. honestly I've been riding since I was 3 1/2 I,ve won ALOT of Shows so all I know is that I may or may not be parfect but I'm better than you!

  22. @BunnyzAreHot Im not perfect but horseback riding is my life and i hate to say this but in horseback riding… i am perfect

  23. @BunnyzAreHot I cant i make my videos on my laptop and its a MacBook Air and its brand new and its the best present ive ever gotten and it was the 0only present I got on by birthday and if i take it to the barn and i drop or it gets broken in some way then…

  24. really ppl..? NOBODY is perfect! get over urself chloe. jeez. stop going around picking fights just cuz u were "bored".
    if u were a good rider u wouldn't b on ur macbook air all the time fighting about something stupid. u would b out "winning lots of awards".
    like bunnyzrhot said: stop. fighting. :I

  25. And btw cloe no one is perfect. To me my riding instructor is perfect. But even she has an instructor. She is like 24 and been riding since she was like 5 and got her first horse at 9 she was already jumping like 5 feet

  26. All I wan't to do is speak and you can't get mad at me for that all I have is riding I can't focus in school I get C's D's and F's so please let me be me

  27. WOW did u know that right now i am holding 4 2nd places and 17 1st places and thats just from the past 2 weeks



  29. Hey don't worry about what people are saying on here. If you have a question or consiern talk to your trainer or some one at your barn whos been showing a lot. You could even go to a show and watch people and see what they are like then after ask them some questions. Don't let people behind screens pressure you. πŸ™‚

  30. Who cares you bragging we dont even know thats true so stop commenting if you dont want to get replays back. Commen sents

  31. I've been riding for 16 years, that doens't guarantee I'm a better rider than someone who's been riding for 8.. And that you would use the amount of won competitions as an argument for how good you are is pathetic.
    It's about understanding horses and the art of horsemanship. Not the amount of bows and prices on your shelf, or the year you started riding. It's about where you and your horse is on a mental plane, emotionally.
    If you were a real horseperson, you would see the error in your comment.

  32. Hunny I have been riding for 2 years and my tow point is way bettter than your grow up and stop acting like you r the top best bc your not I know people that have been riding for 2 mounths that are better than you get over your slfe

  33. I justs learned the 2 point today my trainer said to stand and lean forward ans we walked to get used to the feeling and the trotted so it was easy but this was a mix up or you thought you were in it better luck next time?

  34. Wow I'm just now learning to canter without the lunge line and now I'm getting it more because of these very helpful videos!:) thank you so much!

  35. When in two point your out of the saddle and have no contact with it at all. It's also the jumping position. What your doing in the video is half seat or 3 point

  36. This is like 'risen canter' or 'half seat' but not exactly two point. This is good for your seat though and good practice! Gets your horse going nicely too.

  37. Well done! It's scary at first and a bit fast but you'll get used to it! This isn't actually two-point, it is half seat. You're probably better off trying two-point first since most people find that easier, but get your instructor to tell you how to do it as this is not the correct way to do TWO POINT. πŸ™‚ Good luck hehe

  38. My trainer 1) never taught me the sitting trot and went straight to a posting trot
    2) made me start of cantering in a two point or "galloping position" as she calls it instead of sitting and cantering ',: /

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