Horse Gaits : How to Gallop a Horse

Horse Gaits : How to Gallop a Horse

Once you are comfortable with cantering, both
sitting and in two point, we can try and get a gallop. Galloping is a two beat version
of the canter and it’s what you see on the race track. It’s a little bit hard to get
the gallop in a small area, but we will give it a try.
So we are going to start the same way we get the canter, and we will start with just the
normal canter and I am going to get up into my two point so that my horse can easily move
underneath me and I am going to close my leg, asking for this bigger stride.

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  1. For all of you saying that was a canter, it wasn't. By gallop she doesn't mean an out of contol gallop, but a hand gallop where your still in control. And hand galloping is when your horse simply lengthens their stide an has a little increase in speed, which hers did.

  2. @webshanbeau A gallop is a four beat gait while canter has 3. A gallop has a moment of suspense when all four feet are off the ground. That was not a gallop.

  3. Well done for pointing out the obvious, of course that was an extended canter. She was explaining the gallop but she said a gallop in a small space would be difficult, and it is also dangerous to gallop in an arena. Don't just post stupid comments.

  4. Its kinda hard to get a horse to gallop in such a small area but I think she was scarred because her horse was probably being asked too much with the constant videos

  5. a gallop is a 4 beat pace, shouldnt be attempted in an arena, let alone with all the jumping equipment and is quite easy if you can hold the 2 point position for an extended amount of time.

  6. 0_o why shouldn't you gallop in an arena? Where do people barrel race in your world? Its safer than a feild any way.

  7. cos most arenas are small, so too small for a horse to pick up and slow down speed if they are not used to it, whereas barrel horses are bred for it

  8. gallops are a 1 beat gait…not a two beat. A trot's a two beat, a walk four beat, and a canter is three beats. And an extended canter with the rider two pointing would be a hand gallop..still a canter 🙂

  9. that was a canter. Your horse got upset because you asked for a gallop and when he was about to give it to you, you yanked back on his face. that is why at around 0:43 he got out of control and threw his head. Don't yank. Slow if necessary ONLY with seat, legs, and voice commands. True riders don't NEED a bridle or saddle.

  10. yes that is a canter but when she pulls back its because the horse spooked not because he was about to gallop. Just as she gets around the corner the horse is looking out the door and spooks at something.

  11. That was closer to hand gallop, which is essentially a faster canter in 2-point. She was nowhere near a gallop, and won't be able to unless she used the whole ring. Also the gallop is 4 beats.

  12. that wasnt a gallop first of all and second of all she shouldnt go in a circle like that its bad for the horses legs

  13. you have to go in cricles for shows but in a gallop or what ever she was doing it coulkd hurt the horses legs :3

  14. well for shows but their ring is alot bigger so the horse does have a time to be upright and balanced to rest its legs

  15. i've only ever cantered a horse a few times many years ago but it was the most exhilarating thing i've experienced so far!

  16. Two beats?? Racetrack?? Lol that's my half-Arab's normal canter speed since he's 16.2hh with long legs, that wasn't a gallop.

  17. Haha I was thinking exactly the same thing, for my Arabs that was normal speed and any slower is their version of a collected canter 🙂

  18. No, sorry, love, a gallop is a four beat gait. A walk is a four beat gait, as well. A trot is a two beat gait, and a canter is a three beat gait.

  19. if this is a riding instructor how come she does not even know what a gallop is. what she was doing is a stretched out canter in a two point position. Gees, you'd think that a riding instructor would know how to gallop!

  20. She did say that it is difficult to get a horse to gallop in a small space, like an arena but they would try anyway. Key word being "try"

  21. My reaction to this video:
    Ooh what a pretty horse!
    When's she gonna gallop?
    Oh crap, pretty horse tried to buck her off!
    Why's she laughing, that's not funny..
    And that's it?
    Did I miss soomething?
    No galloping..?!
    What a waste of time.

  22. Okay, 1) Gallop is four beats. 2) You never gallop in an arena, and especially not in that kind of space. 3) Just, what did I even watch.

  23. 2 beats? It's 4 beats and thats more off a faster canter! And your stupid for even trying to gallop I'm a small area like that -.-

  24. It really bothers me that this girl can't ride and is wrong about half the things she says in pretty much all of her videos. And she pulls on her horse wayyy to much…. Her horse also slipped (not bucked), probably because she was trying to ask him to go too fast on too small of a circle. If you don't know how to ride, you most definitely should NOT be posting videos about how to do it.

  25. wtf??? um NO walk is four beat (one step at time), trot is two beat (one diagonal pair springs to the other), canter is three beat (outside hind, inside hind+outside fore, then inside fore), and gallop is four beat! get your facts right before you correct someone

  26. Probably should learn the difference between an extended canter (this) and an actual gallop, before making an educational video. Not to be rude, but this only leads to confusion for others. Thumbs down.


  28. not only is that only an extended canter but also a gallop is FOUR beats… NOT two. Get your facts straight before posting an informational video. Each hoof hits the ground at separate times. You might actually be able to gallop if you aren't constantly turning.

  29. This is what's called a hand gallop, I believe. Not a true gallop; just a forward canter in a light or half seat (not sure which) position. A true gallop has four beats–not two like she says and not three like I hear–and is too fast to do safely in an arena.

  30. That's not a gallop. A gallop has 4 beats and anyway a horse can seriously injure itself when galloping in a manage (arena or school) that's why it shouldn't be done inside.

  31. I loved our video! You are such a true horse rider! People say what you should or not to do… But when you are in a competition indoor and you have to gallop like that?? It seems that they are talking about an unexperienced rider or don´t know show jump ..OMG!! Thanks dear! You Help me a lot. All the best <3

  32. omg guys, get real, quit the hate, she isn't saying it is a real gallop, she said that, she is trying to explain the beat change and the 2 point position that is needed. She needed to do it here to talk to camera. It might do some good to explain how to bridge reins too. She is cute, I like how she giggles when he throws his head when shaking his muscles into action.

  33. NEVER gallop in an arena!!!!!!!!! It is sooooooooo dangerous for a horse!!!!!! And also that wasn't even a gallop, that was just plane canter.

  34. First she was doing a forward canter, as it is not ideal galloping in a school. Its a DEMONSTRATION. Shes not actually going to gallop

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