Horse Gaits : Riding a Horse in a Rising Trot

Horse Gaits : Riding a Horse in a Rising Trot

Once you feel confident and comfortable at
a sitting trot, you can move on to posting. The trot has a two beat movement. So, the
posting is going to be matching that two beat movement. One beat you will be out of the
sack, one beat you will be down. So we will come back up to a sitting trot to begin and
posting. One, two. One, two. One, two. One, two. And you can see that it exactly matches
her two beat rhythm.

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  1. this happened to me when i started. my teacher was like "did i tell you to wave your arms around in the air? noooooo." she said to imagine you were holding two mug of hot coffee, like the reins are the handles, and if you move them, the coffee will spill. i know that sounds stupid, but it helped me. maybe you're just nervous and pulling at the reins for support during the trot?

  2. ha. that is strange. i learned sitting trot first to "develop my seat." (i always found that term funny, like you have to develop your butt) and then rising trot. but i'm glad you're doing better. another tip that helped me. when i started, i used to tighten up my shoulders, kind of like i was shrugging. when i relaxed my shoulders and pull them back (kinda like puffing out my chest a little), it helped.

  3. pretending you're holding coffee cups didn't work? (see below). when i started, my teacher said i could rest my hands on the edge of my saddle, way down low, to keep them steady. i don't do this any more. but maybe you can as a beginner? just remember that the reins WON'T balance you if you feel unsteady. only your legs can save you.

  4. She seems to be ever so slightly ahead of the horse's beat. My trainer teaches us to post off of the hind end (sounds strange, but the horse moves better). It's like a fraction of a second we're talking about here. Posting off of the front end makes your horse heavy on the fore. Otherwise, she is a very good rider.

  5. my teacher said the funniest thing to me this week. she said that girls tended to be better at sitting, because they had more flexible backs. and boys tended to be better at rising, "because they were more worried about bumping around you-know-where, so they learn fast how to get up clear out of the saddle." LOL. she was joking, of course.

  6. advice: when you're cantering, position yourself as you would for the sitting trot. if you lean forward, chances are you'll fall off..

  7. it's easy, just hold your legs next to horse. if it's throwing you from saddle just bend a little bit back. good luck ๐Ÿ™‚ i am bad in english, sorry

  8. I agree with emochick56651 my trainer always told me to squeeze with my sides and use a half halt so slow my horse down.

  9. You give awesome tips ๐Ÿ™‚ I follow them all the time and they actually work ๐Ÿ™‚ well i can do more than posting trot but the 7-line gymnastics and galloping lessons really helped me with my equitation ๐Ÿ™‚ thx a lot and continue posting more instructive videos! I love them and will keep watching them ๐Ÿ™‚ xox

  10. i started trotting using the rising trot…didn't know you were supposed to learn the sitting one first…or are you? doesnt matter does it?

  11. @thelovelyboner 15 years in school? Surely you learnt punctuation in all that time? Or is it time to get out in the real world…?

  12. this is what i am going to be doing today, lol. I sucked last time hopefully i can get it right this time around.

  13. @tigercub888 my trainer said that about seat position. she said girls can sit more with their pelvis's straight on the tack but boys have to tilt it back a little bit.

  14. @rokgirl86 if youve rode a horse you know how bouncy a trot is right? well a posting trot gets you up off of the horses back which teaches an inexperienced rider muscle control and stops them from messing with the horses back too much

  15. @rokgirl86 @rokgirl86 if youve rode a horse you know how bouncy a trot is right? well a posting trot gets you up off of the horses back which teaches an inexperienced rider muscle control and stops them from messing with the horses back too much…It is also called a rising trot

  16. @ginaisawesome16 Umm little dramatic idk what they said but calm your self your just fueling their fire…all I have to say is that not all horses find showing "fun" in fact i have known quite a few that get "sick" away from home (ulcers)

  17. @rokgirl86 posting trot is the same thing as rising trot posting trot is where u stand up and sit down while at the trot its kinda hard to explain but it feels wierd at first then gets easier the more you do it

  18. When you do the rising trot do you use your knees or feet? Because at my lesson this week, i had some problems with my ankle it really hurt and i dont know why—it hasnt done that before :L I am struggling with it a bit , anyone have any tips? If so PLEASE let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. mrssummit how would you learn to post before the sitting. You should gain control at the sitting trot before you go over to the posting. Trust me I know. My instructor told me. She is so good she judges horse shows.

  20. Thank you SO much, i'm actually a lot better now, and im starting to canter:) But thank you for replying!!:Dx

  21. Actually if you were to do that rise in trot for a very long time you thighs would start to ache. To do it properly don't life up with you thighs, life up with you knee. Your knee should straighten and flex slightly as you are doing so. It also makes it easier for the horse.

  22. duuude, whyyy is not one of these "rising trot" videos mentioning that you should sit down when the horses outer leg is put down ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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