Horse Gaits : Riding a Horse in a Walk

Horse Gaits : Riding a Horse in a Walk

To began with in order to get our horse to
walk on. You will start by squeezing your calf’s if your house isn’t responsive to this
light squeezing pressure you can also move to harder almost kick with your heals and
if this doesn’t work you can actually give little kick. So both legs on and walking.
The walk is a four beat gait. And you want to make sure as your walking that your arms
are following the back and forth motion of their head.

3 thoughts on “Horse Gaits : Riding a Horse in a Walk

  1. dont have to folow your arms with there head if u have the reins losser i.e. proper length for hight of rider which for this girl is not it too close you should be able to trot or canter even when walking slowly without ever having to move ur arms unless wanting to turn or stop

  2. my horse is not moving so fast walking, how do i make him faster? when i squeeze his belly he is trotting 🙁

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