Horse Gaits : The 4 Horse Gaits

Horse Gaits : The 4 Horse Gaits

Today we’ll be talking about the different
gaits of the horse. We’ll began with working with at a walk, trot and canter and move to
just trying out a gallop. Once we have got a good understanding of the basic gaits we’ll
also mover towards more advanced control of each gait. We’ll work on collecting and lengthening
the trot and canter and we’ll also go over how to smoothly execute transitions. From
the walk trot and canter. Both up and down wards. Having good control over your horse?s
gaits enables you quickly advance to more complicated and difficult flat work. Such
a lateral movements and also towards jumping.

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  1. What a concept, sitting on a horse that doesn’t move to say something that could have been said from a studio or in between demonstrations.

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