Horse Names Equestrian Tag – SmartPaker Emily

Horse Names Equestrian Tag – SmartPaker Emily

Hi, guys I’m SmartPaker Emily. And this is my first tag video. So I’m really, really excited
to do this with you guys. And my fellow SmartPaker
Olivia tagged me. So let’s get started. My first question,
what is the name of the first horse you rode? My mom was a avid
horseback rider. So I know I’ve been put on
a whole bunch of horses. But the one that I remember
was her ex-steeplechaser named Zach, this huge
17.3-hand Thoroughbred. And he was a gentle giant. He was like you imagine Eeyore
from Pooh Bear from Winnie the Pooh but afraid of
mailboxes and really big. And that was Zach. [LAUGHS] But he was a really,
really sweet horse. He was great. And he would walk
around with me. And I was probably about
the size of his head, to give you a size idea. But yeah, he was good. And my second question, what is
the name of the first horse you owned or leased? The first horse I owned was a
little Tobiano named Snickers. And he was my lead line pony. He had heaves, so he
couldn’t really do a lot. But he was a good first
horse in that aspect that we just walked and
went around in the field, and it was great. And I think my favorite
memory would be I used to love riding him bareback. And he was at my
grandmother’s house. So I would trot on
down the hill bareback, and it would make me laugh
because it was so bouncy. And I’d fall off. And I’d get back on again and
keep on going down the hill. And he put up with
me, which was great. And he also liked to blow
bubbles in water troughs. That was always
amusing to watch. [LAUGHS] Question three, what is the name
of the naughtiest horse you’ve ever known? That would, hands down, be
my pony I got after Snickers. And he was a Welsh Cross. And his name was Spy. And so cute– he was a chestnut
with a moon and a stripe. And he was fantastic
at the show. He knew when he was at the show. He would arch is neck, and
flip his toes, and look at me. At home, he was awful. He would take out of the corners
and stop, slam on the brakes, throw me off. He would not go forward when
you asked him to go forward. He threw me into a
jump standard once and snapped my helmet in half. So he was really cute. But he was really,
really naughty. And we actually tried
to find a home for him eventually, for obvious reasons. And we sent him out a
couple times on trial. And he always came back. He never found anyone. So he got an early retirement. So he was lucky in that aspect. And we had him until he was 21. And he would just hang
out in the pasture and be a happy pony. [LAUGHS] And then my current
horse is fantastic. I absolutely love him. And he’s actually at home at my
parents’ house in Pennsylvania. So I don’t get to see him
as often as I would like. His name is Kyle. And he’s an Irish sport horse–
17.2 hands, also a chestnut. And he’s very good looking. He’s very handsome. But he was imported when
he was 3 from Ireland. I got him when he was 9 or 10. He is 17 now. So I’ve had him for
quite some time. But I got him from
a woman in Jersey. And I always joke
that if he could talk or we could hear
him talk, he would have a really funny
accent because he’d have an Irish-Jersey
accent going on. [LAUGHS] But he’s a really fun horse. He’s sort of
semi-retired, I would say, because I just don’t have
the time for him right now. But he’s the type of horse
you can get on any time and just get on and go. And he’s going to be
awesome, and you’re going to have a good ride. So I’m hoping end
of the month, I’m actually going to go
home and hop on him. And we’ll see how
it goes. [LAUGHS] And the last question– what is
your favorite name for a horse? For some reason,
I’ve always wanted to name a horse
after a song title. Really any good song title. I’ve never had a horse that
would fit a song title. But I love Bruce Springsteen,
so “Dancing in the Dark” would be, I imagine, a
really pretty black mare. Or I really like Dustin
Lynch’s new song “Where It At.” I think that could be cute. And I also think
it would be really cute to name a horse
after a Rihanna song and call her “Riri” for short. I don’t know why I
think of mare names. I’m not a mare person. I’ve always owned geldings. I’m not sure where
that’s coming from. But maybe someday I’ll have a
mare, and I can call her Riri. [LAUGHS] So yeah, that’s
all the questions. It looks like I am
going to be tagging two of our loyal followers. And that’s going to be
BubblyGumm, with two Ms, and then skyequestrian. So you guys, get on
your tagging videos. Tag us in it and
anyone else that would like to get in on the fun. Then definitely tag us, as well. And we will see what you guys
are up to with your horses. And yeah, that’s everything. So thanks for watching,
and have a great ride.

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  1. I've been riding a welsh pony for the past month and I hope I don't have to change anytime soon!!! I love her! She's a bay named Emma… 13.2hh

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