Horse Names Equestrian Tag – SmartPaker Sarah

Horse Names Equestrian Tag – SmartPaker Sarah

Hey guys. It’s SmartPaker Sarah. And I’m here to do SmartPak’s
first ever tag video. And we’re really excited. We love engaging with
you guys on YouTube and on all of our
social channels. And so we are excited to
do our first tag video and get you guys
involved in the action. Today’s topic is going to be
one of our favorite things to talk about. And I think this is pretty
universal for riders everywhere– talking
about horse names. So we’re going to take kind
of a trip down memory lane, talk about current horses,
and just talk about all things names. And then we can’t wait
to hear from you guys. So my first question
is, what is the name of the first horse I rode? And you would think, because
I’m the first one doing the tag video and because I came
up with the questions, you would think I would have
a better answer for this. But I actually don’t
know definitely the first horse I rode. There was a lot of pony
parties and stuff like that. And you’re riding
at fairs and things. So all of those count. But I don’t know
any of their names. The first lesson horse that
really made an impression on me was a horse named Deuce. And he was a big chestnut
with a big blaze. And he was just a
really steady guy. I’ve always been a
fan of Quarter Horses. And he just had the
Quarter Horse mentality. He had the Quarter
Horse personality, work ethic, and
actually reminds me a little bit of this guy
on the wall behind me. This is in our
conference room Congress. And so it’s where we celebrate
all things all around Western. And so Deuce was a
really awesome horse. And while it’s not the
first horse I rode, I would also be remiss
if I didn’t mention a lesson horse named Peter Pan. He was a very special
little pinto pony, probably. I thought he was
huge at the time. But he had a lot of really
interesting personality quirks. He was really quiet,
really patient, but just kind of
did his own thing and really wasn’t going
to go at anyone else’s speed but his own. And he had these
ears that flopped out to the side like
little airplane ears, is what we used to call them. And he was just so
laid back and awesome. And I loved him so
much that I actually made a little embroidered–
“embroidered,” I’m using loosely
here– wall decoration that– I didn’t
really understand why people used so
many stitches when they were doing embroidery. Because you could just get the
same length in just one stitch. So I made that. And I still have it to this day. I treasure it. And all of my friends treasure
it, and my sisters as well, as something to
make fun of me for. So that’s a relic
of the impression that Peter Pan made on my life. So those were my first horses. And the next question
is the first horse that I owned or leased. And it’s actually the
same answer for both. The first leasing
opportunity that I had, thanks to the kindness
of my parents, was a wonderful little
leopard appaloosa, a pony of the Americas,
named Cocoa Puff. And he was very adorable. And a little bit, had a face
only a mother could love. Looking back on the photos,
he has a big Roman nose and a really modeled
muzzle, and around his eyes, too, with the modeling. But he was adorable. And I loved him. And we had such a good bond. We did horse shows and parades
and everything together. And in my very first
horse show with him, I won the trail class. Because he was
the only horse who wasn’t afraid of the mailbox. And I was very,
very proud of him. And so that was my first horse. The next question
might be my favorite. What’s the name of
the naughtiest horse you’ve ever ridden? I, for my whole life,
have been very short. And still to this day, I’m
a pretty modest height. But when I was a kid, I was 14
and still barely 4 feet tall. And so I had the pleasure of
having a lot of experience– I had the advantage of
having a lot of experience, but also having a small size. So I had the pleasure of riding
all of the challenging ponies and making them be good
for the little kids. And one such pony we
got was named Herbie. And he was about 12 hands tall. And he just had one
of those manes that shot up and then out on both
sides and a huge forelock and just looked like
a Thelwell pony, like a typical– almost
just came out of the dryer and was just like, poof,
so big with his hair. He was ridiculous. And he had the
personality to match. And Herbie was
particularly troublesome. He was a little bit naughty
handling him on the ground. He’d bite you. Whatever, typical pony stuff. But when you got
him under a saddle, he would just grab the
bit in his teeth and run. And I can remember a
Saturday afternoon, my instructors trying to
do lessons in the arena. And I’m trying to make Herbie
cooperate in any sort of way. And he just takes
the bit in his teeth and starts tearing
around the ring. And I can remember having like
a five-minute conversation with my trainer about,
like, I can’t stop him. I don’t know what to do. And he’s just running
tirelessly with no goal in mind, just absolutely wanted
to do his own thing. And yeah, he pretty much did
that for the rest of his life. He would be really, really
good for 75% of the rides. And then a quarter
of the time, he was just a wild, naughty thing. But I think he taught a lot
of kids a lot of good lessons and about always preparing
for the unexpected. I know for me that
was a big lesson that I learned from Herbie,
and never to be too proud. Because he could make
anyone feel foolish. My next question is, what is
the name of my current horse? And my current horse has a very
good, very standard and stoic Quarter Horse name. His name is Cody. And his real name is
Counts Copper Cody. And he was my first
real big show horse. And we did Quarter
Horse shows in New York, in Connecticut, New Jersey. We went out to the Quarter
Horse Congress together. And then I eventually took
him to college with me. By that time, I was doing more
of the hunter-jumper stuff. So he was starting to no
longer be my competitive horse. But he’s always the one
that I’ll have with me. He lives right now
at a barn that’s owned by family friends
of ours in New York. And he works in
their lesson program. He also works with
some of the cadets at the local military academy. And he also works a little bit
in their therapeutic riding program. And he is just a treasure. He’s the horse I
will always have. And so that’s my Cody man. My dad calls him
the Code Master, which is very, very nice. That’s for you, Dad. And what is my favorite
name for a horse? This is our last question. And this is not
the favorite name of a horse you’ve ever had. But what would be your
favorite name for a horse that you could ever
think of naming a horse? And I just think
there’s something about– so for me,
it’s always ponies. I always want to name ponies. Because ponies are adorable. And I love when ponies
have really, really cute, really charming names. And they go into the ring. And the girl’s in braids. And it’s just a
little trit-trot. And they’re so perfect. Sunday’s Best was one of
my favorite pony names that I ever heard. I thought that was adorable. Because most horse
shows are on Sundays. And everybody’s all dressed up. And that’s just so wonderful. But I’ve thought about naming a
pony Argyle, like little argyle socks. It always feels very preppy
and very proper, little Argyle pony. And then also, I don’t know. There’s something just
really cute about it. So little Argyle is the
pony that I would probably name, maybe if one of my
kids wants to ride one day. Although, they’ll
probably hate that name. So I’ll probably have to
think of something else. All right. So now is the fun
part where we get to tag people who
are going to continue on the tradition of the
tag video for horse names. And I am going to be tagging
SmartPaker Brooke to talk a little bit about some of
her favorite horse names and her walk down memory lane. And then we also want to tag
two of our awesome YouTube fans who like to engage
with us on our videos and leave us comments. I want to recognize you
guys for being awesome, so my fellow SmartPakers
are also going to be tagging a couple of fans. I will be tagging
FastestFinalFurlong and SnickerBunchies
because I think that is also a name for a pony
that I would like to steal. And so you guys, you are tagged. It is your chance
to do the video. And any of our other fans
who want to join and get in on the fun, we would love to
have you participate and share your horse names tag video. Tag your friends. And keep the fun going. Thanks a lot. And have a great ride.

100 thoughts on “Horse Names Equestrian Tag – SmartPaker Sarah

  1. 1. What’s the name of the first horse you rode?
    Tinkerbell, known to others as Stinkerbell as she always farted in lessons! She was a little 11hh but I was only 8 at the time, she taught me a lot about bucking!
    2. What’s the name of the first horse you leased/owned?
    Murphy man. He was a 16.2hh 18 year old. He was still quite green in the jumping aspect so I had to bring him on a little bit. He was a gorgeous skewbald who I still love!
    3. What’s the name of the naughtiest horse you’ve ever known?
    Ombre, Minstrel, Queenie, Copper, Ebony, Lucky, Murphy, Roo and Rosie. There are a lot of them and many more to come! The majority of them were just green. Ombre would never canter, he will buck you if you try. Although, he's great at jumping. Minstrel was cold backed, he bucked me 3 times in a row, literally doing a handstand. I fell off, haha! I still hacked him out, where he would show no hesitation to give me a couple of unnecessary spooks. Queenie was a gypsy horse, or used to be until we rescued her. She used to bunny hop in canter and throw her head up high, gallop or rear, depends how she feels. With a soft rider she was okay. Copper was pretty much the same as Queenie, except he did bigger bucks and he needed an extremely bossy rider. Ebony just used to gallop in a circle, that's it, you can't do anything else unless you're on a hack. Lucky just didn't listen, if you were trying to tell him to do something he would do the opposite, a tap with a crop meant walk, nudge with the legs meant walk, rein contact meant canter. Murphy was just a horse that would through you over jumps, though I did train him out of that. Roo is my friends horse, she is getting better but she does every single bad thing a horse could do while riding. Still, she gets on with it. Rosie was just strange, she bolted with me 4 times in a field, she was also extremely stubborn. She did teach me to canter though! I am still so, so thankful for all these horses because they have made me such an incredible rider, I am very glad I was not brought up on the typical ploddy ponies!
    4. What’s the name of your current horse?
    Loopy Lu, Or just Lucy haha.
    5. What’s your favorite name for a horse?
    I have no Idea, I kind of like the name Chinzano for a horse, It sounds pretty evil though haha!

  2. 1.The first horse I ever rode was my Aunt's old endurance horse Sinbad. I was really little and all we would do was walk around my grandparents property and I used to help feed him. He passed away when I was seven. The first horse I actually rode like in a lesson was a chestnut Irish Thoroughbred named Cartel with the show name Organized Crime. He was so sweet and willing and he was wise. He never got into trouble and was a saint when it came to dealing with me and my horrible releases. He was quite a downhill horse and scared me a little after jumps but he was a very good boy. I started riding him two years ago but he went back with his owner so I can’t ride him anymore. I  miss him alot.
    2.I’ve never owned or leased a horse but I have always wanted to.
    3.There isn’t just one naughtiest horse I’ve known but there are two, both of which I still work with. One is a Cantini named Justin. He is a jerk on the lead rope and is so loud! He is a pain to deal with and gets a bit mouthy. No one rides him but he stays at my barn. The other is a beautiful little friesian sport horse mare named Mira(Moonlight Mirage). She can be rude in the crossties and tried to kick me a few times. Riding her can be a nightmare and I always have to use a crop with her. She even gives my trainer hell.
    4.So I don’t own my current mount but I ride him every lesson now and I care for him like he is my own. His name is (PVCT) Dom and he is from the cantini line so he is part Holsteiner. We aren’t sure what else he is but we know he is part Holsteiner from his sire. He is a gorgeous dapple grey with a crazy  mane and a cute expression. He has the most fun canter and is so sweet. He can be a little rude sometimes when we jump but is so fun to jump. He is definitely a hunter. He is about eight years old and is really tall. He loves to do this funny thing with his tongue where he sticks it out of the side of his mouth and wiggles it around. He is like my little baby and I wish I could buy him.
    5.I have a few favorite names for horses that I have thought of over the years one being Cartel. Yes, I know thats already a horses name but I love it. He was an important horse to me and I love his name. Another name is one I thought of after watching “The Imitation Game”. It is the name Enigma Code but the barn name could be Cody. It would be a good name for a difficult horse because Enigma is hard to decipher so yeah. But it could be a good name for any horse. Another name is quite unusual but I think it’s cool. The show name would be Azat Vogin which is Armenian for Free Spirit and the barn name could be Azat.

  3. 1. The first horse i ever rode was my horse Spirit, he's a 14.2 Dun QH, I've had him since he was 3 months old and he's turning 13 in November ☺️

    2. Again the first horse I owned is Spirit. ❤️

    3. The naughtiest horse I've ever ridden is my cousin's horse named Ice, she's a 16.2 cremello mare. 😜

    4. My current horse's name is Spirit obviously lol. He's my baby. 😍

    5. My favorite name for a horse would be Pepper so their show name could be Pep in your Step. 😜

  4. 1.Rain, like from the movie Spirit. she was a very sweet little paint pony and was actually pregnant when i rode her! her little filly's name, when she was born, was pie
    2.i actually have never had the opportunity, i was going to buy a paint gelding named Domino, but he died of unknown causes before i got the chance. he was a good boy though.
    3.LOVEY. a bay saddlebred gelding. that horse had no sense of slow, no stop, only walk. ask for walk get trot, ask for trot and he'd rack, ect. he was a naughty boy, but he was tall and i loved him
    4.again, dont currently own one, but i am training two, a palomino quarter mare named Honey and a stubborn grey mutt pony named Tiger, who both have leadership issues of different ilks, but are getting better. i can saddle Tiger now, and he's such a quick learner!
    5. it changes all the time, but i'm currently a fan of Lucid Dreamer, barn name Luci. kind of race horsey i know, but it sure would be a lucid dream to get a horse of my own!

  5. I've got chestnut thoroughbred named Diesel :D, Blue roan QH named Gunner TopGun 😀 and a little Shetland ( he's my… but he ride with little childrens ) named Mr.Pumpkin 😀

  6. My mare Rosie, had two colts. One named Delbert the other wizard. Rosie has a roman nose. Wizard didn't get it as much but, Delbert was lucky/unlucky and his dad has a HUGE Roman nose. Long story short I'm the only one that loves Delbert because of his nose. I love him he is the goofiest boy ever.

  7. 1) First horse I ever rode was a Canadian Welsh named Mooney aka Eclips. Super smooth 14 hh bay pony. Such A sweetheart.
    2) First horse I leased was a Large Chestnut gelding named Eddie or Educated Guess another amazing pony . Never got to show him since he twisted his ankle 2 months into the lease and is still out to this day.
    3) Naughtiest was Toto or Jabberwocky .Black welsh who I leased for 6 months. He bolted almost every lesson but I loved him so much.
    4) Current is Bentley or Blue Print . Grey welsh pony. He's older now but when he was younger he showed all over the US and was 7th in pony hunters in the country.
    5) Favorite Name would Be a black warmblood gelding with 4 socks and blaze and his name would be Butler or Fine Service

  8. First horse I remember: my dad's mare Misslee she was a solid QH mare that never saw the show ring but did her share of dragging cows, later in years she began my baby sitter, she took me all over my grandparents farm, the quirky thing about her is she had a sideways slope. When I lived in the city I leased a Quarab by the name lucky. Mightiest horse I can remember was a Welsh pony by the name of spot, he bucked my cousins and brother off plenty of times;). The horse I own today and for ever own is a 15.3 Qh gelding sorrel named Legacy he is actually Misslee's only grandson and is the love of my life, I'm also working on a project yearling by the name of blaize who is a grade gelding but is very fun and easy to work with…..

  9. +SmartPak
    1.What's the name of the first horse you rode? I actually don't know I think it was a pony called Nero but I went to a riding school where i just about rode a different horse each week. But I think that was good as I can now basically get on any horse and ride it because I was so used to changing horse/pony so often. But now I have my own pony i don't ride other horses/ponies so often.
    2. What's the name of the first horse you leased/owned? The name of the first pony I owned (i never leased a horse/pony) I actually don't know as I was only about 5 and all i would do is walk and possibly trot on the lead rein since as soon as it was taken of the learn rein it would Buck and Rear!
    3. What's the name of the naughtiest horse you've ever know? It had to be a pony called Dreamy who every one dreamed about riding he was around 12hh and was perfect on the ground but as soon as you get in the saddle he will be good for the first 10-15 minutes THEN he will start dropping his inside should whenever it is unexpected until you fall OFF!
    4. What's the name of your current horse? The pony I have atm is Lola who doesn't have a show name YET. But she is a Morgan X Kaimanawa who I absolutely love to bits! She is only 6 so still very cheeky and still learning everything. We do pony club and show jumping/show hunter at the moment. This year I will also be joining my high school equestrian team!
    5. What's your favourite name for a horse?

  10. my first horse that I rode was called Dolly but my first lession horse was called polo and my now current horse is called Cinders and my sister's horse is impromptu she's a show horse and here of show name is Molly .x

  11. 1)mustafa an adorable rescue at my first lesson at a different barn ,but tony at my current barn and hes also the first horse i cantered on surprisingly
    2) I leased JB, which i didnt really guess because i fell off of him and dislocated my elbow. He was also my first show horse.
    3) I have two; Carly and Cosmo. Carly has thin sensative skin and she nipped bit and snapped a lot and had a tough area around her butt, Cosmo has a running thing and a bucking thing and an escape thing. His canter is greeatt tho
    4) My horse now is this Dutch warmblood named Castiel, PS I love you. He has his many kinks as well He started out as a project horse that i was given to work with and it cane to the point that my trainer was like, alright this is who he is, we cant use him for lessons, and my mom contacted her about him 👍🏼💕
    5)my favorite name is Valegro like the horse yeah i just like it a lot because its simple and classy. I also like Argo i dont know why 😂

    i just wanted to do this tbh 😂👍🏼

  12. 1) I can't remember the name of the FIRST horse I ever rode but the first lesson horse I ever rode a was a little mare about 13-14 hands high named ecstasy who was a dark bay pony with white flecks all over. Ecstasy was actually the mare who gave birth to a filly named safari las who would have turned 7 this year but she just died of gas colic. my best friend used to lease safari before she moved onto a bigger horse

    2) the first pony I ever owned was Reggie , a blood bay gelding with a blaze and a sock on his left front leg about 14-15 hands high, which I bought 2 years ago and still own.

    3) the naughtiest horse I've ever known is a liver chestnut gelding about 15 hands high named Horatio who just goes absolutely crazy under saddle and has NO manners at all on the ground and he actually has kicked me before and he bites and pulls people around , but he is still super adorable

    4) the name of my current horse is Reggie

  13. 1: no clue! I have been riding since I was a very small child and can't really remember.
    2: the first horse I ever leased was named Babydoll! She was so sweet, very tame and gentle. Still haven't owned a horse.
    3: The naughtiest was Surprise. I helped train her from a filly when she was still green, and she loved biting the other horses just for fun! Despite being young, she was tall, over 17 hands at 2/3 years old.
    4: I don't currently have a horse! Boo.
    5: my favourite name for a horse would probably be… An Australian horse that raced for a while years ago named "Mile High Club".

  14. The first horse i rode his name is Bart and he is a really cute Big chestnut quarterhorse with a stripe on his face

  15. I don't remember the first horse name because it was pony rides but the first horse I rode by myself was named toby and the first horse I had free rain to ride or kind of a lease was named Major a paint horse who had cushings. but my first horse I ever owned her name was shadow I had her till about 6 months ago when I sold her to an older couple for there grandkids. the naughtiest horse I've ever known was a colt I was braking to saddle I don't know her real name but I called her storm believe it or not she was gray lol she also gave me my first and seconded concoction but I loved her a ton. The name of my current horse is miss or Texas Misses she is amazing and a great horse even if I need a mounting block to get on her lol. The name I like most for a horse is Spanish Dancer it sound elegant and fancy. And just because I had to mention her the most trained horse ive rode and the best teacher ive had and the most expensive horse ive rode was named Barley Paint but I called her paint mare.

  16. 1. The first horse i rode was named Garnet
    2.first horse i owed was named Abigail
    3. The naughtiest horse i have ever rode was named Bobby, he spooks at everything, and bites a lot and bolts for fun😂 current horse is non existent because she just passed away last month at 29(Abigail) my mom had her when I was born so she was my first ever horse.
    5. I cant think of any horse names

  17. 14 and barely 4 foot tall is soo me. I'm 14 and I'm only 4'6 😛 Anyhow the first horse I rode was a little blanket appaloosa POA named Jonathan. My first lease horse is actually my current horse named Rockin' Robin, aka Robin.

  18. The firest horse that I remember riding was a liver chestnut lesson horse named Cherry Coke!  Other favorite lesson horses I rode in the 50's were Sambo, Irish, and TrickPony

  19. My personal horses going back to the early 80's were a grey OTTB hunter named Slow Motion (Mo), my black OTTB jumper/event horse Jockey Club Registered name was Luke's Boat (show name Cool Hand Luke – barn name Luke), my mahogany bay OTTB dressage horse Jockey Club name Dave De (Show Name Legend – barn name Dave), my Breeding Stock Paint registered name The Iceman (barn name – Cool), and my current horse Hungarian Warmblood Kisber Felver registered name H. Simply Felhold (barn name, Finian – Finney).

  20. Favorite name if I had a mare would probably be SerenaFavorite name if I have another gelding – don't know – the name has to fit the horse.   I am partial to geldings!

  21. my paint's name is Blue, he's technically a pony but he's going to get a little bigger… possibly… I honestly don't know lol

  22. I have a paint horse who has the same personality peter pan had and has the same air plane ears and they look the exact same

  23. 1. Angle (mini) – I was 2 years old- lessons
    2. Danny (Welsh) – 6-8 years old- leased passed away due to colic 1 month after we returned him
    3. Mick (brumby)- 8-9 years old- leased
    4. Thara (standy) – 10- 16 years old- first horse my mum brought sold 1 year ago
    5. Toby (Qh x) -10- 10.5 years old second horse brought (sold same year)
    6. Mooka (standy)- 12-15 years old third horse I brought then traded for next
    7. Patti (TB) 15 til current. traded with mooka (currently away as lease mare)
    8. Penny (TB) 16-17 years old leased
    9. Tilly (OTT TB) 17 – current (20 years old) fourth horse I brought.

    So now I only own my two beautiful thoroughbred mares Tilly and patti. 8yo and a 10 yo I brought Patti when she was 5 years old and I brought Tilly when she was 4 years old. All horses except first 1/2/3/5/8 are in my video on my channel 🙂

  24. Butter cup…first ride
    Rain drop…first pony i owned
    Silver whisper…first large pony i owned
    Chevy…first horse i owned
    Sherbert… 2nd horse, i share.

  25. hi my name is jack im 12 and I luv dressage and jumping but I can never get good on a profetional level without a horse to luv. pmus horses are the best animals by far. do you have any ways you can tell me to purswade my family to let me lone or by a horse?

  26. The first real lesson horse I road was named Jingo, then I bought a pony named penn, bought a mare named Shally, and now I have my mare Blondie

  27. 1. Cocoa
    2. Flicka
    3. Spyder or Guthrie
    4. Flicka
    5. That's hard, but my friend wants a horse named Name Tag, and I think that would be interesting… I also saw an adorable Hunter Jumper named Batman.

  28. Magic or Mariah
    Toby or maybe Cocoa
    Mini Wheat ( I show mini horses as well as riding Quarter Horses)
    Piper or Arlo

  29. 1st horse I rode: I believe the ponies name was Soufflé

    The 1st lesson horse I connected with was named Madison (TB x Welsh).

    I've sadly never owned or leased, but I might start leasing a pony named Declan.

    The naughtiest horse/pony I've ever ridden would probably be a pony named Aoife. (Super mareish and ponyish)

    "My" current horse is Declan.

    My favorite name for a horse would be Sparrow. (Registered name "Call me Captain")

  30. 1. Nelly (First horse i like REALLY rode, passed away due to leg problems. My cousins old shetland)
    2. Secunden (Moms horse, passed away due to leg problems too)
    3. Pommac (Moms second horse, lives to this day. He was a stallion and i rode him in after he got a gelding. Throws me off a couple Times and minds His own bussines)
    4. Medea (Firtst VERY own horse, show jumper and My soul)
    5. Running From Reality

  31. 1: Cocoa – Spotted Grey Mare lived to be 32 died almost 2 years ago due to old age 15.2hh
    2: Cocoa – Spotted Grey Mare lived to be 32 died almost 2 years ago due to old age 15.2hh
    3: Buster – B&W Pinto gelding is 17 years old my barrel horse 16.0hh
    4: Buster&Flame- B&W pinto is buster/ Flame is a palomino Mare
    5: Showbiz or Bling

  32. The pony’s I look after are called
    •Murphy- he actually doesn’t have a show name, he’s four and got broken in over the summer
    •Ollie- he also doesn’t have a show name and he’s two!!
    Then my pony is called
    •Xander – Xander of pearl Skye and he’s one years x

  33. 1: Sonny
    2: Charlie Horse
    3: Rocket (He lived up to his name 😳)
    4: Skunk (He's 19 and I've had him for 6 years)
    5: Lincoln or Copper (Depending on color)

  34. these are my answers to these questions
    1.i cant remember but i think he was white it was ages ago so lol
    2. i haven't owned or leased any horses yet in 2 years i am buying one yay
    3.i cant remember there names but i rode two horses and they always bolted and bucked and tryed to get me of i can remember the recent one thought his name is harry
    4. my cerent horse (that i ride everyday) is names harry yes thats the one i was talking about the cheekyest horse but i love him
    5. bracken i love that name at my 2nd barn had a horse called that he was to big so i couldnt ride him because i was to small i was 4 but first pony i rode at that barn was called jessie

  35. You kids will probably want to call their pony something like brownie or white or some other totally unimaginative name

  36. Mouse- first lesson horse
    Solo- lesson horse
    Rocky- lesson horse
    Dallas- lesson horse
    Alex- lesson horse

    Naughtiest horse- Mouse

    Favorite name-
    Rumor Has It (Rumor for short)

    That’s it lol.. I’ve never owned a horse, but those are all the lesson horses I’ve ever ridden…!

  37. 1. Cody (Quarter Horse) chestnut
    2. Callie (Paint, Quarter, and Standardbred mix) red and white / Cute (standardbred) bay
    3. Birdie (Quarter Horse) bay
    4. Clifford (Tennessee Walker Mix) sorrel
    5. Bayleigh

  38. 1st horse I rode: teddy
    1st lesson horse: teaka
    1st horse I owned: moose
    Naughtiest horse I've ridden: jazzy
    Name of current horse: I have 7 lets see if I got this. Moose, beau, poncho, parfait, butterscotch, captain, and spirit.
    Fave name for a horse: icy for a white horse or cocoa for a brown horse.

  39. First horse I rode: Nitro
    First horse I lessoned: Hank
    Naughtiest horse: Lucy
    First horse I owned: Shelly
    Horse I currently own: Tari
    Favorite horse names: Scooter, Dallas, Dixie, Trouble

  40. The pony I ride is named Princess ❤️ I love her. She is very sassy though 😍 she is the best pony ever

  41. The first horse I ever rode was my friends horses. His name is Junior and he's a mustang; he is very calm but is naughty and kinda grumpy.
    From the second time I've rode, I have rode her other horse Cowboy. He does have a sad background. My friends mom got him in 2015 and it's going to be 3 years since they got him. He was my first everything up to a trot but the canter is a different story. He was neglected most of his life so he couldn't move well. Right before the woman brought him over, she had drugged him. It was a long three years and he can trot really good but when he started his new medicine he has grown to have a sassy and happy attitude.

  42. 1.first horse I’ve ever rode was named DJ

    2. First horse I have ever owned his name is Maximus

    3. The naughtiest horse i have a road was my dad’s horse Canyon for some reason he will get stuck in reverse

    3. The current horse that I still own is Max

    4.the names I like for horses is midnight spade and Chestnut and snowy

  43. Ok so I'm going to answer the questions
    First horse I've rode-peanut
    First horse I've had- never had a horse
    Naughtiest- bow
    Name of current horse- again don't have one
    Favorite- comet

  44. My first pony was a little 12.2 hand pony. I've had her since I was 5 and I still have her to this day. She wasn't a very good first pony. She bucked bolted reared and refused all the time. Her nam was poppy. I love ❤️ her so much and she thought me so much. 💕l love you little miss poppy!💕🦄🐴🦄

  45. 1. Blue, but the first lesson horse was Lyra
    2. Own: A mini named Kara and a pony named Rosiey Lease: Jewel
    3. Declan
    4. Rosiey and Kara
    5. Marilynn

  46. The first horse I rode as a kid her name was cinnamon
    The first training horse I rode was named go boy
    My first horse I ever owned was Maggie may
    My second horse but with my favorite name was Crete his full name was concrete head
    And a name I have always wanted to name a horse is Shasta, britches, Cherokee

  47. 1. The first horse I rode was named chance and he was the sweetest pony ever he was a 12.3hh piebald pony!

    2. The first horse I owened (well I loaned her) but she was a 14.6hh dun she would always buck and bronk but she was amazing (I’ve got a different horse now!)

    3. The naughtiest pony I ever rode was a 11.8hh skewbald pony named Thomas and he would always bite me and kick me!

    4. I am currently loaning a chestnut 15.4hh horse named flower she is very relaxed and quiet but she is the sweetest horse you will ever meet!

    5. If I could name a horse/pony I would name it Blossom if it was a girl and Boomerang if it was a boy so I guess I like the letter b!!

    Ps. I love you Sarah!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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