Horse Racing in osu!?

Horse Racing in osu!?

Yo do you guys know the slinky that we used play when we were young China actually found a new way to play this shit We were playing it wrong the entire time. Watch this, like what the fuck Music plays (All I do is fucking party, everybody put your hands up high) Everytime you see this face right here You know this video is gonna be dumb as hell But hey thats what I do, my name is Miraie Welcome to another Osu video I just found this horse racing and for some reason this, this thing is like the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, in a while But hey, lets try it out alright So I’m gonna find the map real quick. Hold on, apparently the song is called wwwwwwwwwwwwww So let me just try and find it real quick Let me find it hahhaha, alright so this is (Japanese horse commentator yelling) This is the meme right here Lets try it out, horse racing in osu alright Let me put out the dim a little. Maybe 82 alright Oh my god What the fuck Woah Fuck Fuck Oh my god I got this guys don’t worry Juu Roku Ban Come on guys I’m gonna be the fastest horse Trying my best not to fuck up FUCK Come on I’m gonna do it Lets do it AHHH I’m gonna die look my life My life WWWHHHHATT shit fuck ahhhha Why the fuck this is harder than I thought Fucking horse racing I’m gonna win this shit Oh my god 1000 come on I’m gonna do it Let’s go baby I think the hardest thing is the spinner Let’s fucking go Come on please I swear to god COME ON SPIN SPINN SPPIINNNNNNN Come fucking on Is this even possible?!?! I’m gonna show you guys a face reaction instead Yo lets try double time it’ll be insane as fuck lets try flash light this is like playing like a horror game yeah flashlight is quite boring lets just try hardrock fuck come on come on yo how about lets try double time and hard rock holy shit can anybody do this game full combo if you guys manage to do it, make sure to screen shot or record it footage of you playing yourself its been a long time since I play osu seriously and like my aim is really terrible right now I got this fam I got this This is impossible come on I swear this is impossible the spinner is impossible man SPinnerzs impossible maybe i should use spinner to be automatically completed auto spinner come on please do it for me auto spinner come on auto spinner, wow auto spinner is slower than me wtf auto spinner Alright guys I did my best, I can not pass the spinner the beat map link will be in the description, be sure to check it out yourself if you make a twitter video be sure to @ me be sure to leave a like on this video make sure to comment what you think about this video subscribe if you havent already and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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  1. im late af but what if this is played in mcosu with the jigsaw mod enabled(massively deacreased slider follow circle)…

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