Horse Riding, Boating Adventure & Drinking Salmiakki | Finland Vlog Day 4

Horse Riding, Boating Adventure & Drinking Salmiakki | Finland Vlog Day 4

Today is day four of our Finnish adventure
and we are going to be going horseback riding. Now let’s go meet our Icelandic horses. What makes Icelandic horses different is that
they have very gentle characters. Also, while they may be smaller in stature, they are actually
very strong horses. We’re making our first stop of the morning.
We’re visiting a local flea market. In here it is a mix of antiques, dishware
and clothes. That was a lot of fun. My horse, Farri, turned
out to be a really hungry boy. He just kept stopping for grass and for flowers along the
way but we got to see the countryside and I really enjoyed it. A cool fact that we’ve learned while in Finland
is that there is thirteen thousand trees for every Finn. That is a lot of trees. Finland’s archipelago is made up of thousands
of little islands, so one of the best ways to get around is by boat. Our guide took us
out to visit a former military island which is now home to little summer cottages. We
had a cute German pointer join us, keeping us entertained. We are now on an island called Bolax and this
used to be a former military island. Now we have a special guide with us and he is going
to take us inside an old canon. Let’s go climb in. Along the way we got to see sailboat races
and a nesting ospreys. Okay, Sam what are you having today? Salmiakki!
Salmiakki! I’m going to down it. One shot. One shot. Oh, that is awesome. What does it taste like Sam? Just like Salmiakki.
Sam-iakki. This is shot number three. This is shot number
three and it is going down in one blast. Watch this. Oh, so yummy. Is there a forth one?
That is amazing. That is so good. There you go. Are you serious? Is it better than the
sweets? Why not? Sam, is it better than the sweets? My liver
just flipped. Another bottle for Sam? I’ve got to go to the washroom.

10 thoughts on “Horse Riding, Boating Adventure & Drinking Salmiakki | Finland Vlog Day 4

  1. How do u 2 afford to travel this much so long straight?? I think i asked before but didnt get answer 🙂 did u win lottery? inherit money? save along time? i mean, it doesnt look cheap ;O

  2. Ooh, i'm disappointed. Why iceland horse? Our traditional  Finnhorse is better. 😉 (Sorry my bad google-translation english). 😀

  3. Why is it horse BACK riding? I mean how many different ways you could ride on a horse?
    You sit on horses back, but you are not sitting backways.

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