HORSE RIDING + Cheaper research! | Rust update 31st May 2019

HORSE RIDING + Cheaper research! | Rust update 31st May 2019

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax
here and – whoa there, easy, easy.. Yes, it finally happened, since Helk’s spur of
the moment decision in April to saddle himself with adding horse riding if the Leafs won,
and after some initial stalling, this last week he finally ponied up and right now admins
on the staging branch can have unbridled fun with the initial tests.. If you do have admin powers, or know someone
who does, then a ridable horse can be spawned at the moment with ‘spawn testridablehorse’
in the console, on staging branch servers.. All you have to do then is sidle up to one,
find the sweet spot on the neck and press E to clamber on.. You can also hit space bar
to get off.. And pressing control allows you to rear up and give your neighbour a friendly
hoof to the face. A few things to note.. First of all, what
you’re seeing here is definitely not the finished article, it’s extremely work in progress,
with many rough edges and a lot of bits will change before they are properly added.. For instance, movement isn’t the most stable
thing at the moment.. they don’t like traveling over rocks, and definitely don’t enjoy falling
off of things, preferring to leave the planet to be with their people instead.. But then
as we all know, horses need to avoid nasty trips or it’s a one way journey to lasagne
land. As yet we don’t know exactly how the taming
mechanism will work either.. will it require us to bring some kind of offering to the horse?
I know what I’d bring.. It is after all the mane thing that will truly get one on your
side.. But I have a feeling we may have to wait for another ice hockey match for that
one sadly… How long will taming last? Will we have to craft a stable? What about horse
armour? All in all, the aim is to have horse riding
implemented for the next patch on June 6th, and Helk is doing all he canter achieve this
but stay tuned and I’ll let you know for definite when I know.. On a different tack now.. And after just scraping
through in a vote on Twitter.. Reseach costs are being slashed… (And if you wonder why
I voted for that instead of the horse riding option, it was out of principle, he’d already
promised, so I decided to hold out for more) And you should be glad I did, because rare
BPs have now been halved from 250 to 125 scrap each and very rare are now 500 instead of
750.. You’ll have to wait until the 6th of Juneto take advantage of these savings on
the main branch of course.. it’ll obviously help out solos and small groups and it’ll
be interesting to see how this change affects the speed of the game overall.. but what do
you think? Let me know in the comments. Garry continues his quest to rework Rust’s
menus and UI, with a variety of videos of relaxing scenes from the game playing in the
background now while you’re there.. As well as all the changes I mentioned last week,
there’s now a working store inside the game too so you can get your skin fix without ever
having to leave.. Not that you’d want to.. In addition, this week Garry decided to improve
Rust’s in-game chat text and other fonts by swapping the existing system out for another
from the Unity store called Textmesh pro.. ‘The ultimate text solution for Unity!’ Oh
and it’s free too.. That’ll save a few pennies.. Here you can see a comparison between the
old and new and I’ll let you judge for yourself.. I also doth’t apologise for pointing out the
vitals being swapped around last week to show the health bar in the middle of the survival
sandwich.. I know a lot of you didn’t like this and couldn’t see why it was done.. well,
it seems it’s nothing to get your thong in a twist about as this was unintentional and
has now been reverted.. phew.. There were a number of fixes worth mentioning
this week, firstly on the oil rigs, attention was given to projectiles being rejected by
antihack when shot through stairs, a fix to one way shooting through a window on the large
rig and various issues with false flyhack violations.. Watchtowers can no longer be placed under
the terrain to fix an exploit there.. There’s an additional barrel spawn location
at the launch site office buildings to prevent 30 barrels from spawning in one room.. hate
it when that happens.. Key locks no longer use the code lock guide
mesh.. which looks a lot nicer.. And both NPCs and dropped items no longer
inherit the network group from their parent (which is the way it works for players, and
should greatly reduce the networking overhead on the cargo ship) Also, as optimisation is number one priority,
or at least it should be.. You’ll be dizzy to know that a new name has shown up on the
commits list and from what I can tell he’s currently focused on an experimental branch
called ‘preprocesscopy’ which is all about optimisation.. Not many details about this
yet, but if anything it’s assurance that all your moaning and grumbling about performance
is creating jobs.. So you should feel good about yourself.. Is works in progress, as well as more enhancements
to weapons VFX, there should be a big change coming when the new work on environment shaders
is done.. Nothing to show yet on this and it may be a while until it goes live but I’m
assured of great things.. For map makers there’s good new this week
as some new assets are being released for use in our projects, namely individual prefabs
for the scientist compound and gas station plus a few other bits and bobs.. And finally… You know how most of you would probably change
your character model if you could and have been begging for this feature for years? Well
you still can’t.. Unless…. Unless you’re an admin.. and you don’t mind
if it’s only you who can see it.. Ok, so now apparently there’s a convar that
lets admins change the ‘seed’ of their character, but this is purely clientside which means
that it’s only that person who can see it and everyone else still has to put up with
their normal annoying ugly mug.. It is useful for filming though… So this is how you do it, simply type ‘playerseed’
followed by a number to change your characters appearance.. So maybe you want to be this
chap? Or this chap? Or how about this one? What about if you want a female character?
Oh.. That’s definitely not upsetting in the slightest.. Actually it seems that’s just
what happens if you get too close to the females.. Keep your distance, you’ve been warned.. As the seeds are run through an algorithm
to achieve the end result, there’s no way of knowing exactly what each one will do until
you try them.. They’re not permanent and you’re character will reset when you rejoin.. Also
you will need to respawn for them to take full effect so you can see yourself in the
inventory too.. As I say, useful for filming, and bedtime
stories.. Let me know please what you think to these
changes, please like, subscribe, ring bells and generally give me as much engagement as
possible to help the channel.. I do appreciate it. You can join me on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook,
Discord and my Steeeam group too.. plus support me on Patreon, links in the description. I
shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty. Cheerio.

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  2. so rust getting more casual and less survival with each pass… i want server where you get weapons reeeeeeally hard and mostly use handcrafted ones… and no ak, who the f in the world can craft ak

  3. "horses need to avoid nasty trips, or its a one way ticket to Lasanga Land "


  4. Horses are going to ruin the game in my opinion. The game is primitive but not medieval, I just don't think shooting ak's from horses will match the games style. The minicopter added mobility in a unique way that felt natural in rust, being able to ride horses will be wonky I believe.

  5. T3 WB experiment as it stands is worth it. I take a gamble and do experiments. Been very lucky a few times when I got rocket, launcher, explosive, c4 very quickly with WB experiments. I could then go raid and get the other stuff. Now that the research costs have slashed it makes doing WB experiments not so worthwhile. Satchel raid into big bases to get BP items??? Hmm

  6. You don't know how bad I want a character customization menu added to the game. Imo, it would be the greatest thing ever.

  7. You should need a saddle to ride it, or be able to "break" it i think is what them cowboyz call it. Saddle could be a blueprinted item and need like a level 1 at least or somethin

  8. Yes it will help out solos and small groups which I am very thankful for unfortunately this also means clans will have more power even quicker

  9. Alright shadow, been watching the vids for quite a while now and got a question. Whenever I try to load into a server it takes forever and keeps popping up a blue circle and stops loading until this is gone. I have 3k hours and this is making me not enjoy the game anymore. Any help?

  10. for those who dont know or use unity, Text Mesh Pro is amazing and makes it so much easier to deal with UI elements! im surprised they waited this long to change!

  11. Does every forced wipe, wipe blueprints too or is that up to the devs???? I wanna play a monday wipe server and it bp wipes tomorrow

  12. Id be ok if the character seed reset every wipe. that would be enough. It should be a WIPE…. well I guess there is BPs meh, idk. just tired of being an asian woman

  13. I wish they got rid of the BP and research system and made a tech Tree system.
    All techs are there but locked (except the starter ones like the stone hatch, etc)..
    So if you want to get an "early game C4" let's say..
    You 5x the cost of a single beam can (to advance in to explosives) and wait around 15 mins alive so the tech will advance. Then 5x the cost of a Stach Charge (plus more 15 mins alive), 5x the cost of explosives (plus 15 mins alive to advance) and finally the C4, 5x plus the 15 mins.
    The tech tree would also mean that if you die (online) too much in a X amount of time, you actually start loosing (from the best to worse) knowledge on the tech tree. So if you die 5 times in 4 mins (for example) you forget how to make the C4.

    The beauty of it is that anything can start early, but no one will have all or a good amount early without zerg help. Also the worse skilled zerg members would loose knowledge easily.

    So if i want a Savage ice pick, i'll need to learn the normal Pick and last the Savage one. There is a choice as in the BP system but also a progression. No one will skip the shittier items and go straight to the top one.

    Components would need to spawn harder on the map, as they did on the component system and as no item can be research, if someone find an AK, they will use it and not "save it to research later".

  14. The horse thing, geat adition to PvE Servers, for any other server its not going to make any sence due to the horse being killed at any given chance.

  15. I remember first time playing rust, someone told me to feed the horse Apple to tame and I went looking for apples

  16. I think theres a chance that horseriding is just going to be disabled on most servers and forgotten tbh

  17. Reducing scrap costs is a great thing and is overdue imho. But personally I think they need to change workbenches more than anything.

    Getting raided a losing a tier 3 bench is game breaking for solo & small groups.

    Would love to see workbench progression tied to the player somehow, instead of a physical item in the game world. (Kind of like how blueprints work)

    Heyho, great vid as always Shadow =)

  18. Woooow and update that should of been in the game before they put it on steam -_- hours of wasted walking, thanks RUST!

  19. Any word on the game crashes for people tabbing out? I myself may leave rust as both I and Alot of my friends can't tab out without rust hanging and crashing shortly after. The steam forums are full of threads about it

  20. stop making the game easier!
    cheaper research?
    way too much loot from oil rigs?
    quicker craft times?
    Why dont you just have everyone spawn with full kits like its cs go

  21. they added horseback riding?… and not something that would be much more needed like a backpack or something?!

  22. I have played the game for about 7 wipes not and only managed to get SAR before AK once. I am not sure this is the right way to address that issue per say but I guess its nice that I can use a rifle somewhat sooner.

  23. you got me hyped in the beginning of you talking about characters being able to changed. but just admins ig

  24. Your next video should have regular freezes in it just like a true rust experience, and get Dev's responses to why it is still a big problem.

  25. Character change should be a thing like why isn't it? they say it's because it wouldn't be the same game if everyone is men but why?? the game doesn't change people is just gonna be happy about it!

  26. Hey make spike balls you can trown and this spike ball cause bleeding and make you self damage when trown witoute a protective armor is usefull for fight with few mind-power.
    You can make 3 type.
    Only drop from scientist iron with poison.

  27. Cheaper research is a great idea, zergs/top of the food chain groups always just get top gear in the first hour anyway from cargo/rig. It helps the smaller groups as it will be less time consuming to be competitive. I think "useless" BPs should also be free (Fridge, Gates, Flares). Maybe 0 scrap but you need item to research still…

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