Horse Riding Cruelty: Effects of the Bit

Horse Riding Cruelty: Effects of the Bit

Can bits be used ethically? Or are
they decidedly cruel no matter how skilled the rider? Let’s take a closer look at these
elements of horse riding ethics. Hi it’s Emily from Bite Size Vegan and welcome
to another vegan nugget. Horse riding is a rather controversial topic amongst vegans
and animal lovers, and within the animal rights community. It’s a complex subject with many
facets. My first video on horses addressed the basic ethics of horse riding itself, with
a cursory nod to horse riding tack, or equipment, like saddles, bits, bridles and whips. It
also pissed a lot of people off…. Today we’re going to take a deeper look
at the use of bits and their effect on horses both physically and psychologically. In my
first video on whether horse riding is cruel, I pointed out that because horses do not need
to be ridden, doing so constitutes using another being for our own entertainment, an action
that is decidedly unethical from a vegan perspective. This stance does not even take into account
how a horse is treated or what equipment is used; the appropriation of the horse’s body
alone is an unethical act. Now not everyone agrees with this stance,
including some vegans, so I think it is important to talk about the effect of horse tack like
bits and whips both for those who are still going to ride horses, and also for those who
may not find the act of riding itself objectionable, but may not know the impact of these devices. And just a note, as with my first video on
horses, I’ll be including detailed sources in the blog post for this video, which is
linked in the description below. Please reference these studies and articles for further information
and research. Let’s start with bits. There is quite an
array of bit types and variations, each made to apply pressure to a horse in a specific
manner. All bits are designed to control a horse through this applied pressure, meaning
pain. There exists the argument that when properly fitted and controlled, even the most
severe of bit styles can transmit subtle, nuanced signals to a horse without any pain.
The saying goes “a harsh bit in good hands can be mild, and mild bit is only as harsh
as the hands controlling it.” However, even the gentlest of hands still exerts extreme
pressure on a horse’s mouth and nerves, around 50 to 100kg per 1cm2 of mouth surface.
Horses have a complex array of cranial nerves, which are impacted by the use of a bit. Trigemenial
action bits inflict pain on the mandibular and maximallary branches of the trigeminal
nerves. The maximallary nerve division comprises the principle functions of sensation for the
maxilalary teecth, nasal cavity, palate and infraorbital nerve, among others and the mandibular
nerve runs along the bones of the horse’s lower jaw and further branch off to the bucal,
lingual, and inferior alveolar nerves and that runs along the horse lower jaw. Additionally,
the mouthpiece of the trigemenial action bit hits the horse’s palate and squeezes down
on his or her tongue. Dental action bits impact and damage the 1st and 2nd premolar teeth
and bars, or area of the mouth where there are no teeth, causing the development of bone
spurs. The joint of the bit also hits the horse’s palate when pressure is applied
on the reins, causing the inferior alveolar nerve and infroarbital nerve to transmit pain
signals. Horses will often insert their tongue in between the bit joint and the roof of their
mouth in an attempt to escape this pain. Unfortunately this just results the tongue being pinched
or pushed back towards the larynx, impacting the lingual nerve and causing pain. The mouth
is one of the body’s most sensitive areas and these bits are designed to inflict pressure
onto this delicate area. Bits also obstruct a horse’s airway and
interfere with breathing, which is especially problematic seeing as bits are used mostly
when making great physical demands of a horse. In his article Pathophysilogy of Bit Control
in the Horse, published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, Dr. Robert Cook
states that, “the bit method of control is invasice, physiologically conctraindicated
and counterproductive [and it] frightens a horse and causes pain, suffering and injury.”
In his 2002 study, The Effect Of The Bit On The Behaviour Of The Horse, Dr Cook concluded
that, “The bit is responsible for at least 50 problems. The four most frequently cited
effects were to instill fear, to make the horse fight back, to trigger a flight response,
and to cause facial neuralgia (headshaking). These and other behavioural effects were associated
primarily with oral pain. However, the responses were not limited to the oral cavity, for they
included a whole cascade of systemic effects. Predominantly, these involved the nervous
system and resulted in adverse behavioural responses (58%). Musculoskeletal system effects
interfered with locomotion (26%) and respiratory system effects caused dyspnoea (16%). It was
concluded that a bit is harmful to the health and safety of both horse and rider, and an
impediment to performance.” Now it should be noted that Dr. Cook is not
opposed to horse riding in the slightest. He advocates natural horsemanship using a
bitless bridle and his analysis of the impact of bits is from the perspective of bettering
the riding experience. So while his studies and findings are very important, I feel he
has missed the mark with their application. However, for those individuals who intend
to continue riding horses, I think it’s important to note that using a bit is not
only detrimental to the horse, but also the rider as a bitted horse is in a state of pain
and fear and much less likely to respond accordingly to direction, often leading to the injury
of both horse and rider. Aside from the physiological and anatomical
impact of bits, the simplest indication of how a bit affects a horse is the horse’s
reaction. You will often see bitted horses opening their mouths. This is an attempt to
escape the pain inflicted by the bit. They will also shake their head and perform other
neurotic behaviors in an effort to stop the pain. Unfortunately, riders often respond
to this behavior by applying even more pressure to the horse’s bit, causing even more pain
and acting out on the part of the horse. This cycle is remedied, so to speak, by the application
of a noseband to close the mouth. While this certainly stops a horse from opening his or
her mouth, he or she remains in pain. Janene Clemence sums it up well saying “Whichever
way a person tries to argue, science can lay the truth on the table. In the end, it is
only a choice…a choice to not cause pain to the horse, or, to choose to knowingly inflict
pain.” So whether or not you believe that riding
horses is unethical, it’s clear that the use of bits is most decidedly not. If you
want to delve deeper into this topic do check out the blog post in the video description
for a slew of articles and resources, including Fair Horsemanship’s Youtube channel and
website with lots of information on horse-friendly activities and bitless bridles. Now I’d
love to hear from you on this subject- what are your thoughts on the matter? And if you
missed the first video in the horse series, you can watch it by clicking on that top video
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100 thoughts on “Horse Riding Cruelty: Effects of the Bit

  1. oh, my god. If you look at it from a logical point of view, horses are gentle kind animals and humans in general love gentle quiet animals. So most riders (excluding the few jerks in the world) love their horses and ponios to death. We treat them like princes and princesses and guess what? That quote at 1:54 on bits, well its true. As a horsewoman with a ton of experience, I suggest you actually bond with a horse, ride or just visit a normal barn and you will see the effort we put into keeping our horses happy and healthy. I rescued a neglected pony and I trained him all by myself, when he first got to our barn he stayed in the corner of his stall and he would stay away from all the other horses in his pasture. Now, 2 years later he is probably the happiest pony in the universe and always is attentive and ready to learn when someone is riding him (ears forward, shows no signs of fear or aggression and always tries his hardest for us). Horses, just like dogs always want to please their rider, if they enjoy their company. Now, most bits (the most common) apply pressure on the tongue and other areas of the mouth THAT DOES NOT HURT THEM IF YOU USE THEM PROPERLY LIKE THE MOST EDUCATED EQUESTRIANS OUT THERE. I agree there are a-holes who abuse horses and they need to be stopped, but your average equestrian who just shares and indestructible bond with their horse, you have absolutely no reason and no experience or good sources to back you up. You can have your own opinion but you shouldnt be telling us what to do or what not to do because I believe we might know what were doing. Crops and dressage whips, FEI approves crops and dressage whips. I use a crop and spurs on my current mare (OTTB) because she is quite lazy and honestly needs the exercise and I agree there are other methods but a lot of horses actually like being ridden IF THEY ARE RIDDEN PROPERLY. Spurs (DEPENDING ON HOW THEY ARE USED) are most of the time, non-abusive. The save thing for crops and whips, they are used for reinforcement and yes, I'll be honest with you sometimes you have to smack them (this may hurt just a bit but sometimes they can be extremely naughty and that can become a dangerous and bad habit for the rider and other horses around them and you have to teach them that its not right. But, most of the time it's just like a quick tap, doesnt even hurt. Now, I completely disagree with abusive items and manners of teaching, dont get me wrong and I have rescuded several horses. Jumping is fun for some horses as they do like it a lot, some prefer XC or dressage but you cant just say that all horses hate being ridden because that is a false statement. So next, time get some true facts and experience before you just film a video about how all equestrians "abuse their horse" because there was a reason it pissed a lot of people off. ALL THOSE PEOPLE WERE EDUCATED EQUESTRIANS. Thank you.

  2. ok what I don’t understand is that why are you making this video when you don’t even ride? You just sound stupid you don’t know what riders go through and how much we love our horses.

  3. It's a vegan. Of course. Sorry but hackamores are dangerous too ~ sorry you're so uninformed about horses! Horses are much healthier owned, they cannot live even their full life in the wild. They live half their life, stop being bias.. Saddles and blankets weigh near to nothing, I'm sure a 1,000 pound animal can easily carry me, a 100 pound female. Come on honey, learn some shit

  4. die you absolute dumbass your such an idiot like wtf are you talking about absolute fucking bullshit and btw it is abusive if the rider pulls on it and theres something called letting the reins loose shot go fuck a rabbit and have fun

  5. Although I agree that bits are often painful for a horse, I think its also important to dissect bitless alternatives. Riding in a rope halter, for instance, applies a great deal of pressure onto the trigemeral (excuse poor spelling) nerve, even more so if the halter has knots. The common notion in the bitless community that being bitless means being painless is, frankly, dangerously naive. I would rather ride my horse in a french link snaffle than a german hackamore.

  6. oh the ignorance. a horse's noseband is not made to "close a horse's mouth" when put on correctly. this video is comedic and incorrect on so many levels.

  7. a bit only hits the top of the horse's mouth when used correctly. a rider's hands are to be elevated to support the horse and allow it to stretch over its back. that is PROOF a horse is only as good as its rider and will have issues if the rider is riding incorrectly. a saddle will not chaff a horse if it is fitted correctly with a professional.

  8. i love how she leaves out the information about how when a horse is in pain, THEY WILL LET YOU KNOW. these are 1,500 pound animals and they are not afraid to tell you how they feel. when a horse is having issues, the rider corrects it with vets, chiropractors, and trainers to pin point exactly what i wrong so that a horse can enjoy its job.

  9. Will everyone just lay off an equestrians back! We create bonds that can be broken with the sight of a freakin bag, we put trust in an animal and treat as if it is our own kind! Yeah some people ride horses and they can be cruel but others love and cherish the animal.
    I just hope everyone gets over themselves. You can get soft bits and to be honest my horse willingly opens his mouth for the bit I don't have to force him at all

  10. As someone with an actual degree in animal sciences and equine management (and has also worked with horses for 12 years) I have to say that riding and training horses is only an issue when someone who doesn't know what their doing is in control. Bits can most certainly cause issues and many times horses are overbitted and ridden with a heavy hand. But, when the rider knows how to ride and the horse is properly bitted there should be no issues. Also, bits do not restrict breathing in any manner because horses do not breathe through their mouths please note that their anatomy does not allow for this.

  11. Let me ask you something as someone who obviously loves horses you would obviously wish to ensure their survival. If you look at the state of breeds around the world you would see they are dying out. You vegans want us to stop riding what do you think happens to horses. While im with you on using dumb shit like spade bits. Also that shit your saying is not accurate about all horses hating bits some do some dont the farm i went to to ride for years the horses that don't like bits dont wear them

  12. Im an equestrian and im not a fan of bits I prefer hackamour bridles (no bit bridle) but i have to ride my riding school ponies in bits

  13. I ride but there's not a lot I can do about the bit because I don't own a horse and have to ride lesson horses.

  14. im no vegan but i grow up with horses I'm no expert but from what I have seen bear back or saddle is what makes them happy we trained them to stop and go with verbal commands and they seemed happy from memory they spent a good chunk of time in a stable or in are yard again im no expert but they seemed happiest with the least amout of equipment on them

  15. I’m tired of people who don’t understand horseback riding or have never been around it acting like they know all about it.

  16. After seeing your video conclusion is that riding is not ethical. Absolutely cruel. Any pressure on horse can inflict pain. I have seen almost the exact science theories applied to why bit less is causing a lot of pain, because of the cranial nerves positions. A horse is not made to sit on. Bye the way, what do vegans use instead of leather? If u ride? Synthetic materials are most destructive to our environment, bye what they are made of. Industrial hamp would be a good solution, but not legal everywhere.

  17. Use to own over 40 head of horses, I learned at the age of three to ride. My parents use to show horses. My horse loved me and loved to be rode, I weigh nothing compared to a horse, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to hurt it's back. If you're going to complain about something, don't complain when you're a city slicker and know nothing about animals. That's not how a bit works nor a saddle. There's so many things wrong in this video it's irritating. If I didn't ride my horses, do you think I'd keep putting money into them just so they could stand around in my pasture when I could out cattle in my pasture instead? Do you know how much it costs to own a horse let alone over the 40 head we had? Vegans, what's the point of just having any animal stand around you're putting money into? You say stop mass breeding, etc and other bullshit. You people irritate me, everything is abuse, the way you people act, all animals should just be extinct since everything is abuse to you. If you never grew up around animals, a farm and want to bitch, first off, get yours facts straight, second of all, don't be such treehuggers. You people are missing some brain cells

  18. I agree that bits are painful and bad. Also, bits were designed to control a horse through pain and fear. However, one mistake in this video: a bit does NOT block breathing! Horses do NOT breathe through the mouth at all. Even if it did, the bit is too far from the throat and too small to block breathing. Again, I ride with a BITLESS bridle, but that part of this video is WRONG.

  19. First off people wouldn't use bits if they didn't work… I do agree there are some bits that should be burned in a fire. But it really does depend on the riders hands. I've seen just as many horses with behavior issues bit less, then with a bit. It really also depends on the horse. I've had many horses who do 1000x better bit less…. But when riding a 1000lbs animal, its down to safety at this point. Some horses are just WAY to strong and need something to hold them back, for both rider and horse. Dr. Cook is very biased…. He's trying to sell his shitty bit less bridle, i would not listen to this study. Also bit less bridles do just as much damage as bits do. My trainer has a horse that can't be ridden in a noseband, because the previous owners broke off the cartilage, and damage nerves, she also has breathing problems.

    I`m really sorry and not trying to be rude at all, but many of your sources are not credible. Dr.Cook makes and sells bitless bridles, so while he may have some truth behind his claims, he is not a credible source because he tells people that bits are abuse and says things that make HIS bridles and equipment sound better, when really hackamores can do just as much damage as a bit, if not more. I highly recommend to all of ya`ll reading this comment to check out Shelby Dennis`s video on bits.She is a horse trainer and she actually provides credible sources to her argument. Bits are used for pressure, and so are bitless bridles, the pressure is just put in different areas in the face. that doesn`t mean that one is better than the other.It is Physically impossible for a horse to breathe through his mouth, unlike humans, so bits do not have any effect on breathing.

    I also see a lot of comments going around saying " you wouldn`t strap a saddle to your dog and shove a bit in his mouth and ride him, would you?" No actually I wouldn`t. why? because dogs are not horses, and horses are NOT dogs, at least the last I checked.Horses and dogs are both domesticated, so they do NEED to be with people, you can`t just throw them in the wild and excpect them to survive. however, that is the only similarity. Horses have a completely different skeletal system than dogs. Horses have a gap in their mouth where there are no teeth, which is where the bit goes. If the bit is hitting any of the teeth, that is a problem. horse`s spines are strong enough to support human weight, and excessive riding CAN damage the spine, but that is ONLY if you ride too long too often.
    for people arguing that horses hate bits because they don`t like the metal in their mouth, metal is not the only option. there are metal bits, plastic bits, rubber bits, plastic/rubber bits, and leather bits. when horses foam at the mouth it does not mean that the horse is in pain or uncomfortable because of the bit. I`ve seen horses chasing each other around in the paddock with some foam around their mouths. you can`t just say the entire equestrian world is bad. most of us don`t "enslave" our horses or force them to do things. Many jumpers, if you set up jumps in their paddocks, they`ll go and jump them on their own. most horses DO love what they do. I don`t own a horse, but the 2 main horses I ride at my barn I love. I do care for them and saying that by riding and using a bit Is abuse is wrong. IEVERY HORSE IS DIFFERENT. Apollo, one of the horses I ride, only accepts a bit and doesn`t like hackamores, nor does he respond to one. Toby, the other one, I ride In a hackamore. he uses a bit too, but is mainly ridden in a hackamore. some horses strait up refuse hackamores, and others bits, but ALL horses are different. somehorses can`t stand bitless options, nor do they respond, while others only use a hackamore, and even still others accept both. again, If a horse doesn`t` want you on his back or a bit in his mouth, he will respond. he will not just stop and listen to you so you don`t inflict pain on him anymore. If you do something to hurt him, he WILL fight back.

  21. We need legislation. Outlaw the bit. Just to get started. Mechanical bridles are just as painful over the nose and under the chin because of the squeezing that can even break his nose bone. We outlawed circus animals didn't we.

  22. Well, this is certainly much more informed than Raleigh's screaming and cursing videos which provide no cited sources and factual information. I think you make some valid points in this video and I will take them into consideration next time I ride a horse with a bit, though if you dig in deeper you may be rather surprised about the damage bitless bridles can do as well. I'll give it a thumbs up!

  23. Pointing out that Dr. Cook has his own line of tack, cited himself in his ‘study’, and was advertising HIS OWN products in said ‘study’. He’s not credible at all.

  24. Pressure and pain are two completely different things. I can push on your skin and ad pressure to it and you’ll be fine (unless you’re that thin skinned) but when I pinch your skin then it hurts. This is why your don’t ride with heavy hands. Bit less bridles can cause pain and injury too but, wait I didn’t see those “sources” listed.

  25. Bits don’t affect a horses breathing. Hackamores do if they are set too low, and they even break the horses skull 🙄

  26. Not meaning pain 😂 I use a rubber but not a metal bit. All of my horses x rays show no damage from the bit

  27. Actually double jointed snaffles and french link snaffles can't bend that way and poke the horse. Also all the pictures were of bits being used incorrectly. Horses prefer different things and using a bitless bridle is just taking pressure from one point to another, not to mention that hackamores cause much more damage and Cook is a biased source because he sells bitless bridles and says even other bitless bridles are painful expect for his. There's credible studies like a study from Hilary Clayton proving that bitless isn't always good and bits aren't bad. You need to listen to your horse and choose the tack the horse feels comfortable in

  28. Hackamores can break horses nose bone if not used right. That bone is realy thin and can be broken easily. Bits, on the other hand can cause pain as well as hackamores but on the different places on face. BUT, bits can not break anything cause bone that bits are laying on is thick, now-I ride for 7 years and my mum is a vet that is helping big animals including horses. So, stop the fight! Bits and hackamores can both cause much pain if used wrong way. Not trying to argue, just bringing some facts in.😊

    Sorry for bad English😅

  29. in my opinion, bits can be a very effective tool to communicate with the horse I see you mention the nutcracker effect of a single jointed bit this effect can be avoided by using a double joint bit or a barrel mouthpiece and if you want something even softer you can use a soft polymer or rubber happy mouth double jointed snaffle, though I haven't been able to find a rubber barrel mouthpiece I will link it if I do you can find all the shopping links here, click here for a dee ring snaffle , or here for a loose ring snaffle or just go to the smart pak website to shop for any thing your specifically looking for, 🙂

  30. Wait so you are not an equestrian, know shit about horses and spread misinformation based on some articles you read? Ugh

  31. Horses cannot breath by their mouth. Some horses prefer main pressure on their nose (Not bit), while as others prefer the main pressure in their mouth (Bit). Get your facts strait lady

  32. Horse riding is fine sport. It only inflicts major damage when people are not careful. Have you even seen a horse in real life? You don't know a thing gurl.

  33. Am getting a feeling that most of the people in this world r like horse who suffer a lot to give benefits to others n adjusted to pain suffering n cruelty in the name of the job , this cruelty is developed by parents society most people r victims to this jobs n world

  34. Stop acting like you know everything just because you read articles. If you have ever rode or bonded with a horse, you would know that a horse could care less. Plus, you keep on pointing out the bad bits that rarely anyone uses, and act like everyone is abusing there horse. Ever heard of bits that are molded to a horses mouth? And also, a molded with a soft hand causes no damage unless not used properly. So stop acting like we’re idiots who don’t know how to ride a horse and should throw away our bits right now just because you went on the internet

  35. Truth: bits can be harsh is used incorrectly. A harsher peice of equipment may in fact be a bit less bridle. Why? Because well if you actually do some non-bias fucking research you would learn that there are MORE sensitive nerves, that’s right sensitive nerves, on the face of a horse, rather than in the mouth. And pulling on those can cause more damage than a bit. Furthermore many equestrians I know, including myself get dentist/vet checks to make sure the bit we use isn’t causing harm. And surprise surprise, it’s not.
    As a bonus, I’m going to add in that if we stopped riding horses most would be sent to kill pens by some people or the breed would die out. They are very expensive to upkeep and people aren’t going to breed them if they’re not going to have a career. JUST like cattle in the beef and dairy industry, they would suffer without humans because they’ve been bred that way. They need vaccinations etc. If something like the Horse Industry was killed, or the beef industry for example. People would not profit. Resulting in either a mass killing of the animal in question, or the said animal being “abandoned” in the wild, where it would probably starve, catch a virus, and basically die a slow horrible death.
    You’re welcome.

  36. Wow I love how they went out to only find the bad pics or videos of the horses with bits 😂 Not everyone who rides with a bit is a horse abuser!

  37. And if the horse prefers bits? There are so many different types of bits, and believe it or not some horse show symptoms of discomfort whilst bitless, because bitless still applies pressure on nerves, just nerves on the face instead of the mouth. But IF a horse is happy in one, why change it just because someone claims it’s abuse. I had a horse who preferred bitless, so I tried to ride him in that as much as I could. I also have a horse who hates it, shakes his head and swishes his tail like crazy, but dead quiet in a bit. A horse will tell you what it truly does and does not like. Someone with real riding experience will be able to tell the difference and do what ever it takes to make both horse and rider happy and comfortable. Just because you read a few articles online does not translate to in hand experience. It’s sunny how all these vegans are like “do it for the horse” and but then never think about what the actual horse wants or needs. Sorry guys hard truth, riding horses and bitting them IS NOT cruel, unethical treatment by taking anything we do with them to the extreme is.

  38. The horse I have right now was abused we actually adopted him and he’s really good horse while at the place they said he wouldn’t be a good riding horse bc of his mouth where he barely has any teeth that u can see so we ride him with a halter and he’s the best horse I’ve had he’s 18 so I don’t ride him that much but he gets along with our goats he throws a fit if he’s not with them and I actually taught him to go in a circle for treats I hate how people can abuse these creatures I cry even if my horse has a big scratch or he hurts himself ( he’s partially blind )

  39. I loved the film Hidalgo but I can't look at it the same way again. At least Hidalgo is freed at the end to go back into the wild.

  40. oh my gosh, why am i just now seeing this, first of all lady, i doubt you've never been on a horse, for some people its not for entertainment but for some's jobs and or lifestyles, don't spread your information when you only read documents and haven't witnessed anything in real life. I ride mostly bitless but its what 2 of my horses prefer, however, my other one prefers the bit, I don't rip her mouth open, she doesn't open her mouth to escape the pain. but I wanna tell you, this "information" is making me lose braincells

  41. i think the answer to your question is clear.. anything but the "bitless bridle" is cruel.. there is an option.. if you don't take it your simply being cruel.. any more complex is just noise..

  42. um bits are not bad if you use it correctly……… ex: my pony has a sensitive mouth so i use a less hard bit…. one of the people from my barn rode without a bit for the first time and got thrown off… but i do see were your coming from a lot of riders tend to pull on the horses mouth…. not all riders do its just mostly the beginners that do!! but i watched your horse racing video and i never like horse racing. some people may like it just not me…. i hate that they crop the horse a lot! i may do it once or twice since my horse is lazy but every single second now that's what i call abuse now this is just my opinion pls no hate! But if this sport was highly abusive i don't think it would be in the summer Olympics. I get why people think its abuse, some people do tie them down or what ever… but most of they people spend a lot of time and money just to make sure there horse is okay. I totally get where coming from though we inject the places almost every year! Although my pony may not be the best or is worth gold we treat her like it and hopefully most people treat there horses or pony the same. One more thing i agree with you on the horse racing 🙁 a lot of times its sad for what they do… please no hate thanks for reading 🙂 p.s this is just my opinion!

  43. Bitches gonna be mad so that amount of truth… Maybe they shit on this and gonnaw cruel like they had learned 🙈

  44. I think the dislike in the comments comes from the involved. the opinion of them is not neutral. It is like to ask an robber, if it is o.k. to steal?". Or asking an drug addict, why not quitting the drugs? All of them would have millions of proofs and excuses to justify their behavior

  45. Your body looks like it's starving (veganism).. why would I listen to you??! PS. I've ridden my entire life and used and witnessed both bits and hackamores- BOTH CAN BE HARMFUL AND BOTH CAN BE HARMLESS ..
    It's all in how and what type if bit/hackamore is being used…

  46. i think you could imagine the distress it causes, when you get syphillis on the side of your mouth its not good for anything

  47. why would my horse greet me at pasture and want to come in with me if he didn't at least basically enjoy the act of riding? LOL He knows that's what we're going to do. Why does he act relaxed and do beautiful movements when riding? Why would he not just buck me off and run? Takes about 2 seconds to do that.

  48. Your 'studies' are so old, and you just ramble things where you don't even have the knowledge… If you make everyone going bridleless there will be a lot of horses put to sleep because not everyone is made to ride horses.

  49. horses don’t breathe through their mouths, so it doesn’t bother their breathing. and honestly my horses behave more when in a bit. you need to stop trying to say something is abuse if you only use biased sources.

  50. I love how she talks about all the nerves and scientific names for things to sound like she knows a n y t h i n g about horses and the practicalities of their behaviour and working with them in the real world.

  51. It won't be cruel if you use the right bit
    Edit: Also you say that this is bad but if your experienced then you know how to not harm your horse with bits and you know more than to be cruel to them oh and I actually kinda laughed watching this video, Also you only pull the bad pictures of bits and stuff like that, I'm pretty are us equestrians are not going to spend thousands on a horse that we are going to abuse

  52. First how can it block their airways its in the front of their mouth.
    Second I don't know if you noticed but they have noses. If someone forced closed your mouth you can still breath

  53. horses shouldn't get ridden what a lie you probably haven't got a horse so don't make stupid fact like that 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

  54. you don't know truth about bond wit horse and man yes bits are bad and messed up i only use hackamores or just ride with nothing

  55. my new horse got TMJ in he's jaw from he's previous owners he was in so much pain i hate them and the horse world is too stupid to even realize

  56. I know this is quite an old video but tack can be used in different ways. I used a ‘strong’ bit in my horse but with very loose reins so she had no direct pressure on her mouth. My horse also used to drink with her bit in so I don’t believe that it affects their breathing as she would not have able to drink with her bit in.

  57. Are bits cruel no matter what? Lets see what a tattoo toting vegan says about it…..nobody knows immediately what the insane vegan will say.

  58. My horse would rather wear her dressage saddle & Myler bit than be shipped off to be a burger & a pair of boots somewhere. Now go study what happened to all the horses when a track closes or to the racing dogs when one of their track closes. Bah bye happy running dogs & horses. Hundreds killed. Now how vegan is that? Are you going to pay the thousands it costs each year for just one of them? I have personally rescued two horses from killers, and several dogs. They love jobs!

  59. Think Like A Horse would be my channel recommendation on this topic. He's just a knowledgeable horse owner who's not even vegan, but he's on a massive crusade against bits.
    Personally, I think bits should be avoided whenever possible. If someone has the option of training a horse bitless, then that's what they should do.
    But if a horse can only be controlled with a bit, then it's a necessary evil to avoid the greater evil of letting it wither away without exercise all day.
    For a few months, I used to lease a pony from a woman who kept 4-5 horses (the numbers kept changing because they kept getting sick and needing to be "replaced") in a stall setup designed for 2 horses at most. The stalls only got cleaned out on the one day of the week that I was there to do it. They were rarely allowed on the small pasture she had, because she didn't want the grass to get trampled.
    So of course, this under-exercised pony took every opportunity he could to run off, and stopping him would have been impossible without the bit. The more I rode him, the calmer he got, and the less pressure I needed to exert on the bit. At the rate he was improving, I probably would have been able to stop using the bit entirely, but he eventually got sick from standing in his own manure all day, so she got rid of him because vets cost money.
    I don't think he would have been better off without me taking him out once in a while (with a bit, used to cause pain until he stops trying to run on the main road we needed to pass). Boycotting this bitch of an owner would have been pointless, since she wasn't keeping these horses to make money. She was keeping them because she wanted her kids to learn how to ride, even though they were completely uninterested (hence leaving them in the stall all day).

  60. I don't think bits ALWAYS cause pain in the horse's mouth. It is indeed possible to be so gentle that the horse doesn't get hurt.
    (Now, let's ignore the fact that most people are focused on other things, and are not actually going to be that gentle anyway.)
    Even if you're genuinely trying to be gentle all the time, the moment something unexpected happens, or even if you just sneeze, you're going to involuntarily jerk your hands and hurt the animal. Not to mention the horse can also spook and hurt itself on it.
    I see it the same way I see the use of collars on dogs. If there's a safe alternative that has no risk at all of hurting the animal, why not use it? In the case of dogs, that's a harness. In the case of horses, there are many bitless options.
    The only exception would be an untrained animal that will simply overpower you without that leverage. In that case, I'd consider the bit/collar to be a temporary solution for unavoidable situations that require precise control, until you can get them trained enough to listen without them.

  61. ok, some horses are fine with bits and like @Abi Harding said if u did alot of research you would know their are more types of bits and bridles to go around in. and what in the fuck? im just looseing brain cells.

  62. Just for the sake of using credible sources, you may want to refrain from using Robert Cook’s marketing research for a bitless bridle company.

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