Horse riding day 6 – rising and sitting trot (up to FHD)

Horse riding day 6 – rising and sitting trot  (up to FHD)

What’s up guys! I will be doing rising/sitting trot for about 9 minutes in this video Of course, I have objectives for this session 1. Steering: Hold still outside hand, pull the other hand I will try to put pressure with my inside knee at the same time 2. Heels: Sinking heels down and kicking the horse whilst sitting back to keep Autumn move 3. Body balance: I will try to remain as heavy as I can while sitting trot There is a bit delay between my aids and Autumn’s response But using the whip, the response becomes rather immediate He took the corner instead of going straight ahead!!! My rising timing is on the front right leg I could not realise the timing riding horse During riding, the moment to rise is when Autumn throws me upward I often do rising without feeling a horse After this corner, I am going for sitting trot Coach asked me less bounce and I tried to be heavier In Jiu-jitsu including Judo, making body heavier related to removing all the tensions of muscles In horse riding, however, it seems to be all about physics I bounce whatsoever Oh~my shoulders!!! Autumn throws my hip in the air so my body goes in the air following the hip less bounce at this moment What I did was shifting the balance backward and just leaving hips to go following Autumn’s movement like in pantomime or Billy Jean dance Feedback time I forgot what the feedback was It must be about my heels, legs, and hips Here is a dilemma I am experiencing while riding If relaxed, stirrups come towards my heels If tightened, they point upward Maybe accentuating? OK, I now found out my major weakness in sitting trot not relaxed at all More experienced riders slide their hips following the fluctuation I am not sure but it looked like that Autumn is doing very well today!!!! Not stopping at the gate and trying to move!!!! Flying insects bother and distract him as Malaysia has relatively hot and humid weather Why? Why stopped? After spraying that liquid, less flies rush to Autumn Anybody knows what that is? Having him to trot near the exit is not an easy task for me From now on, what I do is rising trot and mixing twice of bounce therein Squat!!!!!!!! 100 more to go!!!!!!! I am still confused with that prefix ‘diagonal’ as in ‘diagonal bounce twice’ Maybe equestrian jargon? Diagonal means in horse riding a pair of horse’s legs The pair is diagonal ‘Outside rein inside rein’? Is it where I should focus on by the timing? It seems to be related to steering. I don’t know, gotta ask for it I am also curious about the ultimate purpose of the bouncing twice The concept of this channel is to record the learning process I am a flawed person so I would like to share my progress to learn more from various people than giving you a correct answer I can feel his sweaty neck on my hands Thank you for watching my video!

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