Horse Riding: How To Start

Horse Riding: How To Start

First of all when you start riding a horse
you should be instructed on how to sit correctly. As you can see, Jennifer here has got quite
a lovely position, she is sitting up nice and tall but she is not stiff, there’s still
some softness through her back. She’s got a nice straight line from her shoulder, to
her hip, to her heel and she is going to make sure she has the same amount of weight on
both sides and she’s not tipping off from one side onto the other. Then she’s going to make sure she has a nice
rein contact with the horses mouth and the reins aren’t too loose or too tight. She’s
got to have a straight line from her elbow though to her hand and through to the horses
mouth. By being in the correct position, she is making sure that the horse will be in balance
and that she will be in balance and be able to move with the horses movements. First of all she is going to sit up nice and
tall. This makes her lighter on top of the horse and encourages the horse to move off.
If you sit too heavily, this will make the horse feel a little bit uneven and unbalanced
but also discourage him from wanting to carry your bodyweight. So first of all, she is going to sit up nice
and tall, this will signal to the horse that something is about to happen. Then she is
going to gently ask the horse to either go off her leg from a tap, or a nudge, or a squeeze.
It depends on how your horse is trained. Chester goes off from a slight nudge so she
is going to ask him to go forward. Then she is going to squeeze with the legs and channel
him in a straight line, ensuring that he is going forwards and straight the whole time
whilst keeping her body posture. Can you see how she stays nice and tall and she allows
her hips to swing with the horse. If you stay stiff and rigid on top of the
horse, the horse will not be able to move underneath you, so she stays relaxed and goes
with the movement of the horse at all times. .

100 thoughts on “Horse Riding: How To Start

  1. it doesn't seem like she's pulling the rein tight on the horse. she's keeping it taut, but not actually pulling as far as i can tell. the horse seems collected in the head but not tight.

  2. gosh so helpful…come on! jeez you can slack the reins a little bit more than that, no wonder alot of english horses become so hard mouthed. hate bits, go bitless and natural 🙂

  3. You need to nudge your horses sides to walk and if it doesn't respond kick it but not too hard. Some horses need more encouraging to walk. I'm a beginner too 🙂 Only as far as doing a rising trot

  4. 0:47 "make sure the reins are not to loose" WHAT THE?! where I ride are reins are ALWAYS very loose, unless we're backing up. why on earth do you want reins to NOT be loose? she was even holding her reins tight when standing still. standing still should be complete release for a horse, so in NO WAY tight reins. just for beginners, don't think loose reins is bad, it is the opposite, the loser the reins, the better. tight reins show inconfidence and lack of horsemanship.

  5. don't call your horses names, horses are never lazy, sometimes they just need more direction. calling horses names = lack of understanding horses

  6. totally disagree. horses need contact. my horse is much happier when you have a light but firm contacting for many horses that have been trained in respects like dressage its reassuring to be ridden as above. i do believe in giving a horse a long rein all though there are many reason when stood that you should keep a contact. trying to keep your horse round and soft be resisting them to blugh out encourages the horse to be longer and lower in the neck which is better for there back and horse…

  7. are you kidding me? do you realise you put metal in very sensitive parts of the horses mouth? metal causes pain. no horse is happy with tight reins. horses want to move their head, look around, focus on things. they can't if you keep the reins tight. horses need to be horses, they can't be if they can't look around and move their head freely. if you keep tight reins, you don't give proper release. horses want release, not "contact" since what you call "contact" is pressure…

  8. neither. i choose no religion. but that still does not change the fact that this woman is hurting her the horse. you can agree with me or not. i really dont care either way. i am not saying this because i want to be right, im saying this because i care about horses; and whats in their best interest .

  9. This is why i don't like english riding because they are always holding the reins way to tight, and it is definitely not fair on the horse. I don't even understand why people have to use a bit in the mouth.

  10. Nice horse channel, like your video's

    I am from the Netherlands and also have a horse channel. I started to put subtitles on my videos, also in English. Hope you will take a look sometime

  11. I m haveing trouble by standing and sitting when the horses run any more tips of hoe i do that its so hard since i didnt ride a horse in 4years …

  12. My only one mare (female horse) gave me a bite 2 days ago when I was checking her left front roof, I'm scared now of trying to learn on her, what did happen? Is it a problem with her roof?

  13. Thet helpt considering iv onley had 3lesonns and on the second one my horse jumped twice it bumped in the other horses but both of them jumed it got spooked my horse jumed so did they other

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  15. I'd love to start horse lessons but I think I'm too old I'm nearly 25😩 I started lessons when I was a child but I gave up and regret it

  16. I rode from when I was 4 till I was 8 I got quite good (cantering, showjumping, dressage etc.) but when I moved house I had no stables to go to, which was very annoying and upsetting. 4 years later my best friend who has a horse has invited me to meet her horse and ride it. I'm kinda nervous and worried it won't come back to me like it used to. Does anyone pls have any tips on confidence for getting back in the saddle? Thank you and I appreciate it ✨

  17. i'm 13 in 19days but riding is too expensive for my dad 2 pay so i'm going to get a paper round to pay for lessons myself. is it too late for me too start riding though.

  18. I had to watch the scenes with the instructor a few times but towards the end I finally figured out why girls like riding horses…

  19. Please HELP! I need to know how to get OFF a horse, I'm on a horse right now and thank god I have my phone on me, I don't know how to get off it! It's too high so I will hurt myself if I drop.

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  21. How do you turn left or right exactly? Do you squeeze left part of the horse if going right and right if going left? I dunno, someone just told me that, good video

  22. First of all I hate how so many English riders have short reins, On the bit issue that everyone hates talking about bit or no bit? Riding with bits are okay as long as you don’t have a constant pressure on the reins, this Of it this way, if you had a hunk of medal in your mouth would you want it to be constantly pulled against your teeth? No so try riding with soft hands and slack on the reins. Don’t be upset because this is just my opinion and something to think about as you ride. Again MY OPINION

  23. Omg that poor horse is foaming from the mouth due to the bit pain. It can’t escape the pressure so it has to foam.

  24. Lol I just clicked on this video and when she said Wimbledon Village stables I was like WTF that's literally like 5mins away from my house like OUT OF ALL THE STABLES IN THE WORLD THEY COULDVE FILMED AT THEY FILMED AT THIS ONE XD 😂

  25. Learning how to ride a horse like a professional is one of my medium-term (5-10 years) life goals, but honestly I have no idea how I can use this to my advantage in life, we have cars and horses cannot live in the middle of a city…

  26. The reins are to tight. When a horse does as asked, say moving off, then the reins should go slack. Slight signal through the reins to do a task. Once completed successfully, the reins are loose. Soft hands make for soft horses. The horse learns on the release of pressure.

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