Horse Riding Improvement Tips – 2 things most instructors forget

Hey there are you tired of not advancing with your riding and training Well, you’ve come to the right place because I’m gonna give you two ideas that you can use right now so that your riding takes off and I mean takes off in a good way not a Runaway pulley rein taking off. I mean in a good way that you’re gonna advance to the next level. Two really simple ideas Hi there my name is Laura welcome to another video, it’s your first time here hey How’s it going glad that you could make it and if you would like some ideas on how to improve your riding and training? so that you can win more ribbons at your next horse show and Generally like other horsey related stuff then remember to subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon So you don’t miss anything now. Let’s get started I’ve been thinking about this for a while And I really think there are two main things that people are missing when they’re starting their riding journey to competition ring or to the next level of their riding Doesn’t matter what level you’re starting out at if you’re beginner rider you want to move up or if you’re an advanced rider And you want to move up any of these things if you have these two ideas And I’m going to share with you, then you will progress you have to progress. It’s just up the ladder of success number one the first idea that you can use right now is awareness And awareness is so important There’s so many levels of awareness that you have to be aware of you have to be aware of your awareness makes sense right? So what I mean by awareness is you have to know where you’re starting, and where are you going? That’s what I mean by being aware It’s kind of like if you’re getting in a car, and you want to go on a road trip You don’t just get in the car and drive somewhere You just kind of go, and you don’t know where you’re going. You’ll end up who knows where! your riding instructor can give you exercises for what you need to work on your coach can help you and Design things so and improve you and give you exercises as well And your riding to teacher coach can give you horses that are going to help you get along to the next level But this simple thing is something that you have to do on your own so that you Can rise yourself to the next level of success It’s kind of like discipline if you are not aware that you’re not doing something properly then you know What are you gonna do about it? What are you gonna do about it? awareness means that you know where you’re starting and You’re know where you’re going and you can design the pathway to get there. Do you have a plan with your riding? Put it in the comments below what your plan is ? I Know that my students. They are here they want to be at the horse show Here, and I know what I have to do to get them there if you don’t have a start point in an end point How is your teacher instructor coach trainer supposed to get you where you want to be if you are not aware of? What it is you want to be at in the end point. Make sense? Let me just try that again To change your riding you need to develop awareness of where you’re starting and where you want to finish, it’s that simple Your riding teacher can give you exercises To help you get there your riding coach can design a program for you and give you critiques on what it is you’re doing your trainer can help you get there, but unless you know where you’re starting and Where you’re gonna want to finish then how are these Exercises in between – all this stuff in between – how is that gonna get designed if you don’t know where you’re going It’s kind of like if I was going on a road trip I’m starting here I’m not just gonna get in my car and start driving Well some people do. I know where I’m gonna finish up and if I have a meeting or if I’ve got a deadline that I need to work on to get to my finish point I Know my finish point I know my start point then I can draw a line in between and identify where it is I want to go in between that’s really important you have to know where you’re starting from you have to know when you’re finishing Then then you can get all the help you need for the in-between parts in between And Within your training you have to do number two And I don’t mean that number two I mean this number two take action Taking action is simple. It means just do something that means just do something Do something and every day you should be doing something that’s going to get you closer to that goal that you want remember number one We said if the starting point and you have to know where you’re going that way you can get the all the in-between stuff The second part is doing all that in between stuff taking action So once you know where you’re going that action becomes your daily training Your daily training it may be something as simple as working on your counter transition, so there’s less resistance it may be Making the jumps higher so that you are developing strengthen your horse it may be Visualizing the next dressage test you’re working on, but those are the action items that are gonna Take you from where you are To where you want to be it’s that simple and these things – number one Being aware – and number two – taking action – put them together and you will have a successful Riding career and if you break it down into those simple two parts Your riding will take off as part of taking action Do something every day that’s going to take you closer to the goal that you want to achieve be Disciplined in your riding and take action and make yourself be accountable for those actions It’s it’s something that’s difficult and a lot of instructors Don’t include this type of thing in their riding and in their training. They forget about the other part of it, which is the getting from point A to point B and Planning things out. So have a plan Take action and be aware what it is that you want to get done? My name is Laura if you want to get some ideas on how to improve your riding and training so you can win more ribbons At your next horse show then remember to subscribe and hit the bell icon Now go use this stuff. Go hug your horse Go use this stuff. Thanks now. Bye

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