Horse Riding is finally here! | Rust update 7th June 2019

Horse Riding is finally here! | Rust update 7th June 2019

Look at my horse, my horse is amazing, give
it a lick. Mmm it tastes just like.. lasagne? Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax
here with your comprehensive weekly Rust news and first of all, everything you’ve never
needed to know but were always curious to find out about horse riding.. I must stress though, this is only a first
pass – It’s not finished yet – not feature complete, and these horses may have bugs..
There will be a taming mechanism, hitching, armour and coconuts added later, no seriously
they are adding coconuts.. but probably not for that.. At the moment – as immersion breaking as it
is – all horses will now spawn with saddles.. That’s about 40 of them on a 4k server. And
they don’t run away right now either.. which is a bit of a daft thing to do in the hungry
hungry world of Rust, especially as they can still be harvested for all the usual ingredients..
but hay.. For the fun to begin, simply trot up to one,
and press E to mount. It’s A and D to steer, W to go forward, shift to gallop, space to
dismount and control to neigh loudly and rear up. They haven’t learnt to walk backwards
yet saddley.. but you can aim and fire weapons whilst on them so equine drive-by’s are a
definite thing now.. You can take them to water but they will refuse
to go for a swim, however you can make them wade through shallow parts of rivers and lakes
etc, they’ll slow down as terrain gets steeper too, and they have a definite dislike of rocks..
And doors.. they really don’t like doors.. Horses have stamina, when you gallop this
will decrease, and when it’s used up the horse will get puffed out and slow down. Stamina
will then recover, and this will happen fastest if you stop. The secondary, darker bar indicates maximum
stamina, which can be increased by feeding, and as we all know horses like to eat a lot..
simply throw food on the floor near them or ride up to some corn or pumpkins and the horse
will munch them down (so definitely keep them out of the kitchen) If they’ve eaten a lot
recently then they’ll also get a speed boost… Personally I seem to experience the opposite,
but that’s probably just my age.. They use less stamina and gallop faster when
travelling down the old town road by the way.. Also if you give them a pie, this happens..
Well, no.. actually those haven’t been added.. yet.. Also feeding helps regenerate horse health,
they have 750 to start with, but can be shot etc. with tests revealing that they can take
about 15 arrows to the knee before donating their bodies to glue research.. Although actually
it doesn’t seem to matter where you hit them..You can see the health if hurt by looking at the
saddle.. if you can find the sweet spot.. And if the horse dies whilst you’re on it
then you’ll simply be thrown off but it doesn’t seem to hurt fortunately, unless you were
riding along a cliff I suppose.. Counterintuitively, even though you can get
them onto foundations, horses will die quickly if kept indoors.. presumably they pine for
the fjords and need their space.. They also despawn if left unattended for 3 hours (like
rowboats), however Helk plans to add hitching posts and troughs in future, so you’ll be
able to keep your hoofed friends around for a lot longer. If you’ve been following along then you’ll
know that there were a lot of other quality of life improvements in this patch, but I’ll
refresh your memory on them anyway.. First of all, in what started out as a couple
of small fixes, Garry ended up completely rejigging the entire menu system over the
last month.. The layout is simpler, menus are categorised in a more sensible way, the
store was added so you can fritter away your hard earnt Gil directly from inside the game..
And let’s not forget that you can now finally sort servers by when they were last wiped
and see exactly how fresh or not they are.. Performance wise, thanks to a virtual scroller,
the server menu is a lot snappier, uses less memory and should work much better now too..
Fonts in chat and other areas were replaced with a more efficient set and sleeping bag
lists now scroll as well. In-game, you know how you’re such a clumsy
git and always tripping over those annoying tiny rocks on the ground, well now player
footsteps automagically bump up and over any small obstacles, including kerbs and anything
else below a certain height, so there’ll be a lot less jumping and hopping around for
you to do from now on.. Research costs for rare and very rare items
were reduced to 125 and 500 scrap respectively.. As far as I can tell these are the only areas
where they’ve been lowered and I don’t know if any further cuts are planned for the future,
but with something like this it’s best to make lots of small changes than one big one. Keylocks use a proper placeholder now instead
of the codelock one and it no longer looks like you’re holding a budget lightsaber when
deploying one.. There were also a ton of other fixes, many
of which I’ve already discussed, and you can see a full list of at the bottom of the latest
devblog, including players no longer accidentally falling out of the hot air balloon, scopes
and view models no longer jittering all over the shop and lagging when on a moving vehicle
or the cargo ship.. Various typo corrections and sadly, for those of you who are ninja..
boats now have their sounds back.. I know a lot of you saw this as more of a feature
than a bug.. but the fun had to end.. The switch was flipped on Unity 2019.1 this
patch and with this new version comes access to a wide range of optimisations and visual
upgrades which we’ll hopefully start feeling the benefits of before too long as and when
the team are able to take advantage of them. First up, this version has a new garbage collector,
which although still needs work, should help to eliminate certain stutters in the game..
although don’t expect miracles.. and it’s certainly not a panacea. Skin unloading, although disabled last month,
has now been re-enabled as default for any players with less that 10GB of RAM, and if
it works well then it’ll probably be rolled out to everyone.. This means that with skins
being loaded in on a need to see basis, many more can be added to the store in future without
clogging us all up.. Certain entities such as scientists, dropped
items and corpses were fixed so that if they’re on a moving object such as the cargo ship,
then they won’t be broadcasting what they’re doing globally, which was causing certain
servers to struggle.. There were optimisations to the way light
LODs were being handled in regards to pooling and fading.. These are now cleaned up across
multiple frames which could help out frame rates for some.. Over the last month the brasso was busted
out and weapon visuals were completely repolished, as just like the real thing these had deteriorated
over time as Rust’s shaders had evolved.. You can see a couple of examples here which
illustrate just how much of a difference you should notice on some. As well as this, weapon particle effects were
almost all revamped and optimised. Now having both a higher level of realism and a lower
impact on RAM and GPUs.. There were also a couple of NERFs.. Firstly
water jugs now come with only a tenth of their original contents.. a bit like bags of crisps
these days. And the loot from scientists on the oil rig
was apparently wayyy too high and has now been lowered quite a bit.. In addition to
this the existing puzzle reset timers were allowing teams to do multiple oil rig runs
in succession.. and these have now been changed so that there actually have to be no players
present there for half an hour before the monuments will reset.. In works in progress now.. And if you’ve been wandering around servers
trying to find the giant excavator monument without success, that’s because it didn’t
make it in time for this month’s patch either.. The team really wants to test this one and
get it right, so let’s hope that July will be the month we all get to dig in.. Coastal waves that all move towards the shore
instead of in one global direction are being worked on.. and there will also be some intensity
changes with bigger waves closer to the beaches and much smoother seas further out.. Plus
wave crest foam is also being redone from scratch.. These changes didn’t make it in
time for this patch, but will be splashing down next week sometime instead.. Some new battery models have surfaced on Artstation,
and although it’s not clear exactly, I’m hazarding a guess that these may be visual upgrades
to the current two that we have rather than being new items.. But stay tuned and I’ll
let you know.. And finally, Garry’s next project after redoing
the menus and UI seems to be switching Rust over to HDRP, and for those of you who don’t
know what that is, it stands for High Definition Render Pipeline and allows for some rather
smashing looking lighting, shadows, realistic glass and some amazing fog and volumetric
lights.. What are the implications for performance?..
Well, actually they could be quite good.. It may well give better performance than the
existing renderer, and although it’s too early to really tell I imagine that any extra effects
will be switch-off-and-onable in a menu somewhere anyway.. As per though, stay tuned to this channel
and I’ll tell you more as it becomes available. Do you think ridable horses add to the Rust
experience? What do you think to the new menus and quality of life changes? How is performance
for you after the latest patch? I want to know so please leave a comment down below..
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the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty. Cheerio!

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  2. running on a 2012 HP pavillion, 8 gigs of ram i7 and a geforrce GT i somehow have an average of about 40 fps with dips when i open my inventory that go to 24. i peak at about 63 when looking at the ocean or upwards at night and learned how to use the gyros last night. i am happ.

  3. While loading on to a server my taskbar shows up and with windows 10 I use 14 gb ram
    When I close rust it doesn’t turn off it crashes
    … always since years
    Am I the only one?

  4. The way the camera moves while riding the horse is incredibly unrealistic and annoying sadly. It’s very apparent that none of the devs have ever been on a horse themselves.

  5. what could be better than a zerg army?

    A cavalry zerg army, imagine them charging at you with swords and maces, with their leader in front in full heavy armor

  6. I never played Rust but 4 days ago I saw a YouTuber chasing and killing a horse for the first time and I thought,It Could be cool to be able to ride Horses in Rust and The Gods of Rust Heard me somehow

    If you think Rust Lacks something,Write it down in Reply so I'll hope it and God's will add it

  7. in my friends the game usually only works with me is this problem ?, before this act was all right, now I do not know why the game turns off during the first load of files of a given server

  8. Youre supposed to go over all the updates yet every youtuber has yet to mention the GAME CHANGING change to the scopes.. They made the scope view wayyy smaller which sucks

  9. What i want in an update is the rust developers to add a new anticheat. Easy anti cheat is a joke. Im seeing so many of my friends leaving because of the uprise in script kitties and blatant cheaters

  10. Can they please add more raid friendly content instead of more monuments. Man i would love that.

  11. itd be cool if there was a single and double saddle for the horses but if you had the double saddle the horse would slow down a bit and with the double saddle and 2 people on it, its speed would be further hindered

  12. Tbh I haven't played in over a month but what I see in this video I like alot I'm keen as to get back into the rust life

  13. Worst Rust update since I started playing. Literally nothing interesting except the menu isnt as stupid and illogical as it used to be.

  14. me: likes and sees it changed to 8.1K
    me:*remove the like to see if it comes back to 8k*
    also me: likes again cuz its a good video

  15. Performance and optimization still needs to be better but this is a start! I swear this game expects you to have a 600 dollar gpu to have 60 fps

  16. Except that now the characters get stuck on doors when they try to glide over the steps they hit their head and have to duck down to get through some doors.

  17. guys i need help,
    whenever i start my rust, it gets stuck in the loading screen and says startup error
    help bls

  18. I'd say, If the horse has bugs, that can be remedied with a stiff debugging horse brush.
    Rake out the mane, from the ears to the shoulders. Continue brushing down the back, shoulders and haunches, flicking the brush at the end of each pass… to dislodge any bugs.
    Finish with the neck, belly and legs, tapping the brush on the ground (or your shoe) as to… you guessed it, get rid of the bugs.
    There, now you have a completely bug free horse.

    Just kidding. This game has come so far compared to others in the genre. Its great to see monthly updates and new features on such a regular basis. I'm quite distracted with other games right now but this is definitely going to be getting some play-time very soon. Zerg till it hurts.

  19. Might have found an unreported bug with horse stamina. Figured you would be a good person to tell, since you might know how best to communicate with devs.

    As far as I can tell, horses have two gaits, walking and galloping. As with running, galloping is triggered by pressing left-shift while moving forward. Galloping causes temporary stamina (the solid part of the yellow bar) to decrease.

    However, also as with running, left-shift is a quasi-toggle: if you press left-shift and start running, your avatar continues to run even after you release the key.

    Here's what I think is a bug: This is also true for horses, but if you press and release left-shift, the temp stamina decreases for a short period of time but then stops going down and actually recovers to the current max, even though the horse is still galloping.

    1) Can others reproduce this phenomenon?
    2) Does this seem like a bug, or an intentional feature?

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