Horse Riding Therapy for the disabilities, 장애인을 위한 승마 치료

Horse Riding Therapy for the disabilities, 장애인을 위한 승마 치료

Have you heard about horse-riding therapy We are in Singapore and today we would like to visit RDA riding for the disabled association Hi, I’m Kelly and I’m Jem RDA the only chart in Singapore that provides free therapeutic horse riding programs That benefit people with a wide range of physical and learning disabilities. I visit here once a week for the volunteer work and I like to let you know benefit from horse riding Therapy for the disabled. Let’s find out what they offer Now horses are getting ready for the session They are warmed up and ready for the riders This is our horse, her name is Jota Jota means in Korean “like” She has stopped and drinking she must be thirsty Are you ready? Yeah Walk on For someone who is unable to walk unaided, see or has difficulties communicating Riding a horse offered them a new sense of freedom and independence Beneficiaries experience on increase in self-confidence improved circulation, respiration, balance, motor coordination and mobility The wheelchair user for example, walks tall and a horse and they can venture into the forest or jungle for walk A horse communicates with a non-verbal way that only the beneficiary can understand Beautiful friendships are made and the therapy sessions are fun. Now let’s meet our horses, our heroes meet Jay Cee Proudly sponsored by JOSHUA KHOO YAO MING. She used to do jumping and barrel racing which makes her the handiest horse in the barn! She traveled all the way from Australia Jay Cee is a strawberry roan mare, and is 13.2 hands high Her birthday is 11 of November 2003 Meet Consentida! P roudly sponsored by POPPINS and UMA. Donated to RDA after a successful trial. She is one of the most good-natured horses ever to the RDA Singapore family Her well-disposed personality totally ironic to her name which means overindulged in the context of spoiled brat in Spanish. Meet Priscilla! She was a former riding school horse back in Ireland She has quickly settled in to work in regular therapy sessions and is now a dependable member of our team Her broad back and steady paces make her ideal for carrying a wide range of riders with different abilities She is proudly sponsored by TESS & KAYE CARMICHAEL – HOLYPORT FUND Jota used to walk with us earlier, now She’s wearing an eye protector to protect flies She’s sponsored by HERMES Singapore and she loves human! In most of our city lives We are so far removed from nature and animals and have to travel to reconnect It is even more difficult for people with disabilities to do so So I feel this program gives a great opportunity for them to feel connected and empowered RDA is offering riding therapy for free for beneficiaries So they need your generous donations to support this free therapy program You can join me as a volunteer at the therapy sessions to keep their free therapeutic horse riding program Jem and Kelly

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  1. I used to ride some of these horses! I'm still working with Turf Club too. So nice of you to feature them!

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