Horse Training : How to Make a Horse Run Faster

Horse Training : How to Make a Horse Run Faster

Alright, to make your horse go faster, let’s
say you’re trotting. I’m simply going to close my legs, give the horse a squeeze and
already we’re at a faster trot. And if I want to go faster say “up” and do a canter, when
I close my outside leg. And if I want to canter faster I’m going to close my legs.

35 thoughts on “Horse Training : How to Make a Horse Run Faster

  1. well every horse is different…some horses need to be hit with a crop and some horses needs spurrs to get them to trot or canter
    beautiful horse though

  2. Be careful where you squeeze during a trot, I squeezed my leg in one of the corners of the school and my leg must have slipped back because I started cantering and nearly fell off because I hadnt learned how to XD It was a stupid mistake but it probably wont happen if you know what your doing unlike me back then XD

  3. @vildeveitja95 you do realise jumping saddles, like the one she is riding in, are designed to sit on the shoulder, but still provide movement?

  4. @Gem4224 Hampshire College is in northern Massachusetts and this video was shot in the late fall (look at the upload date). I am from the area and let me tell you–as soon as the second frost comes, there is no more grass until April or May.

  5. I can do that!!! i have been riding since i was 2 and i am 12 now!!! i have come sooo far with my horse and riding!!! goodness he means the world to me! p.s. you are a GREAT AND TALENTED rider!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Must be during the fall or something? if you look at the trees they're changed colors. So it might still be fall at the time they recorded it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. It really helpd me becuase I somtimes ride a lazy horse next time I ride him (samsung) or (merdock) they will go faster

  8. Not what I was looking for. I'm training my mare to become a barrel racer, and she's quite slow at the lope, so I hope to train her speed and endurance. Anyways, is that an Oldenburg?

  9. My horse is a Mare and if I kick it gos to fast gulup and it a thirdbread I click to it and it go to fast any tips

  10. @horserider719

    If your horse starts bucking or spooks and starts galloping, do not scream. Try and say woah in a calm but firm voice. If you lose hold of your reins try grabbing the neck or mane.

  11. I live near the mountains โ›ฐ so they opened new place we can ride horses there but I canโ€™t let it go faster and thx for the tip ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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