Horse Trek in Mongolia | 4 day tour

Horse Trek in Mongolia | 4 day tour

HORSE TREK IN MONGOLIA Even though we didn’t have any previous experience riding horses we bravely decided to start explore the Mongolian horse culture with a four day horse trek. We dressed up into traditional Mongolian horse riding robes while our local horse master saddled up our fearful and half wild horses ready to go. We shouted an acceleration command and Lazy-Luigi & Perro started moving in single file. We rode through wide steppes and grim forests to central Mongolia’s 8 lakes. Steep hills up and down, we walked along with our horses. We were in the middle of deserted steppes, unable to access by car. Riding was so tough that during breaks we felt like dropping on the ground like starfish. Our horses tried to eat grass whenever we weren’t looking and bite other horses from the butt cheeks. They strode right through bushes and obeyed our commands whenever they felt like it. Horses behaviors were very unpredictable and tried to make a run for it. We came to a fearful agreement for the next four days, we will try to stay alive. During the nights we slept in Gers with nomadic families. Where we got to understand their culture and get to taste some very peculiar local dishes. The best treat was Yaks milk vodka. Which was steamed from fermented yogurt next to an open fire. Our destination was straight out of a fairy tale story. Yellow forests surround 8 crystal clear lakes and delighted Yaks were savoring grass in front our white Gers. Even if we’ll never jump on a horses back ever again, riding on the steppes of Mongolia was a worthy experience. And most importantly, And most importantly, we survived.

13 thoughts on “Horse Trek in Mongolia | 4 day tour

  1. This is the most beautiful travel video I have seen in a month..some amazing video and photo scenery you guys have captured. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us and I hope that someday I too get to go visit Mongolia on a horseback. Greetings from USA.

  2. Itse olen harrastanut 2,5 vuotta ratsastusta, mutta en ehkä edelleenkään lähtisi neljäksi päiväksi puolivillin hevosen selkään.

    Mutta hei, jos koulutetulla hevosella lähtee aidatulle kentälle niin ei siinä pitäisi olla mitään aihetta pelolle😊 Mutta nyt jatkuu IKILOMALLA-maraton ja eikuin seuraavaan videoon💕👉🏻

  3. Good morning, i'm planning to go horseback riding in Mongolia with a friend of mine. We hope to go and do the track on our own. I understand from your video that you booked a tour with a horsemaster. Have you come accross any horseback riders that where not with a tourguide? and how did you keep your horse with you when you and the horse were resting/eating. Did you use some kind of drill to tie him to?

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