(Music) (Screaming) (Music) (Shock) YOU CAN’T BE HERE!! YOU’RE DEAD!! YOU’RE DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- (Music) nom nom nom nom nom nom nom (Music) (Distant Music) (Music) (Screaming) I LOVE IT! (Music) (Don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment and share)

100 thoughts on “HORSE

  1. Why did the horse keep killing people? And the blood is real!? They had sex but they had kill in the bath

  2. when i first watched this i forgot what it was until i saw a horse mask at the store then i ran to the car grabbed my phone and searched till i found it and im so happy

  3. I'm supposed to promote our horse mask here. But after watching it, I'm not sure whether I should do that now. Should I say"I bet you will be a normal person when you wear our mask????"

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