Horseback Ride & Swim in Ocho Rios, Jamaica | Carnival Cruise Line

Horseback Ride & Swim in Ocho Rios, Jamaica | Carnival Cruise Line

The Carnival logo: A red, white,
and blue Y-shaped ship horn.
Horseback Ride and Swim
with Dunn’s River Falls;
Ocho Rios, Jamaica.Guests in bathing suits ride
horses through beach surf!
A horse wears a padded,
waterproof saddle.
Guests wear floatation belts
over their bathing suits
as they ride through
the Caribbean surf.
Some horses trot, splashing
through water up to their knees.
Guests dangle their bare feet
and legs in the sea
as they ride through deeper
water, up to the horses’ backs.
They ride past a coast dense
with tropical foliage.
At Dunn’s River Falls, a
line of guests hold hands
as they walk through water
cascading over boulders.
A group wades into a basin poolin the middle of the
tall, rocky waterfall.
They lean back into the falls,
posing for a photo
as the water pours over
their heads and shoulders.
A guide leads a line
of guests climbing
the smooth, worn boulders.Shallow water flows
swiftly over their sandals.
A guide laughs with a guestas he helps her into the
thigh-deep basin pool.
The falls cascade 600 feet downa wide expanse of
boulders and ledges.

One thought on “Horseback Ride & Swim in Ocho Rios, Jamaica | Carnival Cruise Line

  1. I think this kind of excursion is terrible. Many houses are scared of water and these tour owners are making them haul adults, some of them very large, on their backs over and over each day through water. The people that take this kind of excursion are as bad as the tour owners. Dolphins pulling people, dogs pulling people, we humans are clearly a pathetic and selfish lot

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