Horseback riding at Parangtritis [Battle Trip/2019.07.14]

Horseback riding at Parangtritis [Battle Trip/2019.07.14]

This is Parangtritis Beach. Parangtritis. – Parangtritis? / – Yeah. It’s famous for the sunset. – So we’ll ride horses… / – Horses? Yeah, slowly. As we check out the sunset. The horses we’ll ride on… – Each person gets a horse? / – Yeah. – Really? / – Yeah. Let’s all ride a horse. This is a rare opportunity. (A special activity in Yogyakarta) I’m jealous of that. – If you’re a bit scared… / – That’s 30 minutes? You can ride a carriage instead. Excuse me. Three. – Horses? / – Yes. Okay. (Okay, get on) – You want to get on first? / – Okay. Thank you! How do you get on? – Let’s put our bags down first. / – Okay. I hope nobody steals them. (Jeonghan is the first one to get on) Try to look cool when you mount the horse. 1, 2… Argh! Sorry, horse. Horse… Take a photo of me on the horse. Hurry. Take your phone out, Wonwoo. Just use this camera. I’m so sad. I want a photo with the horse. I’m going to get on that horse. I’ll take it. Get the horse in the shot. – What is it? / – I just got your face. – That looks good. / – They have good teamwork. (S.Coups is happy thanks to Wonwoo) (He looks like a happy child) You get on too. (The cameraman takes photos for Wonwoo) (He got the best photo of them all) What’s the horse’s name? Kanyo Parapritis. Kanyo Parapritis. Kanyo Parapritis! I’m with Kanyo Parapritis. This is great. The sunset looks amazing. Seeing the sunset on horseback. Wow, it’s like a movie. It was so pretty. Being on horseback feels so different. My horse is really fast! Kanyo! It does feel really different, seeing the sunset on horseback. Kanyo! (Bobbling his head) (I want you to feel this excitement too) Wow, he’s like a prince. A blonde prince. It feels like I’m floating in the air. I feel like I’m walking on clouds. This is really nice, S.Coups. Right? Isn’t this nice? This is not only fun, it feels great. I love this. People have to experience this. (They end their horseback ride on the beach) Good work, Kanyo. Sorry. Good work. Ow, my back. Thank you. That was fun. (They’re a bit sore, but it was a special experience) Bye. – Thanks. Bye. / – Bye. Bye. Bye-bye. Should we walk with our shoes off? – Should we? / – Yeah. Wow, can I get all of this? (They want to share this amazing view) I hope I can capture all this. Wow, look at that color. (The color of the sky colors the beach) – It’s so pretty. / – This is insane. – This is… / – It’s insane. It’s a rainbow! Orange, yellow, green, blue… Purple. Just looking at this view feels therapeutic. For real. This is like a monitor background. Even without any filters. (Sit back and enjoy the sunset in Yogyakarta) The clouds look like islands. (The clouds are so low to the ground) Let’s take one last photo here. – It’s too bad this is the last one. / – 1, 2, 3. (We wish time would stop here) Now that we saw the sunset. We’ll end the day with some beer. That should be good. – I don’t want to leave this place. / – Yeah. – Let’s come back. / – Yeah. This trip was great. 1, 2, 3! (Being together in our youth) – They sure did a lot. / – Yes. A lot of stuff you can’t do anywhere else. Wow, it’s so pretty!

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  1. Mereka yang udah lewat prawirotaman aja gw blm tentu liatt astagaa padahal kerja di prawirotaman dengan halu kalo2 artis lewat mau gw sapa, lah malah kaga ngerti mereka kesini

  2. I was having a bad day, then i just clicked on this video cause I was mad and didn't see what I was watching, and without even knowing it, literally just give seconds into the video, I was smiling, almost cried

    Or maybe something is wrong with me(ಥ ͜ʖಥ)

  3. As a local person, im so glad to see them enjoying their time in yogyakarta, believe me in 17 years i live in yogyakarta i never felt this riding horseback while enjoying the sunset because i still struggling with a lot of homeworks and exam poor myself, i should try this next time

  4. I hoped no one was wearing green… first few seconds i see a dude with neon green on his shirt😭😂😂

  5. Mas eh Dek sesuk lak nang Jogja ojo neng Parangtritis…. anguran neng Ndrini, Indrayanti, Museum Ullen Sentalu, Kedung Pedut, Kali Biru bae…. Parangtritis pesing…

    Hey My Brother I tell you If you coming to Jogja again you should going to Ndrini or Indrayanti beach rather than Parangtritis and Museum Ullen Sentalu or Kedung Pedut Waterfall

    Hope see you here again dude

  6. I love how they are still so synchronized when taking that jump shot 5:28 😁 So glad that they enjoyed Jogjakarta!!! I hope they can go sight-seeing in Indonesia with the whole group next time❤

  7. 내 출생 도시에서 그리워하게 … 우리 도시를 방문해 주셔서 감사합니다. 족자 카르타의 작은 마을에 행복하십니까?

  8. Look it’s like i’ve never get a best view like that when I visited parangtritis, they’re so lucky

  9. Sumpah, aku gak bohong kalian bakal suka pemandagannya tapi ingat disana punya mitos kalau ada Nyi Roro Kidul, jadi kalau kalian pakai pakaian warna hijau kalian bakalan ditarik ombak, lalu mitosnya bilang kalian bakal dijadikan tumbal oleh Nyi Roro Kidul di dalam laut, disalah satu pantai di Bali juga ada kamar untuk Nyi Roro Kidul dan disana juga ada fotonya Nyi Roro Kidul, kalian juga bisa search di Google fotonya Nyi Roro Kidul sendiri. (Please, if you didn't understand translate it by yourselves you know what, our technology always growing up so you have to use it! Translate it on Google Translate! To Korean or to English Language!)

  10. so far kbs promote Indonesia the best more than indonesia itself
    Bali -> Bandung -> Yogyakarta,
    where's next? i hope they not going to jakarta as traveling destination hhhahaha

  11. Bapak bapak yg megangin kuda menang banyak itu. Bisa ketemu ama artis korea sama bisa masuk Youtube orang korea😂

  12. Kenapa disini w liat parangtritis sebagus ini 😔 tp kalo dateng langsung panas minta ampun sampe seakan" gamau buat foto atau apalah saking panasnya 😔😔

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