Horseback Riding – Central Coast, California

Horseback Riding – Central Coast, California

Hi guys, I’m Veronica Hill with California Travel Tips and today we’re in beautiful Cambria for an ocean-view trail ride at Fiscalini Ranch. Outback Trail Rides has three different tours to choose from, including a 2-hour excursion that takes you through the mountains and along Cambria’s rugged coastline. We started here in Cambria about six years ago with a small group of six horses and me as the trail guide We take people out in the mountains and over toward the ocean. My goal was always to have an enjoyable experience but for it also to feel like a real horseback ride So we do allow some trotting, some cantering for experienced riders, but the views are stunning for anybody Hey, I think that one was like made for you. I think we did pretty good. Good? All right! Oh yeah! So there’s three different we do here in Cambria. We do a 1-hour ride, which is through the mountains. So you have stunning mountain views. We do a 1 1/2 hour ride that goes over toward the ocean, and that’s a beautiful ride. Sometimes you’ll see whales, you’ll often see sea otters and such things over at the ocean there. Up in the mountains you’ll see bobcats and deer and wild turkeys, And sometimes a koala. Now the rides we do at the beach in Cayucos, those are a 1-hour ride, so we’ll take the horses to the beach. We’ll generally meet people just a little south of Cayucos on 24th Street at the park, and we’ll take groups of four people. Again, that one is for a little more experienced riders. For the less experienced riders, the ranch is a better option. And we also have rides at the vineyards in Paso Robles. So there’s two different wineries there. You can enjoy a horseback ride through the vineyards with stunning views and then come back and do some wine tasting. Click subscribe and you’ll get new California travel videos delivered to you every Friday, just in time for the weekend.

9 thoughts on “Horseback Riding – Central Coast, California

  1. What a lovely looking ride! It was nice to see the video that went with the photos we saw earlier! 

  2. good stuff… I just love the quiet laid back feel of the central coast.  not sure if I will ever go horseback riding but it's always a great subject for photography!  I noticed in the video that you pronounced Cambria 2 different ways and the guide pronounced it the "English" way throughout.  before we went there I would have pronounced it that way too but I came a cross a video that made it clear there was an American way of saying it… How do you pronounce Cambria? Really?

  3. Even tho I have a horse i would totally go there just to see all the amazing views in cali. (I live in new zealand haha)

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